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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 82"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 82  

(Quality Time)

CeCe and Steve returned back to their apartment from Revance Bar, CeCe had a fresh shower and began drying her wet hairs. Whereas Steve was relaxing in the living room, watching TV.

CeCe suddenly heard some creaking voice from her balcony and went near to check the source of weird sounds.

Suddenly she gasped as a man hovered over her head, she was about to kick him out and beat the shit out of him when the man said something making CeCe halt before she lands her kick.

"Cerina! It's me! Matt!" Matt exclaimed hurriedly as he saw the kick was about to land on his stomach.

"Huh..? Matt...? What are you doing here??" CeCe asked Matt while letting him in her room.

"Just came to give you something...." Matt trailed off as he saw her wet hair and realized her freshly showered scent swayed in the room making him a little aroused..

"Give me what?" CeCe asked in confusion.

"It depends you know..? I can give you one small gift or...I can give myself to you also! 
You choose--" Before he could complete his sentence, CeCe gave him a good smack on his back!

"Get to the point!" CeCe exclaimed loudly.

"Shh..lower your voice, we don't want Steve to eavesdrop on our quality time." Matt commented, CeCe scoffed in reply.
"Have you finished your 'quality time' now? Then get lost." CeCe exclaimed. Matt gasped dramatically.

"Don't be like this you grumpy old woman!" Matt said making CeCe glare at him.

"Okay okay, I will get right to the point. Here." Matt said and took out a small box.
He opened the box, letting CeCe glance what's inside.

"Do you remember our school trip?" Matt asked CeCe.

"Of course! How could I forget that.." CeCe said half excitedly and half sadly as she missed those days and missed her dad.

At first, she didn't wanted to go to Scotland and live with dad, but as time went by..CeCe realized that her dad really loved her and had a wish to cherish her as his daughter as long as he can.

CeCe's emotions melted as she remembered those days. A pain suddenly started banging in her heart as she remembered how her mother pulled her away from everything and everyone..

"This beautiful bracelet...I remember this bracelet! I saw it when we took a break in between our way to camping site!" CeCe squealed in delight as she remembered seeing small stars and moons hanging on the bracelet.

"Yes I bought it secretly..I was going to propose you with this but..." Matt trailed off and gave CeCe a wry smile. Looking at his expression her heart beat increased and she lovingly touched the bracelet.

"It's very beautiful..Thank you Matt, I will cherish it forever." CeCe said as she looked in his eyes.

"Ahh don't smile like that Cerina, please don't." Matt said while sighing and rubbing his brows.

"Why?? Is my smile not good?" CeCe asked him and Matt thought, how can a person be this dumb?

"Cerina your smile is very beautiful, it's so mesmerizing that I feel I can't control myself, also don't smile like that in front of other men specially that Steve guy!" Matt ordered her.

"What do you mean can't control yourself? 
And why should I not smile in front of Steve!? He is like my brother!" CeCe argued.

"Oof...what do I do with you??" Matt said and suddenly he pushed CeCe on her bed.
CeCe gasped in shock and stared in his eyes.

Matt came closer and suddenly nibbled her lower lip. CeCe squirmed in surprise and tried to push him off.

But Matt didn't budge, he licked, sucked and teased CeCe's lips making her moan to get more passionate kisses until she gave him a smack on his back, Matt chuckled softly and started kissing her passionately, going in and exploring her mouth and tongue.

She moaned in delight and let her tongue dance along with Matt's tongue. Matt felt his heart bloom as he tasted her sweet and mesmerizing mouth.

As time went by, matt stopped kissing her after a while and decided to end it for the day. His self-control was indeed very appreciative.

Soon CeCe drifted in sleep after a long and tiring day, she was pretty tired...

Matt tugged her under the blankets, and soon left from there.

Next day..

*yawn* "Steve where is Matt?" CeCe asked Steve as soon as she left her room in search of Matt.

"Matt? Why would he be here? He's not here." Steve said while turning few pages in one document.

"Oh..I must be dreaming.." She said but then trailed off as she saw the same bracelet, he gave her last night, on her wrist. She stared at it as if her life was stuck inside it, it was very precious gift she received for the first time from Matt. 
She then thought, she should give him one gift too...but what..??

As her train of thoughts were running in her mind, Steve cleared his throat to get CeCe's attention.

"Hm?" CeCe made a sound in confusion.
"The Chief Inspector of Cyber crime branch has sent us a mission." Steve said.
"Oh you mean Daisy? What's the mission this time?" CeCe asked him.

"Yes Daisy sent us the reports and some clues regarding this mission also, she will be helping and guiding us throughout the mission." Steve explained.

"Is this mission very hard? For her to personally help us.." CeCe was still in confusion.

"Yes basically the mission is like to kill a lion king. If we both go alone, we will be stomped by them like we are some kind of ants." Steve commented and sighed.
"Get to the point, what do you mean?" CeCe asked him.

"Daisy wants us to kill or arrest Simon." 
Steve said in a low whisper but it was enough for CeCe to read his lips and understand what he was saying.

"Ohh...Simon..kill him? Arrest him? Pfffttt hahahaha..." CeCe burst out laughing after repeating what he said.

"What? Was it a joke!?" Steve said.
"Is it not?" CeCe said still laughing and clutching her stomach in pain due to laughing so much.

"Whatever you think it is, let it be. But we have to complete this mission in one month." Steve said with a straight face. CeCe realized he was serious and this was not a joke.

CeCe simply nodded.

Simon might be strong, has power, has money and has full tight guards around him but one thing he lacks. His own strength.

He was not that good in fighting and defensive techniques. He can't even manage one small pistol, rifle is a far away dream for him.

What CeCe, Daisy and Steve have to worry about is his security and his private bodyguards. They are more stronger then any fighter and bodybuilders. They can be even compared to bulldozers.

Steve and CeCe sighed at the same time. 
Both were thinking about the same thing, that is how to tackle those problematic beings.

"We will talk to Daisy about this and see if we can find out solution. Get ready we have to go." Steve informed CeCe and went to his room to have shower.

CeCe sighed again and rushed to have shower in her room.

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