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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 15



( First Class With Miss Lili )

I walked into class. I smiled when I saw that no one was here except Miss Lili.

The classroom was different from what I had expected. There were not a lot of decorations on the wall except a few bits and bobs about recycling. I frowned. This school definitely needs a girl's touch. Miss Lili sat on her chair, sorting some sheets out. She saw me and gave a massive smile.
"CeCe, you're here." She said happily.

"Good that you came early. Well, we have sitting plans and I was wondering if you wanted to sit near my desk."
I frowned.

Sit near the teacher's desk? Am I in trouble or something?
"Why?" I said, biting my lip.

She saw me getting worried and smiled.
"Sorry, I forgot to explain." She said.

"You see, we have fewer seats and all the boys all have a sitting plan. We take sitting plans really seriously in school. And, well there is one seat but-"

"Okay, I'll sit there," I said, smiling.I really didn't want to sit near the teacher.
It made me look like I'm different.
Well, I am different.

I'm a freaking girl!

But If I'm staying in this school for a long time, I rather try to fit in.

"Are you sure?" She said.

"Are you sure you want to sit beside this boy?"
I nodded.

"Yep. Where's the spare seat?"
She bit her lip, looking worried.
Why was she worried?.

"Well, it's at the back." She said.
She pointed at the seat at the back corner. I smiled before going there and sitting.
Miss Lili gave a quick smile before rushing to the door to let the boys in.
Here we go.

The boy's rushed in laughing about something. They saw me and stopped laughing and talking. I smiled but they ignored me and sat on their reserved seats.

One by one, other boys came in giving me the stares and weird looks. I had to do this and I knew what I was getting into.
I kept on looking at the door for Hans to come and like a wish, it came true.

He came in with some friends. He looked around and then saw me. He gave a wave and came up to me. Please god say he's sitting with me!!

His friends didn't look at me in a weird way like the rest. I think he told them about me.

"Hey!" He said he never met me a few minutes ago.


He looked at me and my seat.
"Wait, you are sitting here?" He said, looking worried.

"Yeah, why?" I said, looking confused.
"Miss Lili told me to sit here, I thought it was fine. It isn't?"

He saw me frowning and smiled just like 
Miss Lili did. "No No, it's just my cousin-" he was going to say more but he got interrupted.

"Okay, everyone settles down! Go to your seats and open up your books to page 34!" 
Miss Lili aka Lisa shouted.

Whoa...she had a big voice.

I guess she was used to it when she's been in this school for a long time.

Boys are made to make them shout at.
"Talk later?" Hans said. I nodded and he went to his seat. And guess what, it was at the front left. The farthest away from me! 
How am I going to live!!!!

Everyone came in and sat around. The whole class was filled but there was no one sitting next to me. I guess, there was nothing to worry about.

Miss Lili gave me the maths book and threw a quick wink at me before going back to the lesson.

"Okay, class. I guess you've seen the new student in the school." She said looking at me. Oh no! Why did she have to introduce me? I already did it in the hall and mucked it up.

"She is a very nice student so please be nice to her." Everyone looked at me.
A few guys gave a wink. Some just stared and some just smiled like Hans.

"I hope you boys will be better because there is a lady amongst us." She continued.
Oh, God!

She was going to embarrass me to death!
"Her name is CeCe and she is the headmaster's daughter. Some may be confused... well don't because this girl is amazing and she has this nice necklace that I really liked and-"

"Er... Miss, that's enough for them to know." I said, giving her a fake smile. She bit her lip.

"How silly of me!" She said.
Everyone rolled their eyes. I rolled with them.

She really was silly.

"Right! Let's get back to class-" she was interrupted.

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