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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 92"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 92

( Wedding Is Here!!)

*After 5 months*

Hans, Ryan and Cerina's dad returned back to Scotland.

Matt stayed behind with Cerina, and enrolled himself in her university temporarily. Both were happy with each other and had no issues.

Steve proposed Layla directly for marriage not for relationship, straightforward guy he was. (😂). Their wedding was in just one month.

Cerina's mother was recovering fast and there were signs of her waking up. She moved a slight bit making everyone alert.
Soon she woke up and was delighted to see Cerina all good and happy.

"Forgive your mother Cerina... I couldn't fulfill my duty as a wife nor as a mother.." 
Her mum said while looking at Cerina with sad and guilty expression.

Cerina just smiled at her and hugged her tightly. "Mum...you are the best mother anyone could have! You just temporarily went to wrong path, but see I brought you back to this beautiful and wonderful path." 
Cerina exclaimed making her mother chuckle.


After a month.

*Wedding day*

"Make it fast!! The groom is already waiting for you idiot!" Cerina screamed at Layla in anger and enthusiasm.

"Let him wait then! It's his fault for being impatient and marrying me this early!" 
Layla exclaimed and glared at Cerina while doing her touch-up makeup.

"Ugh I know but I assure you, he will keep you happy forever! I know him very well! 
But not more then you do!!" Cerina cooed in excitement.

"😒Shut up." Layla exclaimed.
Suddenly the door banged open and Layla saw Jimmy standing there.

"What." Layla said.

"I am the best man! I am here to kidnap you princess!" Jimmy exclaimed.

"An I am her bridesmaid! I won't let you touch her so get out!" Cerina exclaimed and pushed him out of the room, locking the door.

"Hmph idiots!" Cerina said.

Both Layla and Daisy started giggling.

"At least be gentle." Daisy said.

"Hmph" Cerina looked away.

"It's time. Let's go." Layla said.
Daisy and Cerina helped Layla on her way to the chapel of church.

Steve was looking handsome in his wedding suit. All the friends, relatives, Cerina's mum and dad were there to give them best wishes of their marriage.

Finally the ceremony was over and it was the turn to catch the flower bouquet.

As soon as Layla threw the bouquet, it landed in two hands outstretched hands.
Both bridesmaids. Cerina and Daisy. 

"Mine." Cerina said.

Daisy shook her head. "Mine." She said.
Both snatched the bouquet from each other and finally each of them got bouquet as it was teared in half due to snatching session.

Cerina pouted and Daisy giggled. They both hugged each other and whole church erupted in sounds of laughter and whistles.

Matt signaled to Hans and he nodded.

When everyone were gathered for wedding reception in the lawn outside the church, Steve took mic and announced,
"There is one more surprise for all my guests here. Is everyone ready!?" Steve said and the crowd erupted in cheer and whistles.

Suddenly Matt knelt down on his knees in front of Cerina and Hans knelt down on his knees in front of Daisy.

Cerina and Daisy gasped in surprise and looked at each other in shock.

Layla qnd Steve giggled in enthusiasm.

"Will you marry me?"

"Will you marry me?"

Both Matt and Hans said at the same time making Cerina and Daisy gasp more in surprise.

"You have captured my heart since we spent such a beautiful time with each other Cerina. I want to be with you forever, I want to spend all my life with you my love! Will you take this hand or kick this hand, you choose." Matt declared in slightly funny way.

"Daisy, I am sure that you don't know much about me and neither do I about you, but when I saw you for the first time in that ball, you already had pierced the heart out of me and you took it with you all the way here, which made me come here to find you and my heart. I really want to know more about you, cherish you and your heart. Will you accept me and my heart? Will you give me your heart Daisy?" Hans said in a very romantic and complicated way but Daisy understood his each and every words.

Cerina looked at Daisy and she looked at her. They both nodded and said together,



"I love you Matt, of course I won't kick your hand hehe." Cerina exclaimed and kissed him.

"I am sure you already have my heart Hans. Keep it safe, as I am keeping your heart safe here." Daisy said and touched her rapidly beating heart on her chest.  Hans smiled and kissed her passionately.

Everyone started clapping for the couples.
Henry was happy and in tears to see her daughter happy in Matt's arms. Henry looked beside him and saw Mary smiling and looking at him.

