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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 6



( The Ugly Truth)

"Do you want me to help you?" The stewardess said for the 100th time.

Man! When someone says no, its a no.

I was trying to put my luggage on the cupboard on top of my seat. It was hard but I finally did it. I gave a fake smile to the stewardess and then sat at my seat.

I grinned when I noticed her giving me weird looks. What do you expect when you annoy someone like me?

I guess they only asked when they found out that I am traveling alone. Has a 16-year-old never traveled alone before me? They make me laugh. I looked out the window. I could see the wing of the airplane and passenger and luggage cars wandering around. It was great in an amusing way. 

But I wonder how it feels in the sky. I bet it's awesome!

I glanced at the screen in front of me. Oh, so there's a mini TV. I switched it on to only realize that they were showing the worst movie I would have ever watched in my whole life. Marley and Me? Seriously? 

It's very cute but not my type. What else.. I looked everywhere for a movie that wasn't boring.

Nope, they all were.

What am I going to do now?

I groaned angrily.

"Let me guess, you hate these movies?" I looked around to see a guy who looked around 17. He was handsome, even though he had glasses on.

 He wore a black t-shirt and white trousers. It looked great on him. 

He smiled. "This is seat 6b right?"

I was confused. Oh right, seats! I looked at my seat. Mine was 6a. So 6b must be the one next to me.

"6b is next to me, "I said before turning back and looking out the windows. I can't wait to see the sky. The best bit of going somewhere is getting there. And I'm going to enjoy this.

"So, it's your first time on a flight?" It was this guy again.

He had a Scotland accent that I'm going to be hearing all the time. It was okay but I am more interested in watching the take-off sessions and whole wide open sky for the first time!

"Yeah, how do you know?" I asked blankly. 
Did I look like someone who never traveled on an airplane?

"Well, when someone looks through the window like it's the most amazing thing, it becomes kind of obvious." He said with the  Scotland accent.

"It is truly amazing, I am really excited," I said truthfully.

He laughed. "You think the ground is amazing, wait till you see the clouds."

"Good morning passengers, we will take-off in 15 minutes so I request everyone to fasten your seat belts, switch off your phone, read the manuals provided at every seat for emergency cases and turn on movies if you wish to on-screen in front of your seats," The stewardess on the speaker said trying to be funny.

But no one heard. Everyone was shouting and asking people to switch seats so they could sit with their families. And these seats were really squeezed together so it was hard to get through. And then the worst thing happens, a baby starts crying from behind us. The awful noise! And it was right behind us!

I got my pen from my bag and snapped it in half. I was angry and when I'm angry, I like to break things.

"Whoa! Why are you breaking your pen?" 

The guy said.

Oh! He noticed.

"I've broken the pen.

If I've broken then it's broken what has that got to do with you!?" I said, trying not to get mad.

"Huh?" He said in a confused tone.


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