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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 83"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 83  

(Mission: Send Simon To Hell)

Steve and CeCe left from their apartment towards Revance Bar, Daisy agreed to meet them in Revance Bar.

When they both arrived at the bar, Daisy wasn't there.

"Good morning Layla." Steve greeted her and hugged her to which she greeted him back.

CeCe noticed Layla's red ears and softly giggled at their public display of affection.
*Ahem* "Good morning Layla." CeCe cleared her throat and greeted her.

Layla smiled sweetly at her while letting herself away from Steve's hug.
"What would you guys like to have?" Layla asked both of them.

"Strawberry cheesecake and milk tea." CeCe said.

"Coffee." Steve said.
"Just coffee? You don't want to have breakfast?" Layla asked Steve.

"Hmm.." Steve was thinking when Layla interrupted his train of thought.

"I have baked fresh croissants just a while ago! Would you like to have some?" Layla asked him with her sweet melodious voice.

"Sure, whatever you offer." Steve said and shrugged. He can't say no to such a beautiful lady who spent her precious time to bake croissants.

"I would like to have one too!" CeCe shouted enthusiastically while pouting. These two were literally ignoring her.
"Hehe have as many as you want!" Layla exclaimed.

Soon the entrance door of bar opened making the bell jingle. CeCe turned and saw Matt, Hans and Ryan.

They greeted each other and Layla took their orders for breakfast too.

"So what are you guys doing here so early?" Ryan asked CeCe and Steve.
"We have one meeting with someone here about work." Steve explained.

"Work? Cerina do you also work? In which field are you working?" Ryan asked CeCe.
CeCe was surprised by the sudden question and her mind became absolutely blank. She was in daze, not knowing what to answer.

"Assistant!" Steve exclaimed suddenly, making everyone shift their attention from CeCe to Steve.

"Yes! She works as an assistant!" Steve said with a proud smile. What was he proud of? Of course he was proud of his excuse!
"Assistant? Whose assistant?" Ryan asked Steve.

Steve rubbed his hair 'casually', actually in 'stress and confusion'.

Steve took his phone out and secretly messaged Layla to handle Ryan and his questions.

Layla soon emerged from the kitchen with few plates in food tray.

"Here, breakfast." Layla informed everyone and set the plates on the table.

Ryan's eyes began shining in hunger seeing such delicious and delightful meal in front of him.

Layla cleared her throat to get Ryan's attention.

"You." Layla said pointing her index finger at Ryan.

"Me? What? What did I do?" Ryan said innocently.

"Don't you remember what kind of mess you created in my restaurant yesterday night with Teddy?" Layla asked him.
"Uhh yes...so..? I cleared everything. I cleaned whole bar, now what?" Ryan asked Layla.

"Whatever. You still have to pay for the damage and mess you created." Layla said while crossing her hands with a stern expression on her face.

"Pay..? Alright. How much do I need to pay?" Ryan said.

"Nah I am saying you have to bear consequences for what you did, I don't want your money." Layla informed Ryan making him gulp in fear loudly enough.
Steve secretly smirked whereas Matt had a devilish smile indicating Ryan that he is stuck in spider's web now.

"Well..what will I have to do?" Ryan asked in a low voice.

"Become waiter of Revance Bar. I am very much impressed with your work, I noticed yesterday. I will pay you your salary don't worry about that. Just serve this bar." Layla said while keeping her both hands on her hips and sharply glaring at Ryan.
"What!? Waiter!? Not in even dreams!!" Ryan said grumpily.

No one said anything for a while. The room's temperature dropped dramatically, as if we are sitting in Antarctica.

Layla was still glaring at Ryan. Soon Ryan sighed in defeat and approved.

Layla instructed him to pick all the plates after everyone finished breakfast and she left towards the kitchen.

Everyone started chuckling at the poor situation of Ryan.

They were about to finish their breakfast when the entrance door again opened making the bell jingle merrily.

"Aha Cerina! I am here, sorry for being late!" Daisy declared her arrival enthusiastically.

"Daisy! Come, come." CeCe exclaimed.
"Daisy..?" Hans cocked his head in confusion.

"Oh you have guests. I won't disturb your brunch, you guys continue we will discuss later." Daisy examined everyone and everything and came to a conclusion that discussing can be done a while later.
Layla came out of the kitchen and asked her if she wants anything.

"Hmm...I will have Lemon Mojito, Thank you." Daidy said.

"Alright. Anything else ma'am?" Layla asked her politely to which Daisy shook her head saying no.

Daisy swiftly opened her laptop and dashed typing in speed. She was so focused on the screen that she missed someone's hole burning gaze.

Hans was staring at Daisy..He felt weird as if he knows her and might have seen her somewhere before.

Ryan soon took all the plates to the kitchen and came out with a mop. the sight was so hilarious that everyone was trying not to laugh chewing their lips as if their lips were some kind of marshmallows!

Layla also came out from kitchen to give Daisy her order, Daisy saw Layla coming towards her so she sprang up and went near Layla to take her drink by herself. As she was about to reach near Layla Ryan unintentionally brought mop between her legs making her loose her balance and slip.

She was about to fall, when Hans caught her in his arms. Hans was sitting near so 

he came to action in just few seconds.
Daisy breathed a sigh of relief and stared in Hans eyes.

CeCe nudged Matt's arm with her elbow pointing her eye towards Daisy and Hans. CeCe had a teasing smirk on her face. 
Matt smiled at her and tugged her hair behind her ear.

Hans had this blast of familiarity from Daisy as soon as she landed in her arms. 
Her arms were soft and milky but a bit well toned as if she used to work out a lot.

Her eyes were also very familiar...only two words came in Hans' mind, Daisy Smith.
Daisy at the fist glance realized he was the boy whom she danced with in Scotland.
Her professionalism allowed her senses to recognize him.

*cough cough* Layla coughed to clear away the waves of dreamy land and love blossoming flower's scent.

Steve wondered if Layla was alright? She has been clearing her throat and coughing a lot today.

Steve sent a worried glance towards Layla to which she smiled brightly and shook her head telling him everything is alright.
Suddenly Daisy backed off from Hans arms and said,
"Shall we discuss about the mission SSH?" Daisy exclaimed.

CeCe cocked her head in confusion and Steve smirked amusingly.

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