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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 59"


A Girl In A Boy's School


(Bonfire Dance└(★◡★)┐

**CeCe's pov**

Oh man that was very much weird! I blurted out everything about me nearly to him. I have never did this in past.

Why him? Why I opened to him this fast? God knows.. forget it.

I feel like my anger problems are under control too after coming to this campus...isn't it? Eh whom am I asking...air pfftt.

We soon met up with Ryan and Luna, they collected three flags.

We rushed back to camping site and discovered that we were second to reach there.

I glared at Matt because of him we are late! He scratched his hair and laughed.
What we got as prize wanna know? 

Books...great. Some practice manuals of few subjects and two novels. Now we will have to carry this load with us back to school after this trip.

Every teacher went to sleep except Mr. Henry, he was keeping an eye on all the 
class groups.

We sat around the bonfire and talked nothing in particular just this and that.
Suddenly Ryan clapped his hand and pointed a finger at Matt.

"You punishment is left dude." Ryan said.
"What punishment?" Matt asked him.

"Because of you we lost the first position man, they got awesome video games!" 
Ryan said while pouting.

"So what should I do?" Matt asked him.
"Easy, I will ask one question and you will have to answer honestly." Ryan said while looking around and checking if no teacher is nearby.

"Okay ask fast." Matt said.

"Imagine you are on Roller coaster now. At the most exciting point in the course, the roller coaster dives into a pool of water and you're drenched in the spray of water. 
What do you scream in this instant?" Ryan asked Matt.

He thought for a second and then answered,
"Let's see...I would scream, 'Damn, This is so awesome!!' I think...?" Matt replied.

Ryan paused for a second and looked at everyone.

"Hahahahahhahah Oh my ghad!! Haha You'd scream that at the moment of your s*xual climax!? Hahahaaha This is comedy gold!!" Ryan exclaimed and everyone started laughing too.

Matt was like —_— so very much speechless.

"What? What was that...did you just made me get laughed at? About something this sh*tty!? Wanna die or what?" Matt glared at Ryan and he raised his both hands in surrender.

"Forgive me my lord, I was just creating a good environment here." Ryan said.

"By making fun of me? Go and make good environment by growing trees idiotic creature." Matt spat his words at Ryan.

"Oh man chill, this question was based on Kokology, you didn't knew about this concept that's why you answered in impulse." Ryan explained.

"Oh? What is Kokology?" Luna asked Ryan.
"I also haven't read about it anywhere..." I said.

"Kokology is the study of kokoro(Japanese:) which in the aforementioned language means 'mind' or 'spirit'. The books present a series of psychological and hypothetical questions that are designed to reveal one's hidden attitudes about sex, family, love, work, and other elements of one's life. It is essentially a game of self-discovery that can provide interesting, and often hilarious insight by answering questions to seemingly innocent topics." Colby explained in very much detail.

"Here, our live dictionary comes in handy sometimes." Ryan said smirking mockingly towards Colby and Colby puffed his cheeks grumpily.

"Okay so now let's go Luna and do what we prepared earlier." I told her grabbing her hand.

"Eh? What have you prepared?" Hans asked us.

"Amber is also with us isn't it Amber?" I asked her with a smirk on my lips.

"Hmph, yes." she said.

Soon we came wearing new crop tops and skirts with jewelries around our bellies and hand.

"You will have a performance here?" Ryan asked Luna. He was staring at her what's going on between those two...are they lovebirds or what.

"Yes we will perform bonfire dance. 
Wanna join us guys?" Amber asked everyone and everyone nodded.

We started dancing around the bonfire, soon guys joined us after learning the steps and we danced until our bones nearly cracked.

Heh, it was really awesome performance and experience.
I wish we can go to a nice trip again next year.

We soon went off to sleep in our respective tents.

Hope we have fun tomorrow too.

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