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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 76"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 76

( Daisy Smith)

**Matt's pov**


"I want every little detail about the whereabouts of CeCe and Jim!" I shouted at Ryan while banging on the table with hands.

"Oh man, will you be calm for a bit? Wanna have some chilled water?" Ryan said making me glare at him.

"Okay okay. Wait I will do some arrangements." Ryan said while sighing.
"Wait..." I said while pausing my train of thoughts.

"Let's go." I said.

"What? Where?" Ryan asked me.
"US." I said.

"What!? Are you stupid!? We can't!" Ryan said.
"Why...!?" I said.
"Our University studies..? What about our studies then?" Ryan asked me.

"Don't worry, I have arranged everything, you just find details about CeCe and 
Jimmy. We told Jimmy to inform us if he finds anything about CeCe, but he backstabbed us!" I exclaimed.

"So..Hans? Is he coming with us?" Ryan asked.

"Of course, he is the one helped me make arrangements in US with the help of his relatives there." I said while sighing. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
"Come in." I said.

"Brother Matt?" Hans said.

"Hans? Why did you knock? Come, sit with us." I said.

"Oh I thought you were busy so I knocked heh." He said while scratching his hair.
"Brother I have got information that one chief Inspector in US, she can help us find out about CeCe." Hans said.

"So..why didn't you tell us earlier about her?" Ryan asked Hans.

"Well..I didn't knew about her as she was in a mission, now the Embassy here informed us about her." Hans said while sighing.

"Okay so I think everything is going well, so let's go to US, the tickets are confirmed too." I said.
Ryan and Hans nodded.


**CeCe's pov**


"Phew, these body builders cheh." I said while wiping sweat from my forehead as I went on fighting the security thugs of the politician.

Suddenly, I sensed something from behind, I swiftly turned around and twisted the arm of on thug.

"Attacking from behind huh. What a freaking cheater." I exclaimed mockingly. After taking care of him, I made my way to the politician's office room.
I kicked the door open.

Before I could attack the politician, I spotted a beautiful woman standing near the politician with a gun pointed at him.

"Young lady, don't you dare interfere in my mission. Get lost or don't blame me if your bones break down in pieces." The woman said with a smirk on her face.

"H-Help, please save me or else she will kill me!" The politician exclaimed to me.
"Heh, I am not here to help you, instead to kill you bastard." I exclaimed.

"Not this easily lady, you can't snatch my prey!" The woman exclaimed and came towards me to punch me in stomach.

I instantly dodged and kicked her leg making her stumble a bit, still she managed to stand perfectly on her two legs.

She tried to twist my arm and pin me down instead I twisted my waist and captured her.

"Wow your defensive skills are amazing." The woman said mockingly.

She suddenly punched my face and freed herself from my arms and legs which were capturing her.

I noticed that the politician is trying to escape from the room.

I inserted my leg swiftly and he stumbled and fell down on his face.

"Pffftt hahahah." The woman started chuckling.

She offered me her hand and I stood up with her help.

She instantly rushed and handcuffed his hands.

"Hi, I am Daisy Smith." The woman said while offering her hand for handshake.
I shook my hands with her.

"Why were you aiming to kill him anyway?" Diasy asked me.

"Oh I..I work for Police headquarters here." I said while hesitating.

"Oh! I know! Are you Cerina Cecil? The chief spy of our crime branch?" Daisy said making my eyes pop out in shock.

"H-How..?" I said in confusion.

"Oh sorry for the incomplete introduction.  I am chief Inspector of crime branch. 
Heheh." Daisy said while cheekily chuckling.

"Ohh I have heard about you chief..Nice to meet you." I said.

"Don't be so formal, let's go and celebrate! 
I had fun today, doing combat with you Hahaha." Daisy said. I nodded.


"So? Since when you are working for the crime branch?" Daisy asked me.
"It has been few months." I said while sighing.

"Ohh..I have been working for three straight years haha." Daisy said while chugging her drink.

"But you look very young..around my age.." I said while thinking.

"Right! I skipped many classes in school, smartass I was haha, I passed the civil service exam at young age so I have been doing training since after passing all exams to become a police officer." Daisy explained.

"Still..I am upset about my performance in previous mission.." Daisy said and sighed.
"Mission? What kind of mission was it?" I asked her.

"Oh.. I got information about that Simon that few months ago he planned something suspicious on one school's celebration in Scotland. It was a few months ago.. I couldn't reach the roots of the mission. Even one girl got severely hurt at the crime scene." Daisy said while massaging her frowns on forehead.
" hahaha." I mumbled the information she told me.
"What? You know something?" Daisy said raising her brows.

"That girl was me." I said flatly.
"WHAT!!" Daisy exclaimed as she stood up suddenly in shock making her chair fall down harshly.

Poor chair..I thought as I looked at the fallen chair.

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