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" A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 68"


A Girl In A Boy's School


( Suspicious Bouquet Of Lilies)

As CeCe was shifted to her ward, Matt entered and sat beside her bed on the chair.

He sighed and stared at her.
Soon after a while a nurse came to check on her condition. She informed Matt that CeCe will wake up very soon.
After an hour or so--

CeCe's fingers twitched a bit and her eyes slowly started opening.

When she woke up she saw Matt sleeping peacefully in sitting position with his head on her hospital bed.

She sighed and slowly moved her hand to brush his soft hair. Matt noticed getting touched and woke up instantly.

"CeCe!? You are awake! Are you uncomfortable anywhere!? Should I call the doctor!? Why didn't you tell me earlier that you are awake, you should have woke me up!" Matt started panicking.

"Pffftt.." CeCe stifled laughter and said,  "Tsk tsk so noisy, will you shut up and rest me for sometime? I just now woke up." 
CeCe said and sighed. She leaned on her fluffy pillow comfortably and touched Matt's hand which was lying near her.

"Matt I am alright..don't worry it's not my first time getting hurt, this is just a scratch and I am not a five year old girl. So calm down for me okay?" CeCe told Matt and smiled.

Matt frowned and said, "Do you even know how badly you were injured? It is not a scratch CeCe, you had to undergo an operation. Also don't be childish and listen to me. I am calling the doctor now." he said and left from the ward in a rush.

CeCe kept her hand on her forehead and shook her head while sighing.

After doctor did check up on her and told CeCe that she can get discharged in a week, Matt left from her ward to call CeCe's dad and other friends to inform her condition and discharge date.

While Matt was talking outside on his phone, a nurse came in her, CeCe smiled when nurse gave her a big bouquet of beautiful lilies, her favourite flowers.

CeCe nodded her head and nurse gave her a sweet smile before leaving from the ward.

CeCe noticed a small note on the bouquet.
She read the note and became so shocked that her fingers and hand started trembling in fear. She instantly dropped the big bouquet of flowers on the floor and she picked up the medicine tray from bedside table and threw it on the wall in frustration.

Hearing the shrill loud voice, Matt came inside running and saw a bouquet on the floor, medicine tray dropped at the corner of the room and CeCe was shedding tears uncontrollably.

"CeCe!? What happened to you suddenly!? 
Why are you crying? You were okay when I left from here..." Matt said.

CeCe didn't say anything though, just continued shedding her tears.
Matt came near her and wiped her tears away.

"Shh it's okay, I am here now..no one will do anything. You are safe with me." Matt hugged her and patted her head softly. 
Trying to calm her down.

Soon Matt noticed the note attached with the bouquet when his attention went towards lilies.

Matt picked up the bouquet and read the note.

"Cerina I warned you..you have to pay consequences if you don't follow what I tell you to do. This was first and last time I warned you, next time it will be even more worse. Cherish the gift I gave you. 

Anyways Get Well Soon sweetheart." Matt frowned and looked at CeCe.
"Did you already knew about this?" Matt asked her.

She nodded and told Matt everything about that parcel and note also that the call was related to the parcel and this accident.

Matt clenched his fist in anger, "If you recieved such a thing, why didn't you tell about it to anyone? Are you idiot or what? 
Don't you have any brains!?" Matt fumed in anger and rushed out leaving CeCe behind.

When Matt came out he punched on the wall and thought, "I need to chill..CeCe is also in unstable condition, she can't handle my anger." Matt took a deep breath and sighed. "Breath in and breath out...yes that's right, it wasn't CeCe's fault..think positively Matt think smartly."

He again entered her ward and saw CeCe slumped, with her hands on her head like she was going through intense sadness and pressure.

Matt hugged her tightly and told her.
"Calm down..I will handle everything, don't you worry, just sleep for now. You have to recover and help me too right? As you will be my assistant in the mission."  Matt tried to joke and finally CeCe smiled.
"No! I will be the leader." CeCe said while pouting. Matt chuckled and patted her head.

"Whatever you say. Now sleep." Matt said while gazing in her eyes.

After CeCe dozed off in sleep, Matt started thinking and joining points.

He thought about that call, parcel and chandelier accident. All are connected to each other.

Only one person is behind this. But who!?
Close relative...her dad? mom? uncle? neighbor? Man this is so confusing. Matt thought while walking to and fro in the room.

Police won't help us..this man or woman seems powerful with gold brains and stone hands. He won't come easily in our hand...

We actually are doomed..we can't do anything.

Matt's thinking program continued as CeCe slept peacefully on her hospital bed.

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