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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 18"



(When Will CeCe Ever Live In Peace?)

I sat on the bench that I sat when I first came. It was still sunny day and I smiled, thinking of Hans. I can't believe I like him... 

I've never liked any boy. Maybe superstars but I don't know.. Hans makes me smile and I just feel so happy. I put my head back on the bench side and put my legs up.

I smiled to myself while thinking of Hans. I just met him yesterday but It's so weird that from all the people in the aeroplane, I met Hans who was going to the same school as me and who was in the same class as me AND who was so cute. I can't think of anything bad about him. Except that he has Matt as his cousin. The way that Hans talks about Matt shows that they are kind of close. Maybe they are...
Maybe it's just a crush...I only have a crush on him but..oh well god knows what's going on in my silly head.

I guess the only way to get close to Hans is if I get close to Matt. Pffftt! That's not going to go that well.

"CeCe!" I looked up to see Miss Lili jogging towards me. Her face was still red and she looked exhausted..

Finally, she came and sat on the bench next to me. She put her hands to her head.

I bit my lip, trying not to laugh. She looked like she was in a mess. "Are you okay?" I asked in a concerned tone.

She looked at me and smiled. "Yeah... I just...." She said, breathlessly. "I've been"

"Oh, sorry. It's a break now so I thought I would just, you know. Have a rest or something. I apologize that because of me you had to run around" I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable and guilty.

She kept on breathing loudly for 3 minutes. "Okay. It's alright dear, I'm done.' She said, finally.

I gave her a smile, before looking back at the trees at the far end.

"How was your first lesson?" She asked me while staring at me, I saw a hint of curiosity in her brown eyes. I frowned. 

She was there with me in the lesson. She noticed and said, "Sorry, stupid question." 
She looked more uncomfortable than me.
"Is everything okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah." She sighed. "It's just I never knew your first day would be so..." She looked at me. "Challenging."

I laughed. "What do you mean?"She smiled. "I thought you were going to 
get a bit-"

"Pissed?" I said, cheekily.

"Ermm... well not that exact word but yeah." She said. I knew she has the urge to tell me off for swearing. "It's just when I saw you shouting at Matt Rhodes, I was kind of-"

"Mad?" I said. I was going to say "pissed" but I knew she would tell me off.

"No, not mad at all. I was kind of proud. I mean, I knew some boys like Matt would bully you and get you angry and when you shouted at them, I was feeling proud for you, that you didn't just sit there and listen to him annoying you." I was shocked by what she was saying. She was proud of me when I shouted at Matt?

She saw me looking shocked and said, "CeCe, I didn't mean that it's right to do this. It's just that boys are..... different and when they act like... Matt... you have to stand up and try to defend yourself. And I'm really happy you did that."

I smiled. "Thanks." Miss Lili understands me. I never knew that a day will come when a woman would understand me and appreciate my actions.

"Don't tell your dad I said this to you." She said in an embarrassed manner trying to look away when I got her attention again.
"Don't worry. It's between you and me-only Miss Lili." I told her, making her feel slightly relieved.

There was a soothing silence. It wasn't awkward at all. It felt very nice. I've never felt comfortable when I'm with my mum or dad or any of my cousins. And I can't believe that I would feel comfortable with a lady who I just met a few hours ago.
"AAAH!" She shouted.

"Are you okay?" I looked at her surprised by her sudden yelling.

"I forgot to tell you why I'm here." She said. 
"Your dad wants you to eat lunch with him. In his office."

"Oh?" I said. My dad wants me to eat lunch with me? Why? Has he ever sat near me and my mom to even talk for a bit? Now he wants me to eat lunch with him? Heh, never expected this situation might occur after my arrival here.

As if reading my mind, Miss Lili said, "It's because he's kind of insecure. He doesn't want you to eat lunch with boys."
I smiled. That's why...

"Well, I've got to go. Next lesson is an art session and is strong." She said getting up. 
"Matt's going to be in that lesson," she added
Oh, Man! Why him!?

"Wait, Is Hans going to be in that lesson too?" Miss Lili looked at me and gave me a cheeky grin.

"You've got a crush on this Hans boy?" She said, nudging me.

I laughed. "He's just my friend." Yet.
She laughed. "I'm sorry, sweetie. Hans doesn't have that lesson. He takes another lesson instead."

I frowned. Well, this is going to be the worst lesson again.

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