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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 22"



 (The Things I Do For You)

The forest got darker with every step I took.

Okay, Matt said the footballs were going to be near the left. Okay, Let's see. I looked around. Nothing. I looked behind the trees and under the bushes. Nothing.

I even moved chunks of mud to look. 

Ugh! I can't anything here!

I kept on remembering the aims that I made. "Be friends with Matt even if it kills you," I repeated it to myself.

All my clothes were wet with mud and I still hadn't found any footballs. I sighed, but then I heard something from behind. I looked back to see a football floating on some mud.

I smiled to myself.


Without thinking, I ran to get the ball and I slipped, landing in a big pile of mud. I screamed. All my clothes were covered in mud. And even my hair.

Tears built up in my eyes. No, it's just mud CeCe. It's just mud.

Ten minutes later, I found the rest of the footballs and made my way to the field to show them. I could see them playing. 

When they saw me, everyone laughed. 
Even Hans. I felt hurt but when I looked at Matt and how happy he looked, I couldn't help but smile.

"Be friends with Matt even if it kills you," I whispered to myself.

"CeCe, what happened?" Hans asked, looking at me from head to toe.
I sighed. "You don't want to know."

I looked at Matt. "Here. are. your. precious. footballs." I said in a stern voice. I couldn't help but get a bit mad. He smiled.
"Thanks." He took the bag of footballs and gave them to Hans. "Come on. We're done here." Hans said.

I nodded.

Everyone went.
I went to pick my bag up from the side of the fence.

"Why did you do that for me?" I looked back to see Matt looking at me weirdly.
I shrugged. "I deserved it for the way I treated you."

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Really?" I smiled.
"Really." I was about to go when Matt stopped me.

"The things I said to you earlier... I don't understand why you would-" I interrupted him.

"Matt, to be honest, you've been a massive ass since I met you."
Matt frowned.

I smiled. "But you are Han's cousin so I don't hate you." I walked away. He quickly walked and caught up to me. "So if I wasn't Han's cousin you would hate me?"
"Yep." I smiled.

He stopped.

I looked back.

He looked stressed and uncomfortable, he was looking down. Oh, Shoot! What am I saying? I'm supposed to be making him feel good.

Be friends with Matt even if it kills you, I thought.

I sighed. "I was kidding." He looked up. It took him a while to understand and then he smiled.

"Come on, let's go," I said.

After reaching my room, I instantly ran to have a shower so that I won't get caught by dad for hanging outside and going in the forest area or else I would be dead
After having a refreshing shower I went to bed, to sleep so that I could wake up early for school. Ugh, I hate school timings. It was better in the US, the school used to start a bit late.

Oh well, can't do anything...I was thinking of random things when suddenly my phone rang.

I saw the name is displayed on the screen.
It was my mum.

I was in no mood to talk to her so I turned my phone in silent mode but then I was getting distracted with again and again phone screen displaying calls.

So, in the end, I switched off my phone and drifted in deep sleep...zzz

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