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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 74"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 74  

(Revance Bar Lounge)

**CeCe's pov**

I was working out in gym when one of the Simon's man came and said,
"Boss wishes to see you." he said.
I scoffed.

"Don't you see? I am busy. Get lost." I said concentrating in working out and ignoring his presence.

"He wishes to see you now." He said this time more sternly.

I sighed.

I stopped working out, and followed the guy to Simon's base camp office. Yes it's true he has this big base camp too. Wish I could murder him mwhahah that would be the biggest good thing I ever did! Shit but I can't because of his bodyguards and ruffians.

"Sometimes it's good to visit me, why don't you do so?" Simon commented as soon as I entered his office.

I scoffed and glared at him.
"Come to the point." I said.

"Oh sweetheart, won't you even have a seat and have some coffee with me." Simon said.

"Hah..I hate coffee. Why did you called me here? If there is nothing else, allow me to go back." I said while folding my hands on my chest.

"Oh dear.. I have one favor, will you help me?" Simon said.

"Depends on the thing you want me to help you with, I already warned you, I won't get involved in any of your illegal business." I said.

He began to chuckle lightly.

"No Cerina, I definitely remember the promise I made.. I want you to help me with something else." Simon said while lightening his cigarette.

Simon continued, "I want you to kill this man." He said, a ruffian came towards me and gave me a picture.

I recognized him..it was another politician, apparently he is competitor of Simon.
"No I won't kill him." I said flatly.
"Oh? Why?" Simon asked me while raising his eyebrow.

"Because I don't kill innocent people, also this is not a way how you win elections Simon!" I said glaring at him and slapping my hand on the table forcefully.

Oops, a crack appeared on the table.
"What if I tell you he is also using wrong ways to win this elections?" Simon said while smirking.

"What are you doing then? It's the same thing. And I don't want to dirty my hands in these all things, please tell any of your ruffians to kill him if you are so much interested in killing him." I said while turning around and moving towards the door.

"If my men were able to do this.. I wouldn't had called you Cerina." Simon said making me stop on my tracks.

Simon continued, "Here, take this pen drive with you. You might change your mind after seeing the contents of this pen drive."

He threw the pen drive towards me and I swiftly catched it.

I left from there.

I arrived back to mansion and went straight to my room.

I took my laptop ready to open the pen drive. When someone suddenly knocked on the door of my room.

I opened the door to see Steve standing there with his phone on his ear.

"Layla and Jim are missing you." Steve said to me, I nodded.

I packed my laptop and took the pen drive. I and Steve left from the mansion in his car.

We reached our stop and I closed the door of the car. I looked up...Revance Bar Lounge. Steve told me to hurry and I nodded.

I took my laptop bag and entered the lounge.

As soon as I entered someone jumped on me to hug me.

"Hahaha Teddy you have become so mischievous." I said when Teddy started licking my cheeks. Yes Revance Lounge has a dog for entertaining the guests. It was a golden retriever breed dog. It was so fluffy like a teddy bear so his owner named him Teddy.

"Teddy! Get away from her! At least let her come inside." Layla screamed from the bar table.

I looked up and saw Layla waving at me.

I waved back and started moving towards her. I spotted Jim, yes my classmate from Scotland. Jimmy.

"Hi Layla and Jim." I greeted them. Steve also waved at them.

Layla hugged me and Jim smiled at me.
"How's everyone there?" I asked Jim. He shook his head and shrugged.

"Everyone misses you very much Cerina.. Matt, Hans and Ryan never stopped joining points to reach you. Even if they try to get any clue, you stop them.." Jim explained.

Jimmy is orginally from US too, so after he graduated from school, he came back to US.

Accidentally, Steve and Layla know each other and Jim started working in Revance Bar Lounge so we met each other coincidentally..

Layla owns this Revance Bar Lounge. 
There weren't many customers today so they decided to invite us.

"So..How's everything going Cerina?" Layla asked in concern.

I sighed and started rubbing Teddy's hair on his back, Teddy was sitting just beside me.. apparently he has this strange affection towards me and whenever I come to Revance Bar Lounge he never leaves my side.

"Everything is alright Layla.. It's just that I am very frustrated with myself...I had never imagined in past that I would learn how to do these martial arts. fights and shoot someone right in his forehead...everything is a mess for me. 
Even my mum doesn't care about me anymore.. she is always busy with her kitty parties, social gatherings and events." I explained and sighed.

Jim also shrugged and passed me a beautifully decorated glass of vodka.

"Everything will be okay sis, believe in fate.. everything will be good in future." 
Steve said while patting my shoulder and I scoffed in return.

"Fate..hah my fate is very cruel brother don't make me believe in such imaginary things." I said.

Steve sighed and sipped his whiskey.
"Today Simon called me." I said and suddenly everyone got freeze.

"Why!?" Steve shrieked out in anger.
"For one favor..." I said while sighing.

I took out my laptop and opened it.
I inserted the pen drive and opened the only file which was in it.

It showed records of Simon's competitor politician.

Everyone gathered around me and I opened all the photos and documents one by one.

Human trafficking, rapes, kidnapping and murder cases of past...each and every record was detailed. Then I opened one document..it stated that he buyed shares illegally and solded few items in black market auction which items belonged to few royal families in other countries.

"But I never saw any news about these.." 
Steve said under his breath but it was audible enough to me, Layla and Jim.

"Because he has his ways to keep the mouth of media shut and keep the cops under his nose." I commented.
Layla and Jim nodded in approval. I sighed.

"Should I say yes to Simon?" I am pretty unsure because he is also involved in illegal activities of transporting drugs and expensive weapon businesses.

We just looked at each other in daze and got busy in our muddled thoughts.

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