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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 88"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 88 

( No! Cerina, Go Away!)

As soon as they reached the destination, four men who looked like bodyguards came and checked if they were hiding any weapons.

They failed to discover a knife in Cerina's body as she expertly hid it. Steve was also carrying a sharp long blade hidden professionally.

They were escorted to a warehouse, Cerina already knew that Simon won't be very happy as she brought her partners with her to help her.

As soon as they entered they saw Simon sitting in his big leather chair and he was smoking casually like nothing has happened.

"Simon! Release my mum!" Cerina shouted at him.

"Tsk tsk you are so noisy my dear. Just chill, I will let her go once you promise to not go against me behind my back." Simon said while flicking the ash from his cigarette.

Cerina clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in annoyance.

"Last time, release her. You have this problem against me not my mum so release her." Cerina said trying to set a deal with him.

"Oh? Nah you are not worthy enough to kidnap. Mary is like a precious gold for me. 
If I try to hurt her, you instantly bow to me and obey me." Simon said and Cerina scoffed.

"Simon, you should be a gentleman, you should release her mother." Hans said.

"I am already a gentleman boy, I diffused the bomb as soon as I got news that 
Cerina has arrived with her dogs." Simon said mockingly.

"What's your problem!? Why are you doing all this!? What will you gain huh!?" Cerina questioned him in anger.

"I know Cerina..you must be annoyed but what can I do? I have to take my revenge slowly and painfully right?" Simon said.
"Revenge? What revenge are you talking about?" Cerina asked him.

"Ohh sit, sit everyone. I will tell you all a story. A beautiful but painful story of my life." Simon said enthusiastically.

Cerina scoffed in disgust and everyone took their seats.

"The story starts like this...I was young and handsome college student at that time. 

Very intelligent and popular because of my looks. Many girls in the college used to propose me and send love letters to me with gifts. But I never accepted any one of them, why? Because I already fancied one girl. She was cheerful, bright and beautiful woman anyone could fall for. Who was she? Of course our beautiful Mary, right Cerina?" Simon said.

Cerina scoffed in response and looked away from his disgusting face. Handsome? 
Popular? Cheh! My foot he was handsome. 
He is an insult in the name of man. Cerina thought in anger.

"What happened then? Let me tell you guys...I confessed my love to her but what she did? She rejected me and told me that she is already engaged to someone? 

And as soon as I realize this fact, she runs off to her so-called 'fiance' and starts giving him her attention...that's not fair right? I deserve everything, until today whatever I wanted, I got it without any sweat but I failed to get a woman? Such a slap on my face.. I couldn't bear the pain I was feeling. 

So I decided to revenge! I took an oath not to marry any other woman just her. And look? I am married to her now! Hahahah, what happened to that 'fiance'? He is getting old and rusty, there in Scotland. 

Alone without his wife and daughter.. such a poor luck...no? God should show him some good mercy." Simon explainsd and sighed.

"Are you finished?" Cerina asked while gritting her teeth. Her anger level was increasing as the time was passing by.

Matt had continously tried patting her back and tried to calm her but she's as stubborn as her mum can be. Hormone similarities what can anyone do in this case?

"Yes, I have finished my story. Now you promise me this in written agreement that you will not plot anything against me, behind my back." Simon said.

"Hmph! Dream on!" Cerina said stubbornly and folded her arms.

Simon made an eye contact with his men, and they nodded. All the men started nearing towards them. Cerina and others became alert and took their positions.

As they neared, everyone started fighting with all strength they could grow in them.
After a while, suddenly a back door opened with a slam. Everyone paused and looked who it was.

Mary! She was panting for air as if she was nearly suffocated with death in the room.
She looked up and saw Cerina and his friends fighting many men. She recognized the men, they were Simon's guards and his private bodyguards.

She then looked at Simon and understood everything in an instant that the kidnapping was done by him.

Jimmy somehow managed to reach near Mary and told her the whole story why Simon was doing all these. She was utterly shocked! How could he do this! She was being tricked by him since such a long time!

She instantly came in her senses and saw Cerina fighting with men with all her might.

"Cerina! You should go away! Go back, don't get yourself in trouble sweetheart!" 
Mary shouted but Cerina just slightly shook her head declining her mum's request.

Soon all the men were sprawled on the ground unconscious or wincing and groaning in pain.

"Get your ass up! I fed you all these years to fight bravely not lie down like this and groan in pain!!" Simon commanded but no one listened his order.

Simon looked at Cerina and her friends. 
They all were in high energy to fight more. Mary was just near them.

Simon suddenly took out a gun from his waist and pointed it at Cerina. He loaded the bullet and said, "Move away or else I will shoot!" Making everyone alert.

"Drop the gun Simon, that's not a toy you know?" Daisy said. Hans smirked at her comment. He found it amusing.

"I know! That's why I am using it kids, back off or else I will shoot." Simon said.
"We are not kids old man. You drop your gun." Ryan said.

"Seems like no one wants to listen to me today huh? Alright, let's do this." Simon said and placed his finger in the trigger. 
He pulled the trigger and...


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