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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 22

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 22 

( Atleast He's Here)

It was awkward after last night. The few weeks after was just me avoiding Matt and Matt trying to talk to me. Whenever he did try to talk to me, I would just run to Finn which would make Matt not willing to talk. Avoiding Matt made me spend more time with Finn which was perfect.

It was never awkward or weird or crazy. It was just us being… us

It was Friday night and we were in the games room playing snooker. ‘Hahaha, I told you I was awesome at this.’ Finn said. I stuck my tongue out to him.

‘Hey, I’m actually okay for a beginner.’I sat down on a chair.

It was only us two in the room.

It was 7pm and everyone was either doing their work or chores. We had homework and chores to do but Finn wanted to show me how to play snooker.

‘Okay, your turn.’ Finn said.I bit my lip as I looked at how I was going to put the ball In the hole.

I got the stick and positioned myself so the stick was near the ball, ready to be hit. ‘CeCe, you’re doing it wrong.’ Finn said. I frowned. Finn put his hand on my hand as he guided me to where the cue stick should be.

I felt a bit uncomfortable when he touched me but I didn’t want to say anything. I’ve already freaked one guy from this school. I didn’t want to freak another.

*Sorry the episode was short, it's just i was so busy so i manage to type an episode. love you all.
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