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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 23

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 23


‘Hey, have you seen Finn?’ I asked Jack.

He shook his head and told me to try the Games room.

I sighed.

I needed help on my homework and I was trying to find where Finn was.

Where the hell is that guy? Okay, maybe I wasn’t finding Finn.

Maybe I’m finding CeCe because I want to talk to her.

And obviously, CeCe will be where Finn is.

They both have been together ever since CeCe and I had the incident a few weeks ago.I was walking down the hall, looking in every room to find them.

I didn’t mean to hurt CeCe and grab her by her wrist. I knew she didn’t like it but her body was telling me something else. Her body was telling me to never let go. And when she bit her lip, the feeling I had. Argh, the feeling was killing me. I didn’t know what it was but it felt amazing.

And every time I see her or see that beautiful smile of her, I forget that I have problems, I forget that I hate myself, I forget everything and just look at her.

I was near the Games room now. I heard some talking. I thought about what I was going to say to CeCe when I got rid of Finn. I walked in and I saw CeCe playing snooker. She was focusing on her pool ball. Finn was there too. Looking at what she was doing. She was holding the cue stick a bit weirdly.

‘CeCe, you’re doing it wrong.’ Finn said. I was about to say something when Finn put his hand on CeCe’s hand. I couldn’t say anything. I was angry. CeCe seemed to get a bit uncomfortable but she didn't say anything. She didn’t act like this when I touched her. Why did she let him touch her?

I was mad. So mad, I swear.

I wanted to break Finn’s hand. I’ve never felt like this. All I knew was that I was confused and sad and hurt and just the unhappiest I’ve been ever been.There was a vase near me. I got the vase and through it on the floor angrily.They both looked up and saw me. I just wanted to go there and punch Finn. How dare he? She's mine, only mine.But i stood there, with a blank face.

I was good at hiding my emotions, i've been doing it for years.

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