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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Final Episode"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 96

(Do Me A Favor)

Scarlett tried to search information about Jimmy but failed. She visited Paradise Hotel and that bar again but got nothing. 
She gave up the search and stopped.

She went shopping with her friends and stopped by a nearby bar..Revance Bar with her friends.

Friend 1: Hahaha I am telling you, it was the best date I had after such a long time.

Friend 2: Scarlett how is your love life going?

Scarlett: Erm..good I guess..

Scarlett gave them a cold shoulder and continued drinking her juice.

Friend 3: Scarlett why are you suddenly having non-alcoholic drinks? Don't be such a kid, have this.

She said and offered Scarlett a whiskey glass. But Scarlett pushed the glass away from her eyesight.

Scarlett: I don't drink these things anymore.

She said and started looking around the bar. The bar was nicely decorated and had modern design wallpapers. The surrounding was giving off a nice vibe. Not like other bars. The music was soothing and people seemed decent.

"This bar is actually very good." Scarlett commented, her friends nodded in approval.

"Thank you so much beauties, do come frequently!" Layla said as she came from behind and served them snacks.

Layla went towards the bar table and started clinking one glass with a spoon to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone, I would like to take few minutes of your precious time. I got married few days ago and today we opened the bar after a short leave. So one drink is free from our side to every customer today! Please enjoy!" Layla said. 

Scarlett, her friends and other customers were listening to her speech attentively and cheered after her message.

That's when Scarlett saw a familiar man behind bar table working as bartender. 

She stood up instantly and walked towards him. Her friends were surprised but then thought that she might want to drink something.

Scarlett sat on the bar table stool and said,

"Excuse me? Can I get one non-alcoholic Orange mojito?" Scarlett said.

Jimmy said, "Yes one second please." 

without turning around. He was making one drink for one customer.

"Sure." Scarlett said.

As soon as he turned around with glass on his hand he was utterly shocked and dropped the glass on the floor.

"S-Scarlett?" Jimmy stammered.

"What? You look like, you saw a ghost." Scarlett said and giggled.

"More like a monster." Jimmy whispered under his breath.

"Did you said something?" Scarlett asked him. She clearly heard him thanks to her sharp ears.

"I-I will make your Orange mojito..non-alcoholic one. Yeah." Jimmy said, it seemed like he was talking to himself.

"So..you work here?" Scarlett asked him.

"Oh yes. I work here as bartender." Jimmy said without looking at her.

"And then you advice me not to drink. You yourself are creating such things and selling and then advice me not to get myself in such things." Scarlett said mockingly.

"Well..if you want to drink, then you can.  No one is stopping you Madam. Please enjoy." He said and placed her drink on the table.

Scarlett thought she said a bit too much.

"Err Jimmy?" Scarlett called him out.

"Yes?" Jimmy said.

"I am really sorry about that day.. I sincerely apologize." Scarlett said and looked down on the table in shame.

"Let bygones be bygones. Move on. Also you don't need to apologize to me." Jimmu said.

"I-I owe you hotel room charges too, how should I pay you back?" Scarlett asked him.

"Hmm...no need to pay back. Just do me one favor." Jimmy said.

"Yes what is it?" Scarlett asked him.
"Just don't torture yourself like that ever again. Find your love. Find your life. Live your life. That's all." Jimmy said and walked off to serve other customers their drinks.

Scarlett thought, He didn't ask anything from her for himself. He asked me to do a favor about myself? Such a great man is alive on earth? Then I will have to get hold of this great man, or else I will loose my chance.

Jimmy got busy in serving customers. It was pretty crowded that day as the bar opened after few days.

Scarlett's friends went their ways, Scarlett left her mobile number on the bar table with her payment. She wrote a small note too, "Thank you for your kindness."

Jimmy smiled unconsciously when he read the note, he chuckled seeing her number, such a daring woman she is.

Jimmy got busy again and kept the number in his pocket safely.

The End

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