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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 84"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 84  

(Mission: Send Simon To Hell(2)

"Huh? What is Mission SSH?" Ryan asked Daisy.

"It is confidential, only the team involved can know the details." Daisy said and glared daggers at Ryan telling him indirectly to stfu.

Ryan closed his mouth in a thin line and started wiping the floor with mop again.
Layla went back to work as few customers were already waiting for their orders to come.

"We can help." Matt said.




CeCe, Steve and Daisy said together in different tones.

"See..it's easy to tell who are in the team." Matt said and shrugged to which Hans chuckled softly.

"You...you tricked us!" CeCe exclaimed.
"You are easygoing person, what can I do in this case?" Matt said and again shrugged.

"Tell us the details, we are not less then anyone." Ryan said and took a chair from nearby to sit and listen.

Daisy sighed and said, "Okay. But remember, no one from crime branch or cops should come to know about this."
"About what?" Matt asked Daisy.
"That you guys are helping us in the mission." Daisy said.

"Hmm..if Cerina and Steve can help, why can't we help openly?" Matt asked Daisy.
"Because..." Daisy was reluctant to answer but CeCe piped in and answered his question.

"Because I and Steve are spies and we work legally for the crime branch." CeCe said.

This one statement made everyone dead silent.

"You are..you were spy before also?" Ryan asked.

"No. After coming back to US." CeCe replied shortly without any details.
"So what's this mission about?" Hans asked getting right to the point.

"Mission SSH..this mission is going to be very difficult and tricky for us. Everyone on the base are armed with weapons which are very deadly." Daisy explained.
"Deadly? What do you mean?" Ryan asked her.

"One shot. You are killed. Also they are very professional with weapons. That's what I have heard." Daisy said and sighed.
"Who are we talking about by the way?" Ryan asked.

"Whole fairytale is over, now he questions who was the fairy..." CeCe murmured. 

Obviously she knew who she was explaining about, Simon's hired dogs called as 'bodyguards'.

"Also what is the full form of SSH?" Ryan asked again.

This time Daisy's nerve cracked open and she glared at Ryan telling him to keep his mouth absolutely shut.

"Mission Send Simon To Hell. SSH. We were talking about his guards and his private bodyguards." Daisy explained.
Everyone nodded when everything was crystal clear.

"We will also have to do something about his high-tech cameras and surveillance devices hidden in his base..I can hire the best hacker from crime branch but...Simon is very intelligent, he has his bugs in crime branch too so he shouldn't get suspicious by anything we do." Daisy explained.

"How about this..we find one good hacker who is not connected with crime branch or any other kind of business which will make Simon alert." Matt suggested to which Daisy nodded in approval.

"What about weapons?" Hans asked Daisy this time.

"Aha! Don't worry about that, you have me and Cerina, everything will go smoothly. 
We have truckloads of weapons provided by crime branch too! Don't worry about anything." Steve said enthusiastically. As he loved killing dirty bugs, his excitement reaches at high level whenever there is talk about weapons and stuff.

"We will help you cover your backs then." Ryan said..

"How?" CeCe asked him.

"You and Steve stay ahead and kill all the men, I and Matt will stay behind you guys to protect you guys from backstabbing bugs." Ryan explained.

Daisy, CeCe, Matt and Steve nodded in satisfaction for first time at Ryan's suggestion.

"What about me?" Hans asked Ryan.
"Hmm..You stay with Daisy and help CeCe and Steve to direct them safely to Steve's office." Matt answered Hans' question this time.

Hans nodded in approval and this was how the mission discussion came to an end.

"Remember this, we want Simon killed or arrest. More better if he is arrested. We have solid proofs this time and we will let him rot in hell like jail. If he uses defensive techniques to protect himself and shoots anything, you can shoot his leg or arm, don't shoot him in the stomach or head or heart or that region. We want him alive not dead. If he attacks brutally you can just shoot him dead I won't mind. Also remember, don't let crime branch know you guys are helping us. You guys can be arrested too for using weapons of crime branch to kill Simon's bugs."

Daisy gave a long speech of explanation. 
Everyone was bored but still attentive and nodded in approval.

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