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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 73"

 A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 73

  (Endless Training)

**CeCe's pov**

Oof... I am so tired with everything.. I don't even know why I am being trained, not even martial arts or fighting or shooting, even I am being trained for archery skills and assassination skills.

It has been an year since I came here in US, I came to know a bit that Simon is a politician who works in underworld business too.

My mother signed marriage with him too and she tells me her love story every once in a while.

Love story? Heh actually it's a simple trap, Simon laid for her..she just took a small step and fell in the trap.

Simon buyed a house beside ours in US, he intentionally again and again mingled with my mother and she fell in love with him. But the thing she was tied with was a marriage certificate with Henry Cecil i.e. my dad. Simon somehow managed to convince mother to go and ask for divorce and started filling her mind and head with bad stuff about my dad that's why she curses dad even now.

She doesn't even allows me to write any letter or call my friends and dad to talk with them. When I sent a letter few months ago, Simon's hidden guards came to know about it and informed Simon and my mother, they both were very angry with me and locked me in my room for two days without any food.. just some water.. harsh days still continues to go on..

The only good thing that happened with me in these past few months new friend.. he takes training with me daily and is forced to work under Simon.

Simon had took him up from an orphanage, his name is Steve. His parents died in a car accident when he was young, he was also injured but the orphanage took care of him and paid for his recovery.

He is forced to train with me.. he is funny and caring too.. just like he is my brother.. he takes care of me and even helps me find out information on Simon's activity.

I am really grateful and blessed to make a new friend here..

"Hey Steve, let's go for a hunt today. What do you say?" I asked Steve excited, he chuckled and nodded.

"Sure sis, I think you are getting bored these days huh?" Steve said and I pouted.

"Yes you are getting very boring what can I do in this case." I said jokingly and he flicked my head.

"Oww! It hurts brother!" I said while wincing and holding my forehead.

"It should hurt that's why I hit you silly." Steve said while chuckling and doing pushups.

"Get ready, we will catch a big prey today." Steve commented and I nodded.

At night-

I was watching from one rooftop through binoculars, Steve was loading bullets in guns AK47, Benelli M4 and one silencer pistol gun.

He threw the pistol at me. I catched it swiftly.

"You distract, I hunt..Okay?" Steve said and I pouted.

"No! You distract." I said stubbornly.
"Don't make me get mad at you, go fast. 
The cops has already arrived, they are waiting for us one lane ahead." Steve said and pushed me ahead.

I took a deep breath and nodded.
I jumped down from the rooftop of the house without any noise and hid my gun under my tshirt.

I moved slowly towards the gallery, it was a famous art gallery, just day before yesterday, few government officials sent four previous art peices which were around billions of dollars worth.
A small gang has been eyeing the art gallery since then.

I spotted two men in black with mask on their face waiting at the main door.

I stepped ahead and unintentionally stepped on a stone which made a small creak noise.

"Who is there!? Come out!" On of the man in black shouted.

They had knocked the security guards unconscious, I quickly hid myself behind a tree.

"It must be a bird or dog or cat. Don't worry." The other man said to his partner.
"Bird? At this time at night? You know how to joke huh." The man said and I smirked. They are idiots. Wasting their time.

I pointed my silencer at the man and shot him directly on his forehead.

The other man got frightened and shocked. He didn't had any weapons so I went near him and kicked him from behind. He turned and tried punching me but I dodged his attack and kicked his balls instead. Hah he started wincing in pain and suddenly fell unconscious.

Huh? What just happened? Why did he fell unconscious suddenly? I turned around and saw Steve from rooftop pointing gun at the man. He waved at me and told me to bring out the other two men from inside.

I nodded and went inside.
Suddenly I was tugged harshly and one man held my neck from behind. I struggled but wasn't able to free myself. I got a sudden idea and bit his hand forcefully with my teeth. He winced and freed me.

I punched and kicked him, he tried hitting me but in vain I twisted his hand and kicked his leg. He fell down, I noticed someone's presence behind me, there was a small mirror in the hall, I saw another man holding a knife and looking at me as if ready to attack me.

I was about to turn around and hit him when a bullet passed from just a inch far from my ear. The man holding knife fell down, he was shot in his leg.

I sighed in relief when I noticed it was Steve who shot him, soon the police officers arrived and took all the criminals away after thank us.

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