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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 79"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 79  

(The Reunion)

"Enough!!" CeCe loudly shouted at Simon's face.

A while ago..

"Why did you call me?" CeCe asked Simon as soon as she entered his office with Steve behind her.

"I heard about his arrest." Simon came right to the point without wasting time.
CeCe knew...whom he was talking about. 
That politician who he had ordered her to kill him.

"Yes so?" CeCe asked Simon.

"I told you to dust him off from my way." 
Simon said indirectly telling her that he had ordered her to kill him and not get him arrested instead.

"He is arrested for his lifetime, don't worry about him anymore." CeCe said and shrugged.

"You dare to not obey my orders huh...don't you remember? Your mother is in my hands! Hahaha I can crush her anytime I want. These hands are feeding your mother for now, who knows what these hands might do to her if you don't obey me." Simon said while showing his hands and waving them at CeCe.

"Enough!!" CeCe shouted and turned her face away.

"You..!" Steve groaned and was about to go towards him. to give him nice beating but CeCe held his hand on time and shook her head slightly.

"Well well, let's move on for I have my way clear for the elections and I am very sure to win these elections because of you Cerina, so I forgive you for this once." Simon said while smiling mockingly.
"Here, your reward." Simon added and pushed a suitcase which was on his desk.

CeCe glared at him and he just shrugged.
"Take it, sweetheart. You deserve this much of reward." Simon said while opening the suitcase.

There were many bundles of dollars which might make any selfish person drool over those thick bundles of "reward".

"I won't accept this, just remember you owe me one Simon." CeCe said while signaling Steve secretly.

She turned and left from there with Steve.
It was around 7pm in the evening, both CeCe and Steve decided to spend their free time in Revance Bar.

As soon as they reached, they spotted Jim, busy making drinks for few customers and Layla, busy distributing the orders of customers.

Teddy was nibbling on his bone, as soon as he spotted CeCe he dropped his bone and rushed to pounce on her.

"Haha Slow slow down Teddy. You might choke me to death." CeCe said while giggling as Teddy was licking her cheeks.

"What the fuck? Hello, my dog won't choke you, instead you might choke him one day if he irritates you." Layla said while pouting.

"Then I will be your dog don't worry Layla." Steve said while winking at her, making her blush and turn away. She started serving the guests again.

CeCe joined and gave hand to Layla in serving the customers.

Whereas Steve sat on bar table, sipped his whiskey and chatted with Jimmy about work and studies.

The door bell jingled as new customers came. Layla went to welcome them and show them their table.

"Oh I recognize you both! You both came here this morning right?" Layla asked Ryan and Matt. They both looked at each other, even if they were hiding their face with mask and hoodie, she recognized them. 
The difference was, Hans was with them too this time.

"Oh yes! Miss we apologize, we had an emergency, so we had to leave abruptly." 
Matt said. In fact he lied. Who cares though, what's important for them now is, they spotted Jimmy and CeCe at the same place and same time.

"Oh it's alright Sir, what would you like to have? We offer alcoholic drinks during this shift too." Layla said in a polite manner.
After ordering, Layla went in the kitchen to inform the orders to the chefs.

"So that means Jim has been lying to us about CeCe. That he couldn't find her or get any bit of information on her." Ryan said and Hans nodded.

"Also I just noticed! CeCe has dyed her hair brown!" Ryan said enthusiastically.

Matt turned to glare at him, "Her hair were naturally brown, her dad told me she had dyed her hair blonde temporarily. 

Now get to the point." Matt snapped at Ryan making him gulp his enthusiasm down his throat in fear.

"How to confront them though??" Ryan asked Matt, who was busy pondering about something.

"That's what I was thinking about silly." Matt said.

After a while...

Hans patted Matt's arm and signaled him to look at the bar table.

He turned and saw Layla giving plates to CeCe and pointing her at their table.

Matt nodded in approval. Hans smiled a bit. Ryan was absolutely confused, he looked at Hans, then at Matt, again at Hans and back at Matt.

Ryan made a sulky expression making Matt stifle laugh at him.

CeCe arrived at their table and served the plates and their drinks.

Matt looked up after she served his plates, smiled sweetly and said, "Thank You."

CeCe was shocked! Absolutely shocked! 
She started trembling and abruptly dropped Ryan's plate on the floor in shock.
The clear glass crockery breaking sound rang throughout the bar.

Even Teddy was alerted and started groaning, just in case.
"Oh? Cerina?" Matt said.

"It has been a long time, how have you been?" Matt asked her and acted as if everything was fine.

All the eyes in the bar were on them.

Layla moved a bit to clear up the mess but Steve tugged her hand and shook his head, telling her silently to not interfere.
" far so good." she replied his question while trembling a bit.

"Why are you shivering CeCe?? Are you cold?" Ryan asked CeCe.

CeCe nearly choked on her own saliva, as Ryan called her CeCe, it was very nostalgic for her.

"No..just a bit shocked." CeCe said, she bent down to pick up the broken pieces of plates and glass.
Matt also bent down to help her.

"No! It's..okay, I will do it. You enjoy." CeCe said while trying to avoid eye contact with Matt.

Still Matt didn't listen to her and continued collecting the broken pieces.
Accidentally, in nervousness a piece of glass scratched CeCe's finger making her flinch a bit.

"Are you hurt? Show me." Matt said in a calm voice.

"No! This is nothing!" CeCe said and pushed Matt's hand away from her arm, she stood up and began tidying up her skirt.

Matt was still crouching down, when he noticed few cuts and scratch marks on her mid thigh and knee portion of her leg.

Matt silently stood up, he observed she was wearing full sleeved black T-shirt with red thigh length skirt.

"Please enjoy your meal, I will bring the replacement order as soon as it is ready." 
CeCe said and hurriedly rushed towards the kitchen with broken pieces of plates and glass on food cart.

Ryan sighed sadly as he will have to wait for his order. He snatched the Matt's plates when he was still pondering over what happened just now with him.

Teddy came towards their table and sniffed Ryan's chair.

Teddy sneakily went below the table. He sniffed Ryan's expensive Italian shoes and pissed on his shoes and sneaked away.

After a while...

"Can you smell something weird?" Ryan asked Hans. Hans shook his head.

Ryan sniffed his nose and bent down, he saw an ugly stain on his shoe and stood up sharply.

He left towards the restroom leaving Matt and Hans chuckling, they already noticed the dog below the table a while ago.

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