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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 7



 (The Ugly Truth(2)

AAAHHH!! I am too angry.

Why don't these airplane windows open 
so I could scream my anger all out!!
"I'm angry," I said when I saw the guy's face. Earlier he looked at me like I was insane so I had to tell him what happened with me. And then he smiled.

"It's okay. Everyone gets mad. And don't worry about these noises. They will all settle down when the airplane lifts off. Ay! 
Isn't everyone a waste of space?' He said trying to make me happy. I couldn't help but smile.

Twenty minutes passed and we had took-off. It really looked beautiful. It was also a tiny bit scary. I don't normally get scared but heights are one of the things that are hard to face. It was quieter now. It was peaceful. The baby stopped crying and all you can hear is two people talking about weddings in the back.

"See? I told you it was great and I told you 
it would settle down in here. Do you see it? You should always listen to your elders." He said mockingly. He sounded serious but I couldn't help but laugh.

Wow, I never met anyone who can make me laugh by just being serious.

"I'm Hans Parker by the way." He said smiling.

"And you are?"

"Cece," I said.

"See See?" He said. "See what?"

I smiled. "No, my name is CeCe."

"Oh! Sorry, I've never heard that name before. Your parents named you that?"

He didn't mean it in a bad way because he had a straight face. Wow, I never got insulted by someone who didn't know they were insulting me.

"No, CeCe is my nickname. My real name is Cerina Cecil."

"Ah, Cerina..such a beautiful name." He said in appreciation.
I smiled. "Thanks."

"So, are you from the USA? I could recognize that accent from anywhere. 

What is a young girl alone going to do in Scotland? Shouldn't you be in school?" He said nudging me and giving me the 'Are you skipping from school' look.

"Actually I'm going to school in Scotland," I said defending myself.

"Really? Have all the schools in your country finished?" He said mockingly. 

Wow, this guy is really something.

"No, my dad is a headmaster so he's got me a place in his school."

"Oh really? Which school?" he asked in a curious tone.

I was about to say the school name when I realized who am I talking to. "Wait a minute...why would I tell a stranger about myself?" I said while glaring at him.

"You really think me being a student would kidnap you?" He said and I thought about it for a few moments.

"I don't know. You tell me. You haven't said much about yourself." I said.

"Aha! A clever girl! I'll tell you everything about myself. I'm Hans Parker. I am from Scotland and I am just going back to Scotland from a holiday trip with my parents over there." He pointed at two couples who looked just like him. The nose, the accent, the smile, and everything. He went on "I go to Stoneridge Boarding High School-" I instantly blinked and interrupted him.

"Wait what!? You go to Stoneridge High School!? No way....! That's where I'm going! Sh*t why didn't you told me earlier!?" I said in an annoyed tone.

He laughed. "I would have told you if you had asked me earlier but it's kind of crazy. .meeting someone who is actually going to be in the same school sounds like....fate?" he went on and on but I ignored his talk.

I instantly stood up and got out of my bag and took out the leaflet of the school that my mum gave me.

"Look, this is your school right?" I gave it to him. He looked it closely and then took out this book that had the same logo that was on the leaflet.

"Yes, but you don't understand-" he was going to say something again but I interrupted him in enthusiasm.

"Look look! The logos! We both are going to the same school!" I said pointing them out for him.

He bit his lip. He looked at the leaflet countless times. Well, it looked that way.

"What is it?" I said.

Something was wrong.

From his face, something was confusing too.

"You know...that this leaflet is old somewhat around a year ago.' He said.

I frowned.

Who cares?

"Is that what you are confused about?" I said.

"Yes and No. Look, this is our fresh this year's leaflet." He took out a brand new looking leaflet. It had the same logo of the school. I took it from him and looked through it.

"What shall I look at?" I asked him curiously. All it said was the new things they have put into the school. I told this to Hans.

"I know but that isn't the only new thing. Read this." He pointed at a paragraph below the new features of the school.

Why won't he just tell me what's up? Gosh, these people. I read what he was telling me out loud.

"Okay, it says..'This school has been a big success since the big decision we made last year. We have made new facilities from boys of all ages that is not just fun but educational." I looked at Hans

"Keep reading, Cerina." He said looking at the leaflet too. I sighed before continuing.
"We sincerely apologize for the harsh decision of changing this school to a..." I stopped.

I read this without saying it out loud.
I couldn't believe this.

It was here... It said it.

Changing it to an only BOYS school!!?
Only three words came into my mind...

What the fuck....!


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