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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 77"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 77  

(Paradise Hotel)

Matt, Hans and Ryan landed at airport and reached US.

*ring ring*

Ryan's phone started ringing. He picked up the call.


"YOU BASTARD!!" A scream instantly rang in his ear as soon as he picked up the call. 
He looked at the caller's name...Luna..
"Huh? Baby..why are you screaming? You wanna make me deaf?" Ryan knew the reason of her rage still he decided to play innocent game.

Hans and Matt were already enjoying the show.

"Ryan I hate you! You didn't even tell me when and where you are going! You don't care about me anymore! Let's break up, I will free you with all the ties we both are tied with!" Luna shouted in rage.

"H-Hey baby please don't talk about break up stuff okay? Sweetheart I have some work in US, so I had to leave immediately!  Please understand my situation--" Ryan was interrupted.

"Your situation my foot! You went to US!?  Who knows how many bitches you have there! You definitely are a cheater! CHEATER!" Luna shouted.

"Yes baby you are right! All the women here are bitches and ugly! You are my one and only woman in my life Luna! Stop being like CeCe now.." Ryan said and sighed.

"Ahem, Mister what did you say?" A 
beautiful woman from behind said.
Ryan turned and saw seven women gathered.

"N-No I-I mean every woman is beautiful, just my girlfriend is the most beautiful!" 
Ryan tried to convince the women and Luna together whereas Hans and Matt were silently chuckling at his grave situation.




"Never say that women are ugly and bitches without even thinking for a bit." A woman in middle said while dusting off her hands. They left from there after giving Ryan a good beating.

Matt snatched the phone from poor Ryan.
"Hello? Luna?" Matt said.

"Oh Matt, you are with him? Was he beaten brutally? Is he okay?" Luna got tensed when she heard the women hitting him.

"Haha, don't worry Luna, Hans is also with us and he is not in much worse condition, just few marks. We have some important work in US, maybe we will return back in 2-3 months. Also don't worry about Ryan, we will keep a good eye on him." Matt said and Luna sighed in relief.

Matt hung up the call and looked at the poor Ryan.

"See, it was this easy. Idiot." Matt said mockingly and Ryan pouted.
"You both should have saved me when those women were hitting me." Ryan said grumpily.

"We don't hit or touch women, so manage yourself in future." Hans said while picking up his suitcase and began walking ahead.
Matt and Ryan picked up their suitcases too and started walking towards a taxi.
They reached Paradise hotel and entered inside. A middle aged man came towards Hans and hugged him.

"Hans! Long time no see!" The man said.
"He is Han's uncle. His dad's cousin." Matt whispered to Ryan.

"Oh Matt! You are with him too! How are you guys? How are your mom and dad Hans?" Hans uncle asked.

"We are fine uncle and mom and dad are also fine." Hans said.

"Good, good. I heard you guys are planning to stay here in US for quite some time?" He asked.

"Yes uncle, we will need a place to live." Hans said.

"Don't worry about that! The penthouse in our hotel will be comfortable enough for you guys." He said.

"Oh the paym--" Hans was interrupted by his Uncle.

"What payment? I own this hotel, you are my relative! I won't accept even a penny from you guys! C'mon let's go, you will need to have rest too after this long journey!" Uncle said and signaled one of the hotel staff to take care of suitcases.
His uncle took them to the topmost floor of the hotel and showed them the penthouse suite.

"Enjoy yourself and have rest boys! If you need anything just use the telephone! 
Good night!" Uncle said and left from the penthouse suite after showing Ryan, Matt and Hans rooms and other necessities.



"WHAT!?" Daisy shouted and stood up making the chair fall on the floor.

"What do you mean Cerina?" Daisy asked.
"Yes I was the girl who got injured due to that falling of chandelier. Also I knew that everything was planned by Simon." CeCe said and sighed.

Daisy was still shocked, she picked up the chair and sat near CeCe.

"Tell me everything." Daisy ordered and CeCe nodded.

CeCe explained her everything about the suspicious calls, parcel, accident of chandelier, her mom and Simon bringing her in US by force, her training and missions and everything that came in her mind.

Daisy was very shocked.

Still she nodded as she remembered, CeCe was the girl who was injured.
"So..will you help me Cerina?" Daisy asked while hesitating.

"Help? Help you in what way?" CeCe asked her.

"To arrest that Simon guy." Daisy said while gritting her teeth in disgust.

"Sure, I can help. But Daisy, remember this...my mom is in his hands. We can't harm or make move on him directly or else it will be dangerous for my mom." CeCe said and sighed sadly.

Daisy patted her shoulder and smiled.
"Don't worry Cerina, I will keep this in mind and protect your mom." Daisy said and she brought her glass near CeCe's glass to clink.



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