"Hm? What happened?" Henry asked her.
"I am sorry...I.." Mary apologized and was confused what to say when Henry interrupted her thoughts and said,
"Shh don't apologize Mary..I know, I was not a good father and husband too. It was not your fault.." Henry said and hugged Mary.

"*Sob* Will you marry me again?" Mary said in a low voice.

"Did I somehow heard a proposal from a lady?" Henry teased Mary.

Mary giggled and smacked him lightly on his chest. His chest vibrated in happy laughter.

"Of course you have to marry me! How will you prepare our daughter's wedding then?" Henry said and laughed merely. 

Mary kissed him on his cheek making him blush like a teenager got a first kiss from his girlfriend. Mary giggled at his blushing state.

Cerina glanced at her mum and dad, they both looked like happy couples like they were, when she was very small.

She smiled in relief and hugged Matt tightly. Matt looked down at Cerina who was smiling and hugging him.

"Hey..Cerina.." Matt said.

"Hm?" Cerina said in confusion.

"Don't do anything dangerous from now on." Matt said. Cerina understood what he meant.. he wants her to stop working as an undercover spy agent for crime branch and live a normal life.

Cerina nodded slowly and looked up at him.

"I will stop. But tell me the reason why you want me to stop?" Cerina asked him.

"Hmm...who will take care of our kids if we both run off to work tirelessly?" Matt teased her.

"Shut up!" Cerina said and smacked his arm.

"Hahaha you already know then why are you asking me Cerina?" Matt said and Cerina just sighed.

"Cerina tell me one thing.." Matt said.

"Hm?" Cerina said.

"How many kids do you want? I can manage two..no five..uhh no seven--" 

Cerina interrupted him.

"Zero! No kids before marriage!" Cerina 

"Oh that's the problem huh...well let's go." Matt said and tugged her wrist.

"Wait, go where?" Cerina asked him.
"To issue marriage certificate what else?" Matt said.

"You j*rk! Have patience for god sake!" Cerina said and Matt started laughing in pleasure.

"It's fun to tease you." Matt exclaimed.
"You know? I take pleasure in beating the shit out of people." Cerina said. Matt raised both his hands in surrender.

While Cerina and Matt were bantering, Ryan was having trouble.

"Luna, you can't do this to me! It has been six months and you are ignoring me like I never existed!" Ryan exclaimed in a sad tone.

Luna just looked away.

Luna spotted her brother and rushed towards him, Ryan followed Luna behind her.

"Ethan!" Luna exclaimed in enthusiasm.

"Oh Luna, where were you? I was searching for you. The wedding is over, let's go to the newlyweds and congratulate them." Ethan said.

"Luna! Wait! Hear me out please!" Ryan said.

Luna sighed in anger and turned to Ryan.

"What is it?" Luna asked him.

"I am sorry Luna for ignoring your calls and not calling you when I was here, I had to work in a bar and had to investigate about Cerina!" Ryan said.

"Ryan, I am here because I was invited by Cerina. Please don't create a scene." Luna said and tugged her arm in her brother's arm and was about to leave when Ryan caught her shoulder.

"You are not listening to me because you got this new boyfriend for you huh." Ryan said. His cheesy, cheerful and happy voice was nowhere to be found. His voice was serious and filled with disgust and sadness.

"You think I am cheating on you?" Luna said in a low voice.

"Yes! You don't even deserve to ask this question when you are openly being this close with your new boyfriend, or should I say new lover?" Ryan said mockingly.

Luna looked at Ethan, Ethan just sighed and hugged Luna's shoulder.

"Stay away from my sister." Ethan said in an angry tone and glared at Ryan.

Ethan and Luna went away from Ryan, that's when Ryan recalled his words..."Stay away from my sister..." What the f*ck!? He is Luna's brother! Her real brother! She used to talk about him a lot but Ryan never met her brother.

Oh sh*t what did he do!? He called her brother, her so-called lover!! Oof I am dead, Ryan thought and hurriedly rushed again towards Luna.

"Lunaaaaaa!! Forgive this dog for god sake! I will be your loyal dog forever Lunaaa!!" 

Ryan shouted and ran around the lawn. Ah Ryan Ah, what to do about you.

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