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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 71"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 71


Mary looked at CeCe and again turned towards CeCe's dad, and said,

"I don't care, I want to finish everything.. all the useless bonds which we both are stuck in. Henry, forgive me.. but please don't make me say more." Mary said while folding her hands stubbornly.

"But Mary..don't you care about Cerina?" Henry.. CeCe's dad said trying to melt down her stubbornness.

"What about me then!? I waited for these many months! Did you even thought about calling me here and living together!? 

WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR CAREER AND LIFE!!!!" Mary shouted making the stranger pat her back to calm down.

"Who is he?" Cerina interrupted everyone and asked.

"He is Simon Walker! My fiance and your future dad!" Mary said confidently.

*Cheh* Cerina scoffed in disgust.
Simon tried to smile at Cerina but she glared daggers at him making him look away.

"I don't care what you want mum and I don't dare to interfere in your love relationships but let me tell you this one thing...what you are doing mum is absolutely a fucking shitty chaos." Cerina said while glaring at her mum.

"Yes yes you also take your so-called dad's side!! Has he ever called us or came to visit us when we were staying alone in US!? He doesn't care about me or you!" Mary said angrily.

"You remember? You said he has changed?" Cerina asked her mum while raising her eyebrows.

"Hmph!" Mary just huffed in anger and looked away from her.

"Are you signing the papers or not." Mary asked in cold and stern voice to Henry, CeCe's dad.

"Okay if that's what you want." Henry gave up as he knows that Mary cannot be convinced easily.

Henry sighed and signed the divorce papers which made Mary smirk mockingly.

"You are the worst mother anyone can have." Cerina said mockingly under her breath.

"Yes whatever you say sweetheart. Now your custody is with me too..so you don't have any right to say anything." Mary said while smiling cheekily.


Cerina and her dad both said at the same time.

"Oh? Your mistake ex-husband, you didn't read the papers carefully before signing." 
Mary scoffed mockingly.

Henry turned few papers and began reading, he suddenly dropped the papers on floor and he fell on the sofa.

"Dad!? What's written in it?" Cerina asked her dad worriedly.

"Oh sweetheart let me explain..he isn't in right condition to explain you anything. He signed your custody papers too. You have to come with me and live with me until you get married sweetie." Mary said while smiling brightly.

"Nooo!!!! This is not fair! You really are a b*tch!! You are not my mother!! *Cheh*" 
Cerina said while holding her head with both hands.. she started trembling.. she ran to her dad and hugged him.

"No, I will stay with him only, please you both go away!!! GO AWAYYY!!!!" Cerina screamed to the top of her lungs.

"Simon, our work is done here, let's go. Cerina don't worry about your stuff here, we will buy you new ones." Mary said to Simon and Cerina.

Mary tightly tugged on CeCe's wrist and pulled her out of the apartment...Henry stayed where he was..as he was blaming himself.. if he didn't had taken drugs or wasted money in bars and casinos in past, he wouldn't experience this thing at all.
Mary pulled CeCe through corridors in rush, whereas CeCe screamed at the top of her lungs.

Cerina screamed and screamed but Mary didn't listen to her cries even for a second.
Matt, Ryan, Hans, Colby, Jimmy and all the students studying in school came out of their dorms to watch what was happening.

"Cerina!?" Matt and Ryan were shocked at the sight. CeCe was struggling and trying to knock off a woman's hold whereas the woman was pulled her rashly.

"Mum please let me go...at least let me stay with dad for a few days.." Cerina cried and said while sniffing.

*SLAP* Mary slapped CeCe in front of everyone.. Mary has never slapped CeCe like this, even if CeCe was mischievous, Mary has never beaten her before.

Everyone gasped in horror.

CeCe just continued crying, she looked back at her friends and saw how sympathetically they were looking at her.

She bit her lip and tried to smile a bit.
"Excuse me! Please don't drag her away like this Madam, she is a student here. You can't molest her like this." Miss Lisa appeared and tried to rescue her.

"Who are you?" Simon asked Miss Lisa, of course he knew who is she but still.. he needs to act like he doesn't know her right?

"I am her class teacher, Madam, Sir, I apologize but I can even complain about this to cops so please cooperate and let her go." Miss Lisa said.

"Hahaha, cops won't be able to do anything, I am her mother, and here are Cerina's custody papers. Now don't waste our time Miss." Simon said mockingly.

"Cerina.." Matt came forward and looked in her eyes with sorrow.

Cerina wasn't able to say anything because of all that screaming and talking.
Mary again tugged her wrist and started pulling her out of the school.

Cerina said something to Matt with a whisper. "I love you too." Matt read her lips movement and shouted "I love you Cerina! 
Wait for me!" Matt said and Cerina nodded slightly while smiling sweetly.

*Phew* No one expected CeCe's mother to become like this right? 

Everyone can sense that Simon has made her fall in love with him and is making her do these things.

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