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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 60"


A Girl In A Boy's School


(End Of Trip...)

**CeCe's pov**

"C'mon Luna! Think about it!" I exclaimed.
"But..." Luna was standing there hesitating.
"Luna...you should go for it!" I cheered.
"Well...I will think about it." Luna said still hesitantly.

"C'mon! It's the last day of trip today! A best day! You need to express your feelings, emotions and care towards him!" 
I cooed.

"O-Okay...I will do it! I need to face him and ask him!" Luna said with a fire in her eyes.

"Yes that's the spirit! Go for it girl!" I cheered for her to confess her feelings towards Ryan.

"Mhm.." Luna said.


**Ryan's pov**

"Hey stop it man...I won't confess first!" I said.

"You need to tell her how you feel Ryan, this won't do...always it is boys who confess." Hans said.

"Yes man go for it! What's this ego eh?? 
Drop it man." Matt said.

"Oh? Look who is speaking, the egoistic devil hahah." I exclaimed.

"Hey! Shut up! Just do what we say, go for it." Matt said.

"Yes Ryan, you need to confess your feelings towards her." Hans said.
"Okay okay, I'll do it, now stop nudging me with this force guys." I said while rubbing my arm.

After some while, everyone was busy having breakfast. I told Luna to come alone earlier behind the tents.

I saw her coming towards me, her long brown hair were bouncing on her shoulders and her hazel eyes were shining brightly, she literally was looking like an angel.


We said at the same time.
"Err you go first..." Luna said.

"No no it's alright you go ahead first." I said while staring in her eyes, she was staring back making me nervous so I told her to speak first.

"Oh uh alright.." Luna said while twitching her fingers together, seems like she's also nervous.

"Yes!? What??" I said.
"Will you let me speak??" Luna asked me while glaring in my eyes.

"Oh I am sorry, go ahead..." I said while scratching my hair.

"I...like you--"
"What!? You like me!?" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Will you let me speak for god sake!?" Luna shouted at me and I zipped my lips.

"I like your hair so much! Will you tell me which shampoo and conditioner do you use?? Oh god they look so silky and shiny!!" she squealed in pure affection towards....my....hair..

Apparently I have pretty long hair till my shoulder....

But the thing is she doesn't like me, but she likes my hair!?
From behind voices arouse.

"Pffftt hahahahah, dear Ryan tell her which shampoo and conditioner do you use??" 
CeCe squealed while laughing.

"Yo man, you are making her wait for too long! Tell her lol." Matt said while clapping his hands with Hans.

Hans, Matt, Colby and CeCe came out of their hiding tree zone and started laughing at me.
I am totally speechless.

"Cheh I shouldn't had called you out here in the first place! I hate you!" I said while stomping and walking away.

"W-Wait at least tell me and then go...ugh! 
I hate you more!! Hmph!" Luna said, I could here her.

She is so innocent and cheerful girl. I heard she was not this cheerful before...what's the reason of her change..
Well.. god knows forget it.

Anyways in the afternoon we will depart from here back to school.

Wish we have safe journey.

I will take my revenge when we get back Luna...you shouldn't think I am that easy to deal with.

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