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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 61"


A Girl In A Boy's School


(Surprise Exams!?)

**CeCe's pov**

*Ahem* "Students be quiet for a minute!" 
Mr. Rupert shouted at us.
Apparently we are going back to school in our bus.

"What's with this old cranky man, doesn't even let us chat peacefully." Ryan said.
"Students, after discussing a few things with other teachers and headmaster, we have decided to conduct surprise exam as soon as we reach at school." Mr. Rupert announced.

I slapped my hand on my forehead in distress.

"Any problem Cerina Cecil!?" Mr. Rupert asked me, glaring daggers at me which made me shook my head furiously saying no.

"After all this fun and entertainment you had for past few days, now it's time for us to check if you guys were studying or just playing around. We will arrive in school by late evening, so the exam will be conducted tomorrow. You guys have one night to revise and review all your notes, so be prepared. That's all. You can continue your chat now." Mr. Rupert instructed.

Even though he allowed us to chat, there was pin-drop silence in the whole bus.
He actually dared to give us this 1000 volt shock. I should do something and teach him a lesson like I did with other teachers in previous schools. But I can't right? 

Being the president of the class, also being in my dad's school...I definitely can't take this risk..

"Hey CeCe.." Someone called me from behind.

I turned around but saw no one looking at me.

"Shh shh CeCe!" Again someone called me and I instantly turned around and saw Colby waving his hand a bit at me.

I waved back and said in a whisper,  "What?"

He pointed at the empty seat beside him and waved at me to go and sit beside him. Eh? What does he want...

I silently stood up and was about to go and sit beside Colby but Luna called out to me.
"CeCe where are you going?" she asked me.

She was sitting beside me.
"Luna I will be right back, have to talk about something with Colby. Wait here." I said to her and she nodded.

I sat beside Colby and raised my brow telling him to spill out the reason he called me here.

"CeCe I had carried books in the trip too, you know this right?" he asked me.
"Oh uhh yes I know that you were studying in the trip too." I said.

"Do you want some books to study now for tomorrow's exam?" he asked me showing history textbook and notes.
"Uhh what will you study then?" I asked him.

"Oh don't worry, I have already learned the whole book, also I have done other subjects too. So don't worry about me." he explained.

"Oh? You have studied everything? Then that's greatt!"
Eh? Who was it? It wasn't me who said this...

Colby and I turned around and saw Amber smiling sweetly at us.

Shit...this b*tch.

She instantly snatched the textbook and notes from Colby's hand and smiled sweetly at him.

We both were dumbfounded about what just happened just now.

"Oh dear, thank you so much Colby." 
Amber said and she kissed Colby's cheek making him blush like a bright red tomato.

"Hey! Amber this isn't fair! Give his books back to him!" I shouted at her.

"Oh? Why should I? Weren't you also going to take these books from him? I took it instead what does that matter?" Amber said while shrugging her shoulders.
"You..! I was going to decline him!" I said in anger.

"Then that's all the more awesome! Instead of you, I took it. Does it bother you?" Amber said with a mocking smirk.
"No it doesn't! But you should study with your own books right?" I said while folding my hands together.

Amber was going to argue further when Colby tapped my hands.

"It's alright..let her have the books. If you need notes I will make new ones for you now itself." He said.

"Oh no Colby I don't want notes, I had studied the chapters earlier itself, I will just revise them as soon as we reach at school." I said smiling at him, making him reassured.

"Hmph!" I glared at Amber while going back to my seat and she chuckled in reply.
I turned around a while later to look at Colby and saw Amber sitting beside him saying, "Oh Colby, please help me with this too."

"Hey CeCe, what are we going to do about this exam..we haven't prepared." Matt said from behind.

"Hmm what about you Hans?" I asked Hans.

"I have prepared." he said.
"Okay so why don't we do this! Let's do group study!" I exclaimed in excitement.
"Oh CeCe that's a good idea!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Yes we will be able to revise and you guys will understand important points too! This way we will all pass this exam!" I exclaimed.

"True." Luna said.
Then my attention went towards Luna. I whispered in her ear.

"Luna why didn't you confess your feelings to Ryan?" I asked her in a whisper so that Ryan, Hans and Matt couldn't hear from behind.

"Well I was very nervous and he should be the one confessing first right? What if he declines me..." she said while sighing.
"Oh Luna...you worry so much. Nowadays even girls take initiative to confess first. It's not like boys have to do it first right? 
How will you then come to know what he feels for you?" I asked her.

"You are right...what about you then? Do you like someone?" Luna asked me.
"Err I don't know..." I said while putting only headphones and drifting off in sleep.


**Matt's pov**.

"You heard that? She is insecure. If you don't show her hints..how will she come to know that you like her too?" I said to Ryan.
Apparently we were eavesdropping on Luna and CeCe's whisper chatting.

"You might be right..but what about you then? You like CeCe too right? Why don't you tell her then?" Ryan said.
"You like CeCe?" Hans asked me.

I looked at Ryan and he looked back at me with his puppy eyes trying to coax me and apologize me.

I sneakily pinched him on his waist and smiled a bit towards Hans.
"Yes...I like her." I agreed while looking down a bit.

"Ohh..well even if we are cousin brothers, we are so much alike right?" Hans said smiling awkwardly.

"Hans I am sorry..." I said.
"Oh dude don't be like this, look at the good thing, we both liked the same girl, even I have observed, CeCe becomes very lively and cheerful around you." Hans said while patting my shoulder.

"Heh, that might be true bro." I said.
"Can you please let me off now?" Ryan said pointing towards my hand which was pinching his waist.

He was twitching like an insect is biting his waist. Idiot.

"Okay." I said letting him sigh in relief.
Then I heard Luna ask CeCe if she likes someone.

She said "I don't know.." good grief.
Ryan looked at me sympathetically and I just shrugged.

I also don't know if I truly love her or not...
But here is this feeling or can I say pain in my heart when she said 'I don't know'.

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