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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 8

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 8


'We're here.' My dad said. Yes my dad, I am actually with my dad right now. I looked out the window to see a big school that weirdly looked like a church. It was an old victorian building that looked kind of haunted. Yikes.

The car parked outside the school. I was about to open the door when Dad just ran to open it for me. Wow, if your going to please me, you better do better than that. He carried my suitcase and my bag. I

'You don't need to carry it.' I said.

'I want to.' He said, struggling a lot.We went up the stairs. After a lot of stairs, Dad looked too red.

'So these are the classrooms.' He said. He pointed to a set old desks. Not a lot of decorations. Needs a girl's touch.

We went up to more steps and showed me the gym class, the science labs, the offices. There was a door that said 'Boy's dorm.' But he just said don't go there.

And finally, we went to a room that looked like an aparment. It had sofas, TVs, books and a dining room.

'So this is where I live. And you'll be staying here. Your rooms in there.' I looked into the door he pointed at. It was a nice room. There was a pink bed with a teddy bear. And pink curtians. Basically, most of the things in the room was pink. Sometimes I think that Gok Wan is the only guy who has fashion sense. And this could be why. But it was a great try.

'Do you like it? I mean, I didn't know what kind of person you were so I-'

I yawned. And it wasn't by purpose. Well Kind of..

'Sorry, I'm just babbling on. You should get some rest. School tomorrow.'

'What? I just came. Shouldn't I get settled in first.' I said callapsing on the bed.

'Tomorrow's opening day and everyone is coming. It'll be great for you to meet the teachers.' He said.

'And the students.' I added.

'Yeah, you dont need to talk to them. They will mind their own business.' He said. 'Well, your uniform is in the cupboard and get settled in and.. erm.. get some rest. I'll see you in the morning at 6.' He was about to go when I took in what he said.

'Wait what? 6! I can't wake up at 6!' I said angrily.

'Sorry, Its opening day as I said and I will have to get up early so that we could prepare everything.' He said.

'Fine. Whatever.' I said. I slided into my duvet.

'Shouldn't you change into something more comfortable, Celia?'

'Nope. I'm tired. Turn the lights off when you go. Thanks. And its CeCe.' I said before closing my eyes to go to sleep.

I couldn't see him but I knew he was angry. I guess he was a strict Headmaster and I was going to be a challenge. No wait, I AM going to be a challenge. Daddy, your in for it.

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