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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 93"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 93 

( Ryan Got Seduced)

**Ryan's pov**

Oof I feel so guilty man...never I ever expected that I would blame my girlfriend's brother as her so-called "boyfriend" and "lover".

Maybe I have gone nuts. Seriously, it was the best and worst day for me and I think this time I went off-limits..I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions..yeah I am insane, yeah I am stupid and idiot

Oof I feel uncomfortable. I will just leave, I want to free my mind with all this shit.

{Somehow the content ahead is a bit 
strong for below 18 age group but I very 
well know that my warning is useless. 

Just like that I left from Steve and Layla's wedding reception, I went to a bar lounge and poured myself into bottles of liquor.

"Oof my mind is swaying in waves." I said. 
That's when I noticed a lady beside me.

"Hey.." I said.

"Hm? Oh Hi!" The lady said.
"You are alone?" I asked her. I am 100% sure now, I am drunk. Drunk as f*ck!

"Hm..I think I was alone~but it seems, not anymore~" The beautiful lady replied in a seductive voice. She had a very fair skin just like an angel and she was wearing a sleeveless dress showing-off her skin openly.

She took a glance at me and smiled. I smiled at her in return.
"What is your name handsome?" She asked me.

"My name is Ryan, your good name?" I said.

"Oh my name is Scarlett." She said and  smiled sweetly.

"Oh such a beautiful name.." I commented.
"Mhm. Here, this drink is on me." Scarlett said and offered me a glass of champagne.
"Why so?" I asked her.

"Hmm...a toast for our new friendship!" 
She cheered and I nodded in approval.
"Sure! Cheers!" I said and clinked my champagne glass with her glass.

I drank it in one shot oblivious to the storm arising in him.

"Huh..?" I made a sound as the surroundings started swaying vigorously. 
My vision was becoming very blur. That's when I noticed her faint smirk.

She signalled someone and stood up, my vision went totally blank after that.


Luna saw Ryan leaving the reception party with a sulky expression. Luna started feeling guilty. She rushed to catch up with him and called him few times but due to the big distance in between them, he wasn't able to hear her voice. Ryan left from there in a taxi before Luna could reach him. She felt sad..she thought if she had not created a scene with Ryan, he wouldn't have left from here abruptly.

After a while....

"Brother..were you able to call Ryan?" Luna asked Ethan with tears in her eyes. Ethan shook his head dejectedly.

"It is..it's all my fault Ethan..I-I.." She couldn't say anything more, as her tears started flowing and she started feeling miserable.

"Luna..don't cry. Ryan will be safe, he knows where he is going and he also knows how to protect himself." Hans tried to convince her to stop crying.

"I am sorry..it is your friend's wedding and here I am, creating troubles for everyone." 
Luna said in a low voice and looked down as she felt guilty.

"Ah Luna it's alright, the guests have already started leaving. I and Hans will personally go and search for him. Don't worry." Matt said and patted her shoulder. 

Cerina gave Matt her car keys. Matt and Hans left from there in search of Ryan.
Who knew Ryan is stuck in a big trouble.


"Ugh...what happened.." Ryan woke up with a severe headache and subconsciously asked his situation. His hands were tied with a rope to the headboard of the bed.

"Oho honey~ You are awake~~" Scarlett said in a honey sweet voice.

"Huh..Scarlett? The lady I met in the bar? 
What are you doing here? And where am I?" Ryan asked her in a confused tone.
Ryan looked around the room and observed that the fragrance in the room was very pleasant and soothing but somehow captivating too.

That's when his gaze went towards Scarlett..she was literally wearing nothing, just her bra and panties.

"What the f*ck!? Scarlett you will catch cold like this, wear some clothes." Ryan said. Scarlett started giggling at his comment. She moved her index finger from his head till chin in a seductive way and said, "Honey you care about me..I love this about you."

"Huh? Huh? Can anyone tell me what's happening? Why are you calling me 
'honey'? Why am I here? What is going to happen to me? Also why are my hands tied!?" Ryan for the first time in his life asked these many serious questions. 
Scarlett started giggling again.

"Ryan has anyone told you before..that you are very handsome..and hot.." Scarlett said and started stroking his chest. She started unbuttoning his shirt.

"S-Scarlett..are you trying to **** me? 
P-Please for god sake, let me go..I-I have a girlfriend, I can't cheat on her." Ryan said.
"Oh? You can't? But I am not asking you to cheat on her~just dump her man. She doesn't deserve you Ryan~" She said and came forward to kiss him.

Ryan was trying to get his hands freed from the rope. His head was also paining because of the drinks and he realized that the last drink she offered him was spiked.

She had unbuttoned her shirt and his muscular upper body was put on display for Scarlett. She started trailing kisses on his chest making him groan as his little buddy was getting excited.

"No, no! Get off Scarlett! Oof how can you be so shameless being a woman!!" Ryan screamed in rage.

"I am not SHAMLESS! Do you understand! 
All men are shameless! All men are jerks and hooligans!" Scarlett answered him back in same angry and loud voice.

"What do you mean!? You are insane! You think that doing all this, you can gain satisfaction!? Let me tell you clearly, you will gain NOTHING!" Ryan said.

"*Sigh* Ryan I am not here to argue with you so shut up or else I will shut your mouth with tape. You choose." Scarlett said and glared at Ryan.

"Okay okay, I won't say anything. But answer just one question, why do you think all men are jerks?" Ryan asked her.

Scarlett's lips quivered slightly and she looked away. She picked up a bottle of red wine from bedside table. She poured herself a glass of wine and drank whole glass in one shot.

"Woah, slow down woman, that's not water." Ryan commented.

"Shut up." Scarlett said.

"You...you want to know why I think like this..? It's because of two men..not one but two..." Scarlett said and sighed while blankly looking at the floor.

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