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" A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 14

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 14


It's been 2 weeks in this school and to be honest, its not that bad.

Except the fact that Matt's always taking Finn away from me whenever I want to hang around with him, everything is fine. But I've made a lot of friends. And I haven't got mad and threw anything or broke anything in so long! I can't believe I'm actually happy.

I was sitting outside for lunch, eating my apple. Finn was sitting next to me, looking gorgeous as ever.

Does he like me?Will he ask me out one day? No, why would he like me? Finn caught me staring at him. I looked back at the book I was reading, feeling embarrassed.

He laughed. I looked at at him, confused

. 'What's so funny?' I said.

He bit his lip. 'Your... erm, book is wrong way round.'

I looked back at my book to see he was telling the truth.

'Haha, oops.' I said, smiling. He was about to say something but Matt came towards us, with his group of friends. 'Hey Finn, want to go play some football?' Matt said.

He wasn't looking at Finn that much, mostly at me.

I rolled my eyes and looked at my book. Don't go Finn, don't leave me, I thought to myself.

'Sure, why not?' He said, happily.

I bit my lip, getting angry at him. Why does he keep on leaving me?

'Sorry CeCe, but I have to go-'

'It's fine, I'll see you next time.' I smiled. He nodded and packed his stuff up.

I looked at Matt who was staring at me, like he was confused. Finn went with Matt and his gang. Here I was, left alone. Again. I walked to the library so i could finish my homework. I saw Jack, Finn's best friend and sat with him. We've been very close lately. Everytime Finn went, I used to hang around with Jack.

'Hey, what's up? You seem down.' He said, looking at me. 'Let me guess, Finn left again?'

'Yes!' I shouted, angrily. The librarian shushed. I bit my lip. Oops.

'Why does he keep on leaving whenever Matt comes?' I whispered to Jack.

'Don't know.' Jack said, he quickly went back to his work. He looked really guilty for some reason. Was he hiding something that I didn't know about?

'Spill.' I said. He looked at me, confused. 'I know that something's up so just tell me now or I'll find out later.'


'Please?' I said, doing my puppy face.

'Fine.' He said, giving up.

'But don't tell anyone, okay?' I nodded.

'Okay.' He whispered.

'Matt's dad died 4 years ago when he was 13.' My eyes widened.

'And...' Jack continued. 'Ever since then, the few weeks before his father's death anniversary, Finn does whatever Matt wants him to do because Finn doesn't want to hurt him.'

I looked down. I didn't know. I didn't know. I didn't know.

'He used to be really close with his dad and that's the reason why he's always naughty.'

I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. All these mean stuff I've been thinking about Matt when the truth is I never really knew him.

All he wanted was his cousin to be with him and I just turned against him. I'm such a bad person. I got my stuff and ran. Jack called after me but I ignored him and ran upstairs to my room.

I heard a knock on the door. I didn't say anything and just covered my face with my arms. 'Celia, you okay?' It was Dad. My dad. The dad that I was being mean to, the dad that i wanted to suffer.

I didn't want to see my dad ever again when he left me, but the truth is, Matt won't be able to even if he wanted to.

'Sorry, I mean CeCe.' Dad said, 2 minutes of quiet.

'Did something happen?' I said nothing. Not because i didn't want to talk to him.

But because I couldn't trust my voice and if I said anything or looked at him, i would burst into tears. 'CeCe, I may not be very close to you but we could always talk. You know, about school and stuff. Not the girly stuff though, I'm not really an expert on that.' I smiled.

'If you need me, all you need to do is call.' He said, before closing the door. I got up and looked out the window. Okay CeCe, these are your aims for school.'

One: Be friends with Matt even if it kills you

Two: Don't get emotional ever again!

Three: Make it easier for Dad.

I was about to go downstairs, when I saw Matt kicking the ball from my window. He looked so happy with Finn. They were laughing and throwing the ball at each other. I smiled, watching them have fun. I guess I've found another reason to like Finn. Because he makes everyone happy. Specially Matt.

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