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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 80"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 80  

(Here Comes The Queen!)

"Eww..yuck what's this cheh..." Ryan moaned in restroom while cleaning his shoes.

"Aah my special edition Italian shoes!!" Ryan shouted.

"Huh? Did you hear something Steve?" Layla asked Steve when she heard a sound from the restroom.

"Hmm..maybe someone is having trouble in restroom, you carry on serving the customers, I will check." Steve said and stood up.

Steve went in the restroom and saw a man restlessly cleaning his shoes with tissue paper and water.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Steve said while closing the door.

"Aah my special edition Italian shoes are spoiled!!" Ryan cried out while cleaning his shoes in disgust.

Steve shook his head while giving him a twitching smile and left from the restroom.

As soon as Ryan left the restroom after cleaning his shoes, he spotted a golden retriever dog nibbling a toy and playing with it.

"Hey you!" Ryan called out to the dog. Teddy got alerted and looked up and glared at Ryan.

"You were the one who pissed on my shoes right!??" Ryan asked while keeping his both hands on his waist in anger.
Teddy barked once and started groaning, "Grrrr..."

"Are you trying to provoke me???" Ryan said while raising his eyebrow.
"Look, he's talking with a dog." Matt said to Hans while chuckling.

"The bar is about to close, we will have enough time to deal with Cerina and Jimmy." Matt said and Hans nodded.

After a while--

Everyone started dispersing from the bar, it was nearly the closing time.

Normally the bar closes at 1am or 2am and on weekends it doesn't close at all.
Hans signaled Matt and he nodded.

"Sir would you like to have something else? We are about to close, so maybe we won't be able to serve special dishes for now." Layla politely informed to Matt making him nod.

"Miss we don't want anything else but just a small favor.." Hans said while standing up from his seat and smiling politely.
"Sure Sir, how can I help you?" Layla exclaimed politely.

"We want to share our thoughts to your bartender and the miss who served us." Matt said.

"Sir if it's about the incident of breaking plates and dropping the food, I apologize our poor service, this won't happen in future." Layla said while bowing.

"No no, it's not about that, mistakes do happen, but we just want to have small chat with them, can we?" Hans asked Layla while smiling in a polite way.

"Sure Sir." Layla said and escorted them to the bar table.

Jimmy was busy making drinks.


"Excuse me? Jimmy?" Matt called out to Jim.

Steve was sitting on the bar table chair and observing silently.

Ryan was busy scolding Teddy. Layla went inside the kitchen to call CeCe outside.

"Yes? How may!!" Jimmy's polite speech turned loud as soon as he turned around!

"Yes you have a lot to help us!" Matt said with a mocking smirk.

"I-I am off! Bye Layla, Steve and Teddy!" Jimmy said while rushing out of bar table. 
He intentionally decided not to say CeCe's name.

"Where? Where, are you rushing Jimmy? Don't you see, you have customers here.. you have to serve us as customers are like gods!" Matt exclaimed while tugging his collar from behind.

"More like Satan..." Jimmy muttered.
"What? I didn't hear quite well? Can you repeat?" Matt said making Jim shook his head vigorously.

Steve was enjoying the show and thought it's like movie, very amusing.

Layla soon brought CeCe out of the kitchen by tugging her wrist and happily pulling her out.

As soon as CeCe came out, she was rooted on her spot. She spotted Hans, Matt and Ryan.

"Here comes the queen!" Matt said 

CeCe gulped loudly, she looked down and tugged Layla's apron. She didn't knew how to face them, now suddenly she has to stand in front of them.. she felt really guilty, somewhere she knew it wasn't her fault but still she knew it was because of her.. everything happened..

CeCe looked at Jimmy and he looked at her, Jim sighed sadly and went back behind the bar table.

He started preparing drinks for everyone.  Everyone was silent, in an awkward situation.

Hans stood up and went near CeCe, she tried to hide behind Layla.

"Cerina sit here." Hans said making CeCe nod slowly..she went to the bar table and sat on the bar chair just beside Steve.

She tugged Steve's shirt and looked around at Hans, Jimmy and Matt.

Matt secretly clenched his fist below the table while seeing CeCe tugging stranger's shirt for protection.

"Jimmy, we told you to do something when you were leaving for US right?" Hans confronted Jim.

He gulped and turned around. He gave drinks to everyone, Layla also took her seat nearby to listen what was happening.
"Yes I know." Jim said while nodding slightly.

"Then what the fuck are you doing since these many months!?" Matt snapped at him sharply in an angry tone.

CeCe flinched at his sharp voice, Steve sighed and patted her back to calm her down.. She might be strong and smart but her heart was fragile just like a feather.

"I-I am sorry..I have my reasons for hiding everything from you guys..I know you guys care about her but I was not in the position to inform you guys anything about her." Jimmy said and looked at CeCe sadly.

She smiled slightly and looked down. Everyone's gaze turned to look at CeCe. 

Steve and Layla nodded when they came to know that Jimmy was talking about CeCe while mentioning "her".

"My..mother is in Simon's hands...I can't do anything, neither can I make you guys fall in danger. He is very powerful man..." 

CeCe said softly while looking down. Matt sighed and face palmed. He drank all his drink in one shot.

"You think we won't be able to do anything, if we work together!?" Matt said rubbed his forehead to release his tension and anger which was building in his head.
CeCe looked at Steve..he nodded at her telling her silently that what he said is right.

Tears started collecting in her eyes.. she was feeling so miserable...
*sniff sniff*

"I am sorry..." CeCe apologized while wiping her tears which had shed on her beautiful cheeks.

Matt sighed and stood up abruptly making everyone turn their attention towards him from CeCe.

Matt moved towards CeCe, caught her wrist and started pulling her out of the bar.

Everyone was surprised,
"Do you need keys?" Layla asked CeCe but she shook her head.

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