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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 70"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 70 

( Three Months Leap)

[Note: This leap is necessary, but before this leap I will give you all a brief view of what happened in these three months.]

CeCe and Luna became close friends and Luna started dating Ryan. It was Ryan who confessed first because Luna was not ready to do so, Luna agreed and confessed her feelings towards him too.

Amber and Colby became close with each other too, Colby frequently helped her with studies and practice manuals, this brought them close.

CeCe and Matt also became close with each other but they weren't dating, Matt confessed his feelings to her twice but CeCe just declined and said she needs time. Matt didn't gave up though. He tried every possible way to mingle with her and cared for her like she was already his girlfriend.

CeCe allowed all her close friends to call her with her original name Cerina, she felt as if this was an miracle that she has soo many close friends which she never had before.

CeCe started spending time with her dad too. She finally understood why her dad left her alone with her mom, so that he doesn't harm her and Mary in any possible way as he was drug addicted. CeCe told her dad that she has also tried having drug once, which she found at her house in US. 

CeCe's dad became very angry about this with her and even ignored her for two days. She apologized him sincerely everyday and he finally gave up and gave her forgiveness about what she did.


After three months--

It was a bright day, Matt decided to take CeCe out as it was a holiday.
Matt took her to a nearby park and they both sat on a bench.

CeCe spotted an icecream vendor and requested Matt to buy them icecreams as she loves them.

Matt agreed and buyed two icecreams. Chocolate icecream for CeCe and Mango Icecream for himself.

They both enjoyed their icecream snack and after eating Matt sighed and turned to CeCe.

CeCe noticed his gazed and turned to face him.

"What happened Matt?" CeCe asked him.
"Cerina I bought something for you when we went on that trip." Matt told her and CeCe raised her eyebrows in curiosity.

Matt took out a small bracelet with stars and moons hanging. CeCe's eyes shined in appreciation, as the bracelet was very beautiful..

Matt tugged her hand and placed the bracelet around her wrist.

"These stars are like the memories we have with each other. These moons represent our bond with each other. 

Cerina please don't say anything for a while and listen to me." Matt said and took a small breath.

"Cerina I know that you are not ready to be in a relationship with me, and I also know what you suffered in the past with your ex-boyfriend. But you have to believe me Cerina, I won't do anything which will hurt and harm you in any way. You also know this, I really care about you and I have fallen in love with you...Cerina please give us a chance, please give me a chance to prove my sincerity towards you..." Matt released his breath when he finished.

CeCe sighed and the words Matt said to her were running in her mind like an audio tape, she started shedding few tears and said,
"I know really are sincere and determined about this..and I have also realized this weird feeling I have for you in my heart..I think I am also in love--" she was about to continue when her mobile phone started ringing loudly breaking the lovely atmosphere in pieces.

Matt started cursing the mobile under his breath and CeCe picked up the call when she saw it was dad.

"Cerina where are you!? Come to the apartment as soon as possible!" her dad sounded like he was in rush.

"W-Why dad? What happened?? Why do you sound so weird..?" CeCe asked her dad.

"Just come fast, your mom is here." her dad said and hung up the call.
"I-I...I have to go back Matt.. Thank you for this gift, I will cherish it forever." CeCe said and smiled sweetly at him.

Matt hesitated a bit but then nodded.. after these few months he was finally going to listen her inner feelings and love towards him but everything was spoiled just by a single call.

"Come let's go together to school, I will drop you at your apartment." Matt said and tugged his hand in CeCe's hands and pulled her towards the school.

When they reached, they both heard shouting voices from inside. Matt decided not to meddle in the family affair and left from there leaving CeCe at the door.

CeCe sighed as she was getting weird bad if something is gonna happen..
She opened the door slowly and found her dad, mum and a stranger standing in middle of the living room and glaring at each other.

This is it..
She realized she is also going to get involved in this.. she sighed and moved towards them.

They noticed her and all eyes were stuck on her.

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