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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 81"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 81  

(Bit My Butt)

Matt brought CeCe to the back alley which was just beside bar.

"Shhh It's okay.." Matt whispered as CeCe began shedding more tears. He wiped her tears and hugged her. He rubbed her back softly turning her silent sobs into sniffs and soon she stopped crying.

"I..missed you..Matt.." CeCe whispered.
"Oh fuck, you don't know how much I missed you too Cerina, don't leave me like that again please for god sake.." Matt said under his breath.

They both were in hugging position.. CeCe looked around and pushed Matt softly.

"Someone might see.." CeCe whispered.
"Let them, I don't care. Anyways it's pretty dark here. I don't think anyone will see us." Matt said.

CeCe just nodded slightly and hugged him tightly again, she softly took long breaths trying to inhale his familiar cologne.

"Whose that man.." Matt whispered making CeCe look up at him.

"Who?" CeCe knew whom he was talking about but she decided to play dumb.

"The man who was sitting beside you." Matt said.

"Ohh..I don't know." CeCe said.

"C'mon don't play games with me CeCe! I saw you tugging his shirt..do you know him?" Matt asked again.

"Maybe...or maybe not--" CeCe couldn't complete her sentence..as Matt crashed his lips on her lips.

"Mmm..." CeCe moaned and tried to push him away. But he caught her both hands and placed them around his neck.

He deepened his kiss and allowed himself to slide his tongue in her mouth.

"Mm...Matt someone..will...see us!" CeCe whispered in between the kiss.
"No, I won't allow anyone to see us.." Matt whispered.

He sucked CeCe's tongue making her moan and gasp a little for breath.
Matt broke their kiss and stared in her pure green eyes which were filled with desire, love, a hint of sadness and pleasure.

"Tell me who is he, then I will let you go or else, we stand here until you tell me." Matt said with a teasing tone.

"Wah!? That's not fair!" CeCe exclaimed.
"You heard this? 'Everthing is fair in love and war!' You are my love! And that man will be soon in war with me if you don't tell me about him!" Matt said proudly in a possessive way.

"Pffftt hehehe, Oh Matt..he is like my brother, nothing between us alright?" 

CeCe said, she pushed Matt slightly and rushed to go back in the bar.

Matt chuckled softly and followed behind her to the bar.

When they entered the bar, it was nearly in a huge mess!

Teddy was chasing behind Ryan and barking loudly.

Layla was screaming like a mad woman ordering Teddy to stop running.

Hans was watching the show silently whereas Steve was laughing loudly watching Layla getting hyper and Ryan running from Teddy like a small kid.
Jimmy was busy wiping the floor with a mop, as some drink fell down.

"Teddy stop!!!" Layla ordered loudly.
Teddy swiftly rushed and applied his brakes to obey his master.

"Teddy sit!" Layla ordered again and Teddy obeyed.

"What the heck happened here??" Matt asked in curiosity.

"Apparently their fight continued, Ryan stomped on Teddy's tail and Teddy bit his butt.." Steve explained while chuckling a bit.

"You bit my butt!" Ryan shouted at Teddy. Teddy groaned again, "Grrrr..." Telling him you stomped my tail!

CeCe chuckled and went near Teddy. She patted her head and started massaging him, making him moan in pleasure.

"You both are at fault say sorry to each other and to me for this mess!!" Layla ordered in a stern voice.
"Sorry.." Ryan said.

Teddy bent down in bowing position and showed his "UwU" face.

"Now clean up this mess!" Layla ordered and went in the kitchen to pack up everything.

Everyone chuckled and continued chatting this and that.

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