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"A Girl In A Boys School" Episode 65"

A Girl In A Boys School


(Masquerade Ball)

CeCe got up and soon left for her classes.  As soon as she reached in the class, Ryan waved at her and called her to come there.

"Hey CeCe! Come here fast!" Ryan shouted and CeCe glared at him to shut his damn mouth.

CeCe went and sit in between the group. 
Luna whispered to CeCe,
"Do you know that tomorrow's birthday party theme is decided, it was displayed on the office soft board." Luna told her.
"Oh..I didn't notice. What's the theme anyway?" CeCe asked her.

"Masquerade ball." Colby said while sighing in disappointment.

"You aren't happy with the theme?" CeCe asked Colby.

"Nah...I wanted the theme to be thrilling and awesome like Halloween theme or something." Colby commented.

That's it.

CeCe anger again bursted out, she was already tensed about that parcel from yesterday and now this scary Halloween thing.

"Are you maniac or what!? What Halloween theme! This theme is all the more very awesome! Who are you to decide which theme is good and which is not!?" CeCe was going to continue when Matt held her hand.

She was standing and her hands were tightly clenched on the table.
She turned towards Matt and saw him looking deeply in her eyes.

As if she got hypnotized, she silently sat back on her seat and said,
"I apologize for my rude behaviour Colby." CeCe said while looking down.

"Oh no it's alright, looking at your behaviour...are you scared of these scary things? Or do you have this phobia or something?" Colby asked CeCe, he was smart enough to learn her behavior.

CeCe silently nodded and didn't say anything after that.

"Hey CeCe let's go for shopping then, we need to buy dresses for this Masquerade ball." Luna said to CeCe.
"Yes you are right." CeCe said while nodding.
After school--

Both Luna and CeCe left to do some shopping for the party.
After shopping for a while they both went to a cafe to have some snacks.
Whereas in the party hall--

Everyone was working and completing the decorations.

"Hey listen, can you make sure that the chandelier is properly decorated and doesn't have any kind of issues?" One designer told to a staff.

The staff nodded and left.

Two person were noticing from the shadows, they instantly went to the staff and distracted him to do other work and told the staff they will fix the chandelier.
The staff left from there.

Soon those two suspicious persons fixed a small device on the main chain which was supporting the chandelier and told the staff that the decoration on it is intact with no issues.

They left as soon as possible from there so that no one notices them.

Whereas Luna and CeCe were walking back to school, school wasn't that far so they decided to walk their way back.
What they didn't notice was they were being tailed and observed by a car from far.

Soon they reached the school, CeCe sensed something suspicious she turned around to check if there was someone but she saw nothing but a few cars going here and there.

She just shrugged and they both went towards their room.

Birthday Party Event--
Everyone was dressed up beautifully, all the boys were shining in their well-stitched suits and a few girls shining in their gowns.

Soon Luna and CeCe entered the hall. 
Luna was wearing black Masquerade ball gown with a beautiful mask which made her look stunning in the light. Her long Ash brown hair were twirled around her shoulders which perfectly made her look more beautiful then a princess.

All eyes were on Luna and CeCe. CeCe was also wearing black ball gown with golden beautiful embroidery. Well suited with golden mask with white embroidery which perfectly matched her blonde hair and green eyes.

No one could take their eyes off from them. Even Matt and Ryan nearly started dozing off seeing such beauties.

"I have never ever have seen such beautiful angel in my life. Will you have this first dance with me Cerina?" Matt took the initiative first, offered his hand and bowed down.

CeCe was surprised. She kept her hand in Matt's hand and smiled.
"Sure." CeCe said.

All the pairs started dancing, but only one pair was the center of attention in the whole hall.

Cerina and Matt.

Oh man I wish I could also dance with these guys. Waaahhh 

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