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"A Girl in A Boy's School" Episode 66"


A Girl in A Boy's School


( Be Strong)

Ryan also took the initiative as soon as possible and offered Luna to dance with him or else someone else might grab the opportunity.

Amber was also looking stunning she asked Colby if he wants to dance, first he declined saying he doesn't know how to dance but then gave up after Amber started throwing her tantrums and followed her to the dance floor.


**CeCe's pov**

As Matt took me to the dance floor, I observed his features, he was wearing a black suit with white shirt. He had a golden chain attached with a small golden brooch. His attire perfectly matched mine strangely.

"Is this just a coincidence or should I say your attire matches mine intentionally?" I asked him raising my eyebrows.

"Heh who knows." He said while shrugging a bit.

He held my hand and brought it near his shoulders.

Matt's cologne hurried in my lungs causing my legs to shiver, but I tried really hard to hide my desire. Finally as they adjusted the lights, I could see his eye color, they were bright blue that I felt they were piercing through my thoughts and emotions by simply meeting his gaze. I suddenly got startled by his reaching hand towards my waist.

He saw my uneasiness and leaned forward towards my ears, "Are you alright?" he asked in concern.

"Yeah", I sighed, "Just not a dancer."
A smirk played on his lips and he cancelled the space between us, I leaned towards his chest, he could also feel my body as we were very close. I noticed a burning gaze towards me from first floor behind me. I turned a bit to see but saw no one there. 

Matt reached for my hand and wrapped it around his neck. He interlaced our fingers with my other hand. He was going very slow and smooth on the floor, his movements were like waves and I felt like I was floating in them.

He was really good at this, suddenly he whispered in my ear,
"And you say you are not a dancer. Look at you and everyone around." he said with a sweet smile on his face.

I looked around and saw everyone was glancing towards us.

Luna and Ryan were dancing beautifully too. Heh after that hair incident, he finally trimmed his long hair, he looks smart now.

Then I glanced at Amber and Colby, they were dancing according to the melody. 
Sometimes stomping at each other's feet too.

Then my gaze went towards Hans..he was dancing with a very beautiful girl whom I didn't recognize. Her moves are so professional, even Hans seems like a prince charming dancing with a Cinderella.

I again moved my attention to Matt. He was still gazing at me.

"CeCe I want to tell you something.." He said with a soft voice.

"Mhm..what is it.." I was very mesmerized with his eyes and couldn't take my eyes off from his.

"CeCe this is very weird, I strangely feel very peacefully and sometimes even joyous when I am with you." Matt said as be twirled me twice.

"Why so...?" I asked him.
"Even I don't know..maybe I have started liking--" he was going to continue when I noticed a suspicious man standing on the first floor with a remote pointed towards the chandelier which was directly above us.

Shit it's too late.

I instantly pushed Matt as forcefully as I can, he fell pretty far on his back, he looked so much surprised and shocked..I instantly rushed to escape too but..fate is very cruel for me.

As the chandelier fell down, my one leg got stuck, the pain instantly rushed in my mind and I screamed loudly in pain. I bend my body a bit and saw blood oozing out from my right leg, my dress was teared from the leg till my thigh due to the glass and weight of the chandelier.

My consciousness was fading away when I head Matt scream my name.

"Cerina!!" Matt screamed and came rushing towards me. I touched his hand and tried to smile, instead few tear drops fell from my eyes and I lost my consciousness.


**Matt's pov**

"CeCe!! Wake up! Please wake up!" I screamed and looked at Ryan and Hans telling them silently to help me move this chandelier away from her leg.

CeCe's dad also came soon, every teacher was shocked.

"Sir, I will take CeCe to hospital, please take care of everything here." I told CeCe's dad and lifted CeCe up in my arms.
"I will come to the hospital after taking care of everything here." Her dad said and I nodded.

Her hand limply fell down as I carried her and I rushed out.

Ryan screamed from behind, "I have called taxi and police." I nodded and rushed out.
"CeCe you have to stay strong! Please wake up! We will reach hospital soon okay?" I said to her or to convince myself that she is safe. I don't know why did she do that...why she had to save me and get injured instead.

Also why the hell did the chandelier fell down!? Was this intentionally or an accident?

Oh man we will think about this later. Now the main thing is to save her!

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