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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 63"


A Girl In  A Boy's School


(Suspicious Caller(2)

**CeCe's pov**

After giving exam just by writing this and that what I remembered a bit...I wrote it down.

After school, Ryan and Matt were waiting for me at the main gate. I waved at them and they waved back.

"Let's go?" I asked
"Sure, c'mon." Matt said and he held my hand and started walking.

"Hey what are you doing.." I asked him in a whisper.

"Hey you two lovebirds, care to act properly in front of a single person like me?" Ryan said mockingly.

"Hmph!" Matt puffed his cheeks and let my hand off from his.

We soon reached the police station.
"Have you informed about this to your dad?" Matt asked.

I shook my head saying no.
"Eh? Why?" Matt asked me and I just shrugged going inside the police without him.

"Hey wait for me." he called out to me and I slowed down so that he could catch up with me.

The cop started observing us as soon as we reached his table.

"Umm..Sir I want to file a complaint." I said while hesitating, I have never came to police station like this. Thankfully Ryan and Matt are with me or else by now I would have fainted with fear.

The cop nodded his head and quickly took out his gun.

"Ah! Sir! I didn't do anything!" I felt a sudden unknown fear rush through me and I instantly hid behind Matt.

"Hey child, relax I was just taking my gun out so that I can sit comfortably in my seat. Don't be afraid I won't do anything to you." the cop started patting my head and I soon relaxed. I don't know why I got scared like this..

"So tell me what happened?" the cop asked me.

I told him everything, I even informed him how that suspicious person knew about my name, and my eye color.

I showed him my call history and there was indeed one unknown number on the top of my list.

The cop took my phone and went inside one cabin office.

After waiting for a while, around twenty minutes later he came back and sat again where he was sitting and sighed.

"Your name is Cerina right." He said and I nodded. I had told him my name earlier.
"Dear, we couldn't find any such number or the person who called you. I know you are not lying as I can see that you talked with that person for around six minutes." 
he said and again sighed in disappointment.

"Anyway I would suggest you to change your number, also don't pick up unknown callers like that, ask your elders to do that. 
It can be anyone, your mom, dad, any teacher in your school or any relative. But you shouldn't pick the call, do you understand?" he explained and I nodded.

"If we find any suspicious activity with this number or your new number we will soon contact your parents alright? Just inform us your new number when you get it." He said and soon we left from there in disappointment.

"How is this possible...that person called you, but the number is now not recognizable and even they couldn't find out who was it...so scary and strange." 
Ryan said while sighing.

"Yes true." I said.

"I think we should go back to school, it will get dark soon. Let's rush." Matt said.
We again hailed a taxi service and reached back at school. I parted ways from Ryan and Matt towards mine and dad's apartment.

When I reached at the door. It was locked. 
I think dad is still working in his office. I opened the door and stepped inside but I realized that I stepped on something.
I looked down and noticed it was a small parcel, the staff might have slipped it 

I picked it up and turned it over.
"For Cerina Cecil." It was written on the front.

Huh? For me? Whom would have sended it...there was no address whom it was sended by.

Oh it must be mum!
I opened it quickly.

I discovered a small gold pendant in a thin gold chain. It was eagle. Eagle pendant. It was so beautiful that I couldn't stop myself staring at it.

There was a small letter too inside the parcel, I took it out and read it.
"Dear, Cerina Cecil.

I am gifting you this precious gift. Why?  Because you gave me an opportunity to listen to your sweet, melodious voice. Just like a melodious bird. But remember I am as sharp as an eagle. Don't complain again to the cops if I call you again. You don't complain to cops when a close relative talks to you right? I hope you like the gift. 

Also remember to wear it always or else you wouldn't be able to bear the consequence if you don't follow my instructions. Anyways I love you sweetie. 
Take care of yourself and that DAD of yours. Hope we meet soon." I started trembling in fear and fell on the cold floor.

There was no name.
No Address.
No number.

No email account details.

Just few words and this chain with an eagle pendant.

I haven't experienced anything like this ever before.

I soon heard the door opening so I picked up the parcel and rushed inside my room.
"Cerina? Why did you run away? Come out and have dinner." My dad called me from outside.

I hurriedly hid the parcel under my bed mattress and went outside.

Hope I am safe and my dad is safe. I don't want to deal with this. It's so very scary...

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