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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 62"


A Girl In A Boy's School


( Suspicious Caller)

**CeCe's pov**

"Oh God I am so tired...how will we study for tomorrow's exam like this..." I said while yawning.

Apparently Ryan, Colby, Hans, Matt, Luna and I were in library doing group study.

"Well..CeCe just keep up the spirit." Ryan said with a mocking smirk on his face.
I showed him middle finger and drifted off in sleep putting my head on the table.

Suddenly my call ringtone began ringing loudly, the library staff warned everyone to stay silent.

I apologized him and looked at my phone. It was an unknown number...

Everyone was still wide awake studying.

I picked up the call.
"Hello?" I said.

I got silence in response.
"Hello? Who is this?" I again asked. No response.

"What the f*ck!? Why do you even call if you don't want to talk anything. Stupid maniac." I cursed the caller soon a sound of clearing throat came through the call.

"Ahem you are very rude." the person said.
"Who are you to call me rude!? You are rude! You weren't responding!" I shouted.

Luna patted my back trying to calm me down and I nodded telling her I'm okay.
"Why did you call me? Who are you? How did you get my number?" I threw series of questions at that stranger.

"Woah woah, chill girl. These many questions...okay let's see if I can answer your questions. I called you because I wanted to listen your sweet voice sweetheart. Your next question.. who am I? 

That's something you shouldn't know for now. Another question..I can manage to dig out anyone's information and details about their life as soon as you blink your beautiful green eyes dear." the stranger started blabbering not allowing me to speak even a word.

"Do you understand what you are speaking Mister!? How dare you call me 
'sweetheart' and 'dear'. You sound older then me. Don't you have any shame!? 

B*stard! Go f*ck yourself also don't call me ever again!" I shouted and again the library staff came and started glaring at me.

"Ouch, Cerina you sound so rude with your close relative...don't worry soon we will have a very close relationship and you will change your behavior and rudeness by then. Until then goodnight sweetie." the man said while chuckling and waiting for me to respond for a last time.

"What do you mean close relationship!? 
What do you mean by relative!? I don't have any relative--Hey!--Hey!!"

"Shit he hung up on me. Ugh this is very weird and abrupt. What the f*ck was with this man." I cursed under my breath.
"CeCe are you okay...?" Matt asked me worriedly.

"Yes I'm fine...you guys continue studying..I am going to sleep. F*ck this exam thing." I said while clenching my hand in a fist in anxiety.

"CeCe we can complain to the cops about this. What do you say." Ryan said.
"Hmm..good idea, tomorrow after school, main gate, 4pm. Goodnight." I said in a cold and stern voice and left from there with my books.


**Matt's pov**

"There she goes again. Everyday it's the same. She fells in a new problem. A treasure of problems she has in her daily life." Ryan said.

I just didn't understood the conversation she had with that someone...it was very strange. As if the man knew everything about her but she knew nothing about him.

Very strange. Eh well whatever. Not my concern..is it? 
Might be family problem or something...
I was thinking all these things when Ryan bumped his pen on my head. I turned to him and he smiled.

"Have you noticed though? CeCe have learned to control her anger...she doesn't break pens or pencil anymore." he said making me realize our first time we met.. she broke a pen like it was a tender branch of a plant.

"Also scale." Hans added.
"Huh?" Ryan said in confusion.
Hans then explained all of us how she was tricked by her mother to come here in this so-called boys school and in anger she broke a wooden scale.

Memories do make us feel better in weird situations. Isn't it right?

Everyone continued studying. After three to four hours we soon left the library towards our rooms in the dorm to sleep.

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