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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 64"


A Girl In A Boy's School


(Special Moments With Dad)

**Author's pov**

CeCe soon washed her face and made sure that her redness in the eyes had disappeared.

She rushed outside in the living room where her dad was setting up the table and arranging dinner.

"Dad let me help you." CeCe said.
"No CeCe..I have already arranged everything, join me to have dinner." her dad said and she nodded.

"Wow it's so delicious." she praised the food.

"Uhh CeCe did you cry earlier or something? Your eyes are a bit red. Is everything alri--" before her dad could complete the sentence she said,

"Oh dad we had a surprise exam today.. so we all were studying yesterday night so I lack a bit of sleep." CeCe said while chomping down her food hurriedly.

Her dad sighed. He knows by now if CeCe acts weird or in a hurry she is lying. But if she doesn't want to share with her dad.. her dad too can't do much about it right? He just nodded and patted her head softly.

"CeCe take care of yourself well, I can't be with you everytime so you have to manage everything by yourself and I am guilty about this but you are grown up now, so I expect you to be strong and have enough determination to face everything." her dad said.

CeCe just stared at her dad for a while and stood up. She hugged her dad and said,"It's Cerina and I like you." CeCe said while blushing a bit.

Her dad was shocked for a bit. CeCe was determined enough to let no one call her Cerina before, she preserved her full name for her close ones. It was a great step she took to come close with her dad.

"Haha, oh dear tell 'I like you' to your future boyfriend not me also I love you too Cerina, my beautiful child. Have your dinner fast and go to sleep soon. You have school tomorrow. You can sleep as much as you want day after tomorrow as it is a holiday." Her dad said while pinching her soft cheeks.

"Okay dad..but holiday? Why?" CeCe asked her dad.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, day after tomorrow it is one of our school director's birthday. So we are giving one day holiday to children for the celebration." her dad explained.

"Celebration?" CeCe asked.

"Yes it's going to be a theme celebration. 
The decorations are completed. Just the selection of theme is left. We will decide that tomorrow." her dad explained.
CeCe nodded. After having her dinner she went off to sleep.

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