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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 20

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 20


This is it. I'm going to get caught when Finn comes into the bathroom and then he's going to think I'm weird and I'm going to lose him and this school will just be like any other school where people hate me and think I'm weird.I closed my eyes, preparing for what I'm going to say.

Then I heard Matt talking.'You can't go in there!' He said.

'Matt, look at me.. I need to have a shower.' Finn said.

'Just use another bathroom.' Matt said. He seemed nervous. Wow. 'The shower is erm... not working.'

The way Matt said it showed that he's never lied to Finn. He seemed so loyal to Finn.

'Oh.' Finn said. I sighed with relief. Matt lied to his best friend for me. I smiled.

'I'll go to Josh's shower.' I heard Finn say.I then heard the door close. I bit my lip as I came out of the bathroom. Finn was gone and Matt was sitting on the bed, busy in thought.

'Thanks Matt.' I said, smiling. He looked up at me.

'For what?'I sat next to him.

'For lying. I know that you've never lied to Finn and it must have been hard for you.'

He smiled lightly.That smile was contagious because I was smiling more.He got up and sighed.

'Right. Let's get you out of here.'

I nodded. 'But how? Isn't there gonna be people out the door?'

He opened the door and looked out. I could hear boy's everywhere shouting and making noises.He closed it and put his hand through his hair.

After a few minutes, Matt faced me. 'Okay this is what we do.' I looked at him and listened to everything he said.

He got a basket out of the wardrobe in his room. The basket was blue and half the size of Matt.I frowned.'Matt looked at me and smiled. 'You're going to have to get in here and I'll carry you out.'

I got up. 'What?' I half shouted. 'I can't do that!'

Matt put his head on a side, seeming confused. Even though this wasn't the right time, I couldn't help but see how amazing Matt looked. He was so fit and handsome and I don't think I've ever met anyone more handsome than him.'Look, it's easy.' Matt said. He lifted the top of the basket.

'All you have to do is get in here and I'll just take you to the laundry room which is out of the boy's dorm. No one will see you.'

I shook my head. 'Isn't there another away?' I looked at the basket. I could fit in there and it had wheels which means It won't be much work for Matt.

He shook his head.

I sighed.'If i prevents me from getting embarrased from the whole school, then okay.'

He took all the dirty clothes out of it and nodded.

'Okay, lets go.'I sighed again and put my legs into the basket. 'Are you sure you'll be able to drag this basket all the way to the corridor?'

'Yep.' He said, smiling. His smile was amazing. I couldn't help but look at them lips. Them lips that I kissed just a few minutes ago.I looked up at his eyes and saw that he was staring at my lips too.

'I guess we have a lot to talk about after this.' I said. I was talking about us kissing and why i was in his room. I studied his face to see if he understood what i meant. He nodded slowly.

'Yeah.' He did. I went inside the basket. He asked if i was comfortable and when he got my permission, he closed the basket.

I never knew when i woke up this morning that I would be carried out of a boy's dorm in basket which was pushed by a guy who i just kissed and maybe have feelings for. I don't think this day could get any worser.

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