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A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 85"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 85 

( Cerina I Miss You)

Everyone got busy after planning the mission. Hans came to know that she was really Daisy Smith whom he danced with back in Scotland.

He was delighted to meet her again with no hidden face. As it was Masquerade ball so he didn't got the chance to get a full glance of her face. She was really beautiful and her voice was very angelic yet stern in some way.

Hans was impressed, she was young but she managed herself to achieve Chief Inspector title in crime branch. The thought of it is itself appreciative.

Cerina's phone suddenly started ringing interrupting her talk with Ryan and Matt. She looked at the caller ID and frowned. 
Ryan and Matt looked at each other as they saw CeCe's expression. CeCe cancelled the call.

After few seconds it started ringing again, making CeCe sulk in anger.
She picked up the call and said, "What!?"
There was silence..

Cerina didn't mind talking to the person in front of so many people that too in an insulting manner.

"I don't have all the world's time. Make it  fast." CeCe groaned in anger.

A sniffing voice came from the caller.
"Cerina...sweetheart..I miss you.." Mary said.

"Oh..you do miss me huh? That's surprising." CeCe scoffed.

"Cerina, you haven't come to visit me since so long dear...I am your mother, don't treat me like a stranger..please.." 
Mary said in a sniffing voice as if she was crying.

"Now you come to know that you are my mother..!? You also know how much I disgust stepping into that man's house! I wouldn't dare to even take a small step there. So please don't make me repeat myself again and again." CeCe exclaimed in disgust.

"Cerina you should watch your language..I am your mother..also, if possible come to meet me once in a while dear, I miss you so much..!" Mary tried to give CeCe sweet talk.

But CeCe didn't budge.

"You want me to meet you? Then allow me to go back to Scotland to my father. Give me my Visa and passport back!!" CeCe shouted angrily without worrying about the people around her.

"Simon is your father! Do you understand!? I won't give you your passport back!" Mary argued and hung up the call.

CeCe slammed her hand angrily on the table. She was literally fuming as if she ate the world's spiciest chilli..!

Layla offered a glass of cold water and patted her back to calm her down.

Soon Teddy emerged from nowhere and started licked and rubbing her leg.

CeCe became calm and saw Teddy teasing and showing affection to her. She started rubbing his head softly and played with him until her whole heart was as calm and serene as heavens.

Matt's expression softened as he saw CeCe's bright green eyes. She was merrily playing with Teddy.

"Father reminds me...how is dad?" CeCe suddenly remembered this and asked Matt.

"He is doing fine..his nature has become aloof and cold after you left and he divorced his wife but he still shows his care towards us...To sum up..he is good I guess." Matt said and gave CeCe a wry smile. He patted her hand which was resting on the table and clutched it tightly give her assurance of her dad's well-being

"I will call him tomorrow and let you have a nice chat with him. It is pretty late now so let's go ahead and rest for the day." Matt said and hugged her shoulders as she looked a bit sad.

*sob* "I miss him Matt..." CeCe whispered but it was audible enough for Matt.
Matt didn't said anything just patted her head and rubbed her hair.

CeCe deeply inhaled Matt's warmth in his arms and slightly smiled.

Matt landed a soft kiss on her forehead without worrying about other people watching their public display of affection!
CeCe looked around and lightly smacked Matt's chest playfully while giggling.

Matt chuckled as well and hugged her more tightly not letting her breathe properly!

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