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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 95"

 A Girl In A Boy's School 

Episode 95

(Honeymoon Night)

Jimmy instantly transformed into a philosopher and said,

"What did you felt about your ex-boyfriend?" Jimmy asked her.

"*hiccup* Why this sudden interrogation handsome..." Scarlett said in a seductive voice.

Suddenly Jimmy pulled her arm and came on top of her.

"Ah.." Scarlett got surprised by the sudden change in the position. But she smirked and licked her lip.

"Ohh..I see..you *hiccup* prefer to be on top." Scarlett said making Jimmy slap his palm on his forehead in frustration. Jimmy gave Scarlett a wry smile and tugged her hair behind her ear.

"Answer my question Scarlett." Jimmy said in a cold voice.

"H-He was handsome.. just like you, he was caring towards me.. I gave him everything.. love, care, desire and whatever he wanted but what did he gave me in return? Nothing just betrayal.. he said I am trash and a sl*t." Scarlett said and started sobbing.

Jimmy felt sad for her. He made her sit up. He hugged her and started rubbing her back. Slowly her cries disappeared and she became silent. But he continued patting her back. Jimmy thought that she has suffered but her way of taking revenge against innocent men is not appropriate.

She should move on and live peacefully with happiness not hold the past and clutch it tight and use it against random innocents.

Jimmy moved a bit and saw her sleeping and cuddling tightly with him. Jimmy sighed. She literally looked like a small child who was throwing a huge tantrum a while ago and now sleeping peacefully.

Jimmy chuckled softly, he picked her up and layed her comfortably on the bed.
He found a pen and a paper in the bedside table. He thought he should write a note before leaving.

He wrote,

"Scarlett, I am Jimmy, Ryan's friend, your condition wasn't good so I fed you medicine, you had a high fever. You should go to check in hospital as soon as you wake up. Scarlett one advice if you don't mind, stop torturing yourself like this, live your life to the fullest and take care of yourself.

Don't think I care about you, I just felt upset about your harsh past. But I think you should move on.

Last but not the least, stop drinking! You are such a big mess when you get drunk."

Jimmy kept the note on the bedside table and left from the room. He paid for her hotel room and left from the hotel.

Jimmy was dead tired, so as soon as he reached his house, he went to sleep oblivious to the storm approaching his life.

Whereas Hans and Matt took Ryan to the resort they were staying, Luna already went to sleep as she was forced by Ethan to have rest.


Next morning...

*yawn* Scarlett woke up and stretched her arms high in the air.

After such a long time, she was finally able to sleep peacefully.

As she thought what happened last night, she gasped in shock.

"*gasp* What the f*ck!? I got drunk and became a b*tch again!! Argh those doctors are of no use! What should I do about my dual personality issues!!?" Scarlett shouted at herself and went in bathroom to have shower and brush her teeth.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, she spotted a paper and pen on the table. 
She went forward and picked it up.

She again searched her memory and remembered Jimmy's face. He was hugging her and patting her that's when she drifted in sleep.

She read the paper and looked at his handwriting..so beautiful.. She didn't notice her tears on the paper. Jimmy understood her pain and adviced her, she wasn't advised by anyone until now just her mother when she was alive.

"I....What did I do...such good people.. I should've controlled myself ugh!" Scarlett said as she crumpled the paper.

"I-I have to find Jimmy! I have to apologize to him for my bad behaviour!" She promised to herself and left from the hotel.


*ring ring* Jimmy's phone vibrated. He picked up the call.

"Hello?" Jimmy said.

"Hi Jim! How was your honeymoon night!?" Ryan shouted excitedly and teased Jimmy.

"You..you f*cking jerk I will beat you to death if you reminded me about last night! 
You dare to kick me in her trap and run away like that!!" Jimmy shouted in anger.

"Woah woah sounds like it was quite energetic. Jim it's not good to scream loudly this early in the morning!" Ryan exclaimed.

"F*ck you! Don't waste my time, come to the point!" Jimmy scolded him.

"Uhh well thank you for saving me yesterday, this is why I called you." Ryan said and smiled.

*beep beep* Ryan looked at the mobile and realized Jimmy had already hung up the call.

"W-why did he hung up? Did I say something offensive or wrong?" Ryan said and cocked his head in confusion.
"Should I visit him in the bar?" Ryan asked himself.

"No no no, I will not appear in front of him for few days. Or else he might kill me. 
Right?" He asked himself while looking at himself in the mirror.

Just by looking at him, anyone could tell he has gone insanešŸ¤£

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