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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 69"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 69

( Discharged From Hospital?

After few days--

CeCe was discharged from the hospital, the doctors still advised her to have rest for a month and not to do any vigorous activity which might deepen her injury.
CeCe started wearing that thin gold chain with eagle pendant. She was very scared so she didn't want to take any risk which might hurt her and even her dear friends and dad.

Whenever Matt saw the chain around her neck, he would just sigh and look at her helplessly.

When he was alone, he would take out the bracelet he bought earlier during the trip and would stare at the stars and moons hanging on a thin chain.

"What's that?" Ryan suddenly appeared behind Matt and asked him.
Matt just silently shook his head and said, "Nothing."

Ryan sighed and patted Matt's shoulder.
"Everything will be alright Matt..we need to be alert and have patience." Ryan said.
"No think everything is simple as you think but actually it's not that easy.. not easy for me and also for CeCe..have you noticed..she doesn't talk much anymore, just stares at specifically nothing which makes me sad." Matt said and sighed.

"Why don't you take her out somewhere?" Ryan asked Matt.

"I can but doctors have told her to rest for a month and not to do any activity, it can make her injury worse." Matt said.
Ryan just shrugged and scratched his head.


While somewhere in US--

"Boss, Miss Cerina has been discharged from the hospital and now is taking rest for a month. Also she was spotted by our hidden guards day before yesterday and she was wearing the gift you sent to her." a man reported everything he heard from the people they hired to keep an eye on Cerina.

"Good. Don't do anything for now. One blow was enough for her to understand what's the meaning of disobeying my orders." The boss said who was sitting on the chair behind his office table, staring outside the window.

"Boss when are you planning to make a move then?" the man who was standing said.

"Hmm let her enjoy her father's school life for few months..we will make a move after I successfully complete my first job." the boss said.

"Okay boss." the man said and left from the office.

CeCe's home in US--

"Oh god I am so bored..without CeCe the house feels so empty...I can't even point out a ghost in here." CeCe's mom sighed.
Apparently she was tired spending time with her friends and had started missing CeCe.

"Hmm let's do this, I will go and do some shopping and then will go to a cafe. There I will read my novels and have fresh cappuccino!" CeCe's mum said excitedly and left from house after locking the door.

She returned after a few hours..but when she tried to open the lock of the was already open! She slowly opened the door and picked up a vase from the table, everything was in a mess, she thought a burglar had entered the house.

Soon she spotted a man inside her room, she moved to hit him but he was clever enough and caught her hand.

She screamed loudly as she could, "Help!!! 
Robbery!! HELPP!!!" Soon a man came rushing into her house and hit the robber. 
Soon after many punches and kicks, the robber passed out.

CeCe's mom called the police and thanked the man who saved her.

"Oh it's alright, I live just beside you, I shifted here day before yesterday so we are neighbors and neighbors do help each other right?" the man said while smiling brightly.

CeCe's mom smiled and sighed when she looked at the condition of her house. It was a huge mess.

"Miss don't worry about this, tomorrow I will help you set up everything, for now you can stay at my house, I have a spare room." the man said.

"O-Oh no it's fine I will manage somehow." 
CeCe's mum said.

"Please, don't say no, neighbors help each other when they are in need, don't decline this little bit of help." the man said trying to convince her.

"Okay, if you say so." CeCe's mum said.
The man escorted her to his house and after a while laid delicious food on the dining table. CeCe's mother was stunned.

"I live alone so this is first time someone is accompanying me to have dinner.. that's why I prepared so much." the man said while smiling cheekily.

" didn't have to do this..." CeCe's mom said.

The man just shrugged.

"What's your name miss?" The man said.
"Oh I apologize, I forgot to introduce myself.. I am Mary Cecil and your name...?" 
Mary asked him.

"I am Simon Walker. Just got shifted here day before yesterday." Simon said while smiling.

"Ohh nice to meet you, Mr. Simon.." Mary said while eating.

Suddenly a ringtone started ringing, "Excuse me, I have to take this it's important call." Simon said to Mary.
"Sure." Mary said.

Simon went inside his room and closed the door.

"Yes? What is it?" Simon said.
"Boss I have collected all information about Mary and her husband." the man said from the call.

"You called me for this? You are my assistant not only for name. I will come to office after a while. Wait for my orders." Simon said and hung up the call.

"Hmm now no one will stop me not even your husband Mary..." Simon whispered and left from the room to join Mary to have dinner.

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