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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 94"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 94  


Ryan and Hans left in a hurry to find Ryan. 
They didn't notice a car following them. As they reached Revance bar, the car stopped right behind their car.

"Huh? They were tailing us?" Matt asked Hans but he just shrugged as he himself didn't notice them.

When the car's door opened, Daisy and Jimmy got off from the car. Hans and Matt were surprised to see them.

"What are you guys doing here?" Hans asked Daisy and Jimmy.

"Uh..well I am a cop so you might need my help?" Daisy said and scratched her hair while giving Hans a wry smile.

"What about you?" Matt asked Jimmy. Jimmy looked at Matt, Hans and Daisy. He frowned as he had no reason to follow them.

"Oh! Yes! I was bored!" Jimmy said. Matt raised his eyebrow in anger.

"I-I can be of some help..?" Jimmy added. 
Matt was thinking how to find him.

"Wait Ryan might have his mobile with him!" Matt said and Daisy's eyes brightened. "Then I can trace his mobile location and track him down!" Daisy said and looked at Jimmy. "Jim? Do you have a laptop with you here?" Daisy asked Jimmy.

"Yes of course, come inside." Jimmy said and unlocked the bar's door. As it was Layla's wedding, the bar was closed since few days as everyone was busy in preparations of wedding.

Jimmy gave Daisy his laptop, as soon as she opened the laptop, she installed and opened the software which connects with the crime branch facilities. She did login and soon crime branch came in contact with her. They have to verify if only cops are accessing the software and it is not getting hacked by some hackers.

After all the procedures, she was able to track down Ryan's location with the help of his mobile.

"He is in Paradise hotel, it's not that far from here." Daisy said. Matt and Hans looked at each other in shock. They thought the same thing, What!? Paradise Hotel!? How is this possible??

"Let's go!" Matt said to everyone and everyone nodded. They all rushed to the car and hurried off to "Paradise Hotel".


Meanwhile in Paradise Hotel's one luxury room..

"*hiccup* It's all because of my father and my ex-fiance...first I was betrayed by my father! My mother died because of poor health when I was just 16 years old, my father promised me that *hiccup* he will take care of me until I get married. But what he did? He dumped me like a trash and went away with some other woman. 
*hiccup* At such a young age I had to shed my sweat to find work to feed myself. 

After I got stable job.. I met ex boyfriend.. he acted like he loved me but had many affairs behind my back *sob* we even decided to marry each other, but what did he do? He dumped me on the day when we were going to get married. 
He said he doesn't love me and I am not needed in his life. *hiccup* You tell me...aren't all men like this? TELL ME NOW!! Why are you so silent!?" Scarlett allowed all her emotions out in front of Ryan, who was a total stranger for her.

Still life is harsh, everyone needs attention, care, love, feelings and emotions in their lives.

"Scarlett...I--" Ryan was about to say something when the door of the room banged open. There stood Matt, Hans, Jimmy and Daisy.

"Hands up!" Daisy shouted and pointed her gun at Scarlett.

When they realized what was the situation, they were surprised!
"A-Are we at wrong timing....!?" Jimmy stammered.

"Ryan..what's going on here?" Hans asked Ryan with a deep frown on his face.

"Hans! I-I swear! I am not cheating on Luna! This b*tch brought me here and was going to **** me!!" Ryan defended himself.
"You are b*stard, don't call me b*tch! Psycho!" Scarlett shouted.

"You are psycho b*tch! Now untie my hands ugh!" Ryan said. Jimmy came forward and started untying the rope on Ryan's hands.

Suddenly Jimmy was tossed on the bed! 
His eyes widened in shock as he found himself below Scarlett. Ryan's hands were slightly loosened so he successfully untied himself and jumped off from the bed. Matt was continuously trying to control his laugh. It was obviously hilarious. Such a strong-built and muscular man was about to be ***** by such a fragile and thin woman. This thought would make anyone laugh the life out of them.

Another reason was, the situation of Jimmy. Poor man was trapped by Scarlett. 
Such a scene reminded everyone how a beautiful but dangerous spider traps an insect on his web. Jimmy looked at Matt with puppy eyes and asked him to save him.

"Sorry Jimmy, I can't touch any other woman when I already have Cerina in my life." Matt said and backed off.

Jimmy then looked at Hans, he silently wrapped his hand around Daisy's waist and went out of the room after saying, "Help yourself."

Jimmy looked at Ryan, his last ray of hope. 
As soon ad Jimmy's eyes landed on Ryan, he started trembling.

"S-Scarlett..l-let him g-go..." Ryan said while stammering as if he was talking to a ghost. Scarlett looked at Ryan, Ryan saw her eyes staring the life out of him.
"W-what?" Ryan asked her.

"You also want to join?" Scarlett asked Ryan and smiled sweetly, more like dangerously.

"No!! You continue! Bye! Have a brilliant night ahead!" Ryan said and rushed out of the room while buttoning his shirt.

"W-wait!? What!? Why and when did I become her prey? Whaat do you want from me..!? Ahh please let me leave from here!! L-Listen Scarlett or whatever your name is! I heard your story when we reached here, I feel sad about whatever you experienced but please don't torture me like this! I didn't do anything to you..." 
Jimmy tried to explain her.

"*hiccup* Hmm..YASS! You didn't do anything to me...*hiccup*" Scarlett said and moved her fingers on Jimmy's face.

Jimmy thought, Seems like she is drunk..I know some tricks how to discipline drunks as I am a bartender..but if i use those tricks won't she think I am same as her father and ex? Ugh I am stuck in such a big problem...think Jimmy! Think!....Idea!!
"Scarlett?" Jimmy called out her name, she looked up at his face and stared in his black eyes. So mesmerizing and beautiful eyes, she thought.


"Do you know what is love...?" Jimmy asked her. She made an action like she is thinking...

"Maybe yes, maybe no?*hiccup*" Scarlett said in her drunk state.

"This is why!" Jimmy said. Scarlett cocked her head after hearing his words. She was confused. Her mind was already blur, now he was making her blurry mind run and think what he meant.

Lmao I really enjoyed plotting Scarlett's character, she is a daring, smart and brave woman. She has experienced harsh things in her life but she is still moving on and trying to tame innocent random men in bars. 

She is naive when it comes to "love" she doesn't uderstand this word and emotions hidden in this single word. Let's see how Jimmy tames this wild cat.

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