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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 23"



(Enough Is Enough!)

A few days later, everything was going fine. CeCe was attentively attending all classes and having a great time with few friends she made.

Apparently, CeCe was attending History class, she was feeling...sleepy...~~zz.

I suddenly noticed that many of my classmates are not present in class.
I looked ahead and realized Hans attentively listening to Mr Rupert.

Beside her, Matt was making doodles in his textbook and passing chits with his friends nearby secretly.

I learned a little bit and observed that they were playing "Bingo" game. Matt noticed her leaning forward towards him.

"Wanna join?" Matt asked her staring at her hands which were playing with a pen as usual.

"Nope," I replied with an uninterested look.

"Okay, enjoy playing with your pen," Matt said while smiling mockingly.

'Hmph! Yep, I will play with anything I want, you donkey! You monkey! Mind your business Chimpanzee!'

I thought while glaring at him and in return, he smirked and started playing again.

Mr Rupert noticed mumbling from the back, he silently reached the backbenches and noticed Matt's doodles and few chits below the desk.

Mr.Rupert grabbed Matt's ear, twisted it and made him stand up. He was going to punish him. Matt winced in pain while Mr Rupert was continuously glaring at him and twisting his ear.

I remember again "Be friends with Matt even if it kills you." Ugh! why did I make such a stupid aim!?

I hesitantly raised my hand and drew Mr Rupert's attention towards me.

"What is it Cerina?" Mr Rupert asked me politely.

"Sir, I apologize for my straightforwardness but Matt didn't do anything," I said meekly.

"What do you mean? Then from where did these scribblings and chits came from?" he asked me patiently waiting for my answer.

"Erm..well before your class they were playing together in a group and after all this chit game can only be played in a group and I have noticed these doodles are old, not new, his textbook already had these doodles. I saw these few days back." 
I sighed when I finished explaining and stared directly at Mr Rupert's eyes.

Seeing a hint of faithfulness in my eyes he released Matt's ears and threw a remark, "Whatever it is, pay attention to the lesson! You got saved today because of her but don't expect another chance from 
me!" he said while glaring at Matt and few classmates including Matt's friends with stern eyes.

I started playing with my thumb nervously after lying like that.

Mr Rupert again started continuing his lessons, I looked beside me and realized that Matt was sneakily staring at me.
I threw a "hmph" at him and turned away, concentrating on Mr Rupert's words. Still, I felt his eyes on me but I ignored.

After the class ended, he was going to call me but I stood up and walked out of the class ignoring him.

Of course, I would ignore him! Because of him, I was nearly scolded by Mr Rupert too.

Thanks to my reasonable remarks we were saved.

I went ahead for my lunch break and had lunch with my dad in his office.


Next class was of Physical Education (PE), I really was excited for it till yesterday but suddenly my great aunt arrived yesterday.
I sat on the bench where I always sit and observed everyone doing a warm-up. 

Thankfully our PE teacher is a lady so she allowed me for this once to skip the class.
Hans saw me from afar and came towards me, he offered a small candy from his pocket and I smiled at him.

Hans knew that I am always active in sports, after that adventure in the forest he brought me to the field to play football with them a few times by now and I have learned a lot.

Hans realized why I wasn't attending and gave me the candy.

"Thank you, Hans." I smiled at him and took the candy. I popped it into my mouth while watching him go back to do his warmup session.

Soon after a while, they started playing basketball and I was observing them. In 
the break, Matt suddenly threw the ball at me, though I catch the ball I got really badly bumped in my stomach region.
I winced in pain, few boys, Hans and Matt came near to check on me.

"Hey, are you alright? I threw the ball to ask if you wanna play with us a bit?" 
seeing my pain-stricken face he tried to explain.

"SHUT UP!" I shouted at him and he took a small step back.

"Idiot! Can't you directly ask!? Do you need to throw the ball at me!? Enough is enough! Stop messing with me alright!?" I barked angrily, clutching my stomach.
He made a guilty expression on seeing my eyes fill with tears. But I held back, I didn't cry at all.

Hans helped me stand up and was going to walk me back but I stopped him.
"It's fine! I will manage it." I said sternly making him retreat.

I walked a little but stumbled, still held my legs on the ground and walked back to my room.

The wound wasn't that bad, I lost my control on anger again.

I heard knocks on the door, I thought dad was still in his office so it must be Miss Lili or housekeeper.

I opened the door and was surprised to see Matt there with a sad expression, he stared at me for a minute and then lowered his gaze.

"What is it now?" I asked in a low voice coldly.

"I am sorry." he apologized to me staring at the floor.

"I didn't know you would get hurt and were in err uhm-" I interrupted him and noticed his red ears.

"Well it's alright, it doesn't hurt that much now. If that's all then shall I close the door now?" I asked him while staring at him.
He lifted his gaze and added, "I-I apologize but can we be friends?" he asked somewhat nervously, I felt his nervousness.

I remembered my aim and gave up on my anger.

"Well if you are insisting then alright," I replied with a smile.

He again looked up and stared at me, he lifted his hand for a handshake.
I offered him my hand and that's how our friendship begins.

But I wonder, what will happen now that we are friends.

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