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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 89"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 89

(Please Wake Up!!)


"NOOO!!" Cerina cried out loudly as the bullet pierced her mother's stomach.

"MUM!!!! NOO..."Cerina shouted with all her might.

Police cops arrived at the same time, Mary opened her mouth to say,
"Don't..arrest the man in behind...the back door.. he helped me out..Cerina..I don't think I have much time...it hurts a lot.." 

Mary said and winced a bit in pain. Cerina layed her mum's head on her lap and cried,
"Mum we will take you to hospital, nothing will h-happen to you..mum be brave and strong." Cerina cooed while crying.

Everyone was in a state of shock and confusion with the turn of situations.

The cops arrested Simon and took him away. They called Ambulance to come as fast as possible.

Mary raised her hand and cupped CeCe's cheek.

"Cerina..you have become so.. beautiful.. forgive your mum.. I wasn't a good.. wife and even couldn't be...a good mother.. I couldn't look...how cruel.. Simon was...I didn't even recognize him.. I had forgotten him from college days... Cerina take care of yourself and...your.. dad...." 
Mary sighed as the pain was becoming unbearable.

Cerina pressed her hand on her stomach to stop bleeding..

"Mum please don't leave me!! Mum!!" Cerina shouted and cried loudly.

"I..love you..sweetheart..." Mary whispered and closed her eyes slowly.

At that time Ambulance came.

"MUM!!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!!" Cerina shouted as the hospital staff started taking her into the Ambulance.

She tried to wriggle away but Ryan, Matt and Hans had caught her tightly.

"*sob sob*Aaahhh!!! Mum!!! Come back!!!" Cerina shouted in her cracking voice.

"Cerina they took her to recover, don't worry! She will be fine!" Ryan said.
Cerina tried to shake off their hold on her and shouted.

"You don't know anything! She is dying!!" Cerina shouted at Ryan.

"Cerina..calm down" Matt murmured.

Suddenly Cerina slapped Ryan on his cheek with full force. His balance wavered and he backed off. Cerina took this opportunity and shaked off Hans and Matt's hold on her. She rushed to their car and drove away towards the hospital.

Everyone followed her in the spare car they had. As soon as they reached to the hospital, they found CeCe kneeling in front of operation theater.

They came near her and patted her shoulder. She looked up and saw them. 
She burst into tears again.

She hugged Ryan and said, "*sob*I am...*sob* sorry Ryan.. forgive my impulsive attitude.." Ryan patted and rubbed her back, "It's alright Cerina, I understand your pain.." He said and sighed.

Cerina looked at everyone and smiled slightly.

"Thank you everyone...without you guys.. I couldn't do anything.." She said in a low voice, everyone smiled in response.

Daisy and Steve were slightly injured by blade and knife. Hans saw their scars and took both of them to treat their injuries.
Matt made Cerina sit in a chair and hugged her shoulders.

"Shh..don't cry now..everything will be alright..stop crying like a baby now.." Matt cooed softly in her ears, making her nod slowly. She wiped her tears away only to let her eyes shed more tears. She looked at Matt and he sighed.

"What to do with you..." Matt dejectedly murmured and hugged Cerina on his chest. She let all her tears out making Matt's black shirt wet with tears.

"*Sniff sniff* Thank you..Matt.." She said in a low voice..while pulling away from him and sniffing her nose.

Matt hugged her shoulder again and rubbed her head with his other hand.

"She will be fine right?" Cerina asked after a long silence in a low voice. Her throat was throbbing in pain after shouting a lot.
"Have faith in doctors and god..everything will be alright...Cerina, we can pray for her.." Matt cooed softly while rubbing her neck in slow motion and softly.

"Mhm..let's pray..for her well-being.." Cerina said.

Ryan came to them suddenly.

"I called her father." Ryan said pointing at Cerina. Cerina looked up..and then she looked at Matt.

Matt nodded slightly. Cerina sighed. Ryan gave the mobile to Cerina,
"Hello..Cerina?" A familiar voice came from the phone.

"Dad..." Cerina said while choking on her own saliva.

"I heard what happened...I have booked the tickets, I will come there by tomorrow..." Her dad said.

"Mhm...please come...dad.." Cerina said in a low voice.

"Be calm, everything will be alright, she will be fine for sure." Her dad tried to console her. She replied by "Hmm.." sound.

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