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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 15

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 15 


I was in my dad's office, eating. He ordered pizza so I wasn't going to dodge this. Pizza is just so damn good. 'Do you like it?' He said.

'Yep, its erm, really nice.' I said, looking at my watch. It was nearly time for Matt's football practice and since every time I see him, I make a mean comment, I need to start being his friend.

For Finn, obviously. 'Celia, do you need to be somewhere?' He said, seeing me looking at my watch.

'Erm, I'm sure it could wait.' I smiled and took another bite of the pizza. 'And it's Cece.' I added.

He smiled. 'I don't know why I always call you Celia.' He said. 'So, I wanted to talk about what happened yesterday.'

I froze. Shoot, how am i going to explain me running to my bed looking depressed? 'Erm. I missed my mum.'I lied. Actually, it wasn't a complete lie. I kind of did miss her even though she didn't bother phoning me.

'Oh.' He said. He was about to say something but then closed his mouth.

I looked at my watch again. Wow, time goes fast, I thought sarcastically.

'You could go if you want.' He said. 'I could clear everything up.'

'You sure?' I said, getting my bag. He nodded.

'Sure. Where are you going anyways?' I bit my lip. 'Erm, I need to go study for Finals.' I lied.

He knew that I had to leave for another but he didn't say anything. I loved this feeling. My mum asks so much questions before I go out but my dad doesn't.

Its because my dad trusts me. And I love that. I smiled. I ran outside to see Finn, Matt and a couple of his friends walking out of school to the field. 'Finn!' I shouted. He heard me and looked back. And Matt did. I ran to him, out of breath.

'Can I come?' Finn smiled but Matt looked at me, suspiciously.

'Sure, I guess.' Finn said looking at Matt.

'I mean, I've got nothing else to do so I thought I might hang with you guys, if thats-'

'Do you know how to play football?' Matt interrupted.

'Erm, I-'

'Yes or No?' He said, annoyed.

I bit my lip.'No?'

He rolled his eyes. 'Theres no point for you to come.' He looked annoyed.

Maybe I wasn't doing a right thing and instead of making Matt happy, I'm making him annoyed. I smiled and tried to hide that I was hurt.

'You're right. What was I thinking?' I put my hand through my hair, nervously.

'Have fun.' I turned my back on them and walked away. 'Wait!' I looked back. Matt put his hand through his hair. 'Fine, you can come.' I smiled. They made their way out of school and I followed behind them.

'YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?' I shouted.

Matt smiled. 'For the last time, I want you to get the footballs from the forest.'

'But its dark out there.' Finn said, helping me out.

'Look, if you don't want to do it, that's fine!' He shouted. He looked pissed off.

I sighed. He was doing this because he wanted to seek revenge for the way I treat him. And if this made him happy, then I have to do it. He was going through a lot already.

'Fine. I'll do it.' I said. Everyone looked at me, shocked. Even Matt looked shocked for a second.

'Cece, you don't need to do this.' Finn said. He looked at Matt. 'Matt, tell her she doesn't have to do this.' He shrugged.

'Finn, I'll be fine. Its just a few footballs. Don't worry.' I gave him a smile. I got a bag I made my way to the forest. I looked back. Everyone was getting ready for their game. I saw Matt looking at me.


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