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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 78"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 78  

(Dog Food)

"Hans why are you not coming with us?"  Matt asked Hans.

"Oh..I have to go and talk with chief Inspector of crime branch here. You both go and take care of Jimmy. Make sure you both manage to make him tell you guys everything." Hans said while keeping few documents in his bag and left from the penthouse suite leaving Ryan and Matt in daze.

Ryan and Matt looked at each other and smirked.

They both cracked their fingers and said in unison, "Revenge Time!"
They rushed and went to have bath.

After a while, they both left from the hotel and hired a taxi.
"Sir, where do you want to go?" the driver asked both.
"Revance Bar." Matt said.

After they reached Revance Bar, Matt weared his hoodie covering his face and Ryan weared his stylish black mask.
After disguising, they entered the bar. 
They moved towards one table and sat together.
Layla came towards them.

"Good morning." Layla said while smiling brightly at the customers.
They both just nodded.

"What would you like to have Sir?" Layla asked them after giving them the menus.
"Do you provide drinks in the morning?" 

Ryan asked Layla making Matt glare at him.

Ryan coughed twice.

"Sir we provide alcoholic drinks only during evening shifts, you can order other beverages and drinks for now." Layla said in a polite way.

Matt nodded in acknowledgement as he couldn't spot Jimmy anywhere.

Jimmy was bartender at Revance Bar, his shift always starts from evening.

"Then we will have two coffee and croissants." Ryan ordered.
Layla nodded and left towards the kitchen to prepare.

Soon after preparing the order she came back to see no one in the bar.

She moved towards the table and saw few dollars and a small note.

"We apologize, we got some urgent work. Sorry for the trouble."

Layla sighed and shook her head in disappointed...losing customers without treating them.

She went back to do her work.
Ryan and Matt went to a cafe which was just opposite the bar.

"Now what? What do we do now? Matt I am so fucking confused now!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Chill man, we will go to that bar again at night with Hans. Let's wait here for Han now." Matt said while rubbing his tensed forehead.

Ryan sighed and sipped his coffee. Ryan looked out at the street watching people pass by and chatting merely.

Suddenly a person came in front of the bar on motorbike. The person took off black helmet, letting long brown hair fall down on her back.

Ryan tilted his head staring at her in daze.
"She looks familiar.." Ryan murmured.
"Hm?" Matt made a sound asking him what did he say.

The beautiful woman got off from the motorbike and went in the bar.

"Did you say something Ryan?" Matt asked him again.

"N-No I was just overthinking something." Ryan said while scratching his head.
Matt shook his head.

"You actually know how to joke at a time like this. Call Hans and tell him to come here." Matt said and Ryan nodded.


CeCe came to Revance Bar and entered.
"Hi Cerina!" Layla greeted CeCe and hugged her.

"Hi Layla, how are you and Teddy?" CeCe smiled brightly at her.

"Oh everyone is good. Just work is going slowly..." Layla said and sighed when she looked around the bar. Only three customers.

"Hehe, your bar is famous at night thanks to Jim, poor you." CeCe said and Layla pinched her arm.

They both started giggling.

"Oh! Right! The keys!" CeCe exclaimed and threw bunch of keys towards Layla.
Layla catched the keys and looked at CeCe confusingly.

"Why return the keys? Keep it, as long as you want!" Layla exclaimed.
CeCe smiled and hugged Layla.
"Layla..thank you.." CeCe said.

"Hehehe silly why thank me? Friends always help each other when they are in need." Layla said and flicked her head.
"Here, some croissants." Layla said and gave her a small paper bag.

"Huh? When did you start giving away free food?" CeCe teased Layla.

"Hmph! Two weird customers came today, they ordered but didn't had anything and left, leaving few dollars behind." Layla said while pouting and crossing her hands together.

"Ohh..so you are giving me dog food huh." CeCe said making Layla glare daggers at her.

"I mean the dog food smells delicious too, byeee." CeCe said and started rushing out of the bar.

"You...!" Layla shouted from behind making CeCe stick out her tongue at Layla.


"Hey Hans! Here!" Ryan called Hans out when he entered the cafe.

"What would you like to have Hans?" Ryan asked Hans and he ordered orange juice for himself.

"So any progress?" Ryan asked Hans and Hans shook his head with an upset expression.

"Apparently Chief Inspector is busy today, one of the city's politician was arrested yesterday so.." Hans explained and sighed.
"Damn today's we have bad luck." Ryan commented.

Hans turned to look at Matt with a confused expression and Matt sighed.
"Jim doesn't work at Revance Bar during daytime. We will have to try at evening or night." Matt explained to Hans.

Matt, Ryan and Hans sighed together. 
Hans looked out of the window and spotted a beautiful woman coming out of Revance Bar.

"Hey! She looks so much like CeCe!" Hans exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Yeah..a while ago I also thought someone looked like CeCe..maybe our hallucinations right?" Ryan said and turned to look at Matt.

"Ugh!" Matt made a sound and hurriedly rushed to get out of the cafe after he glanced at the woman.

Matt stood at the opposite footpath of CeCe.

CeCe's attention also turned towards him, she got shocked instantly.

Still she managed to keep her calm and straight face.

She weared a cap and covered half of her face with her brown silky hair.

Matt crossed the road and reached towards her.

"Excuse me?" Matt called CeCe out.
"Hm?" CeCe didn't turn around.

"A-Are you Cerina Cecil?" Matt asked her while patting her shoulder to call her out again.

"Wrong person!" CeCe said, soon one car came and she rushed to get in the car.

"Hey!" Matt called out again but no one stopped, the car instantly dashed away.
Matt stood there in daze and thought maybe he really got the wrong person.


In the car--

"Phew, Steve you arrived at the right time. 
I'm saved for god sake." CeCe said and sighed.

Steve just turned to look at her in confusion but CeCe just shook her head telling him silently it's nothing.

"Let's rush, Simon has summoned you." Steve said while frowning.

"What does he want now?" CeCe scoffed.
"Only him and god knows..." Steve murmured. It was audible enough for CeCe too though.

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