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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 58"


A Girl In A Boy's School


(Past Experience)

**Matt's pov**

We set off to find five yellow flags. The team which reaches first with all the flags will win and have awards.
We marched forward in search of flags but in vain.. we couldn't find even one flag.
"Hey, let's split up." I said and Ryan nodded.

"You both go, we both will look there." 
CeCe said to me and Ryan.
"Are you idiot or what?" Ryan asked CeCe.
"Ryan is right we need to protect you girls too so let's split up in pairs." I explained.

"Hmph whatever." CeCe said folding her arms together.

'Is she angry? What did I do now..?'
We split up, CeCe and I took the other path whereas Ryan and Luna stormed off in other way, fighting whom will look for flag first.

While walking I thought of asking CeCe, about her weird behavior.
"Hey CeCe..what happened? Did I do something?" I asked her.

" it's just I sometimes.. don't know what's happening since I came to Stoneridge High just feels very weird know...? In past I haven't adjusted very well in any other school in US..." she said and sighed.

"Why so?" I asked her, observing her expressions closely.

"I don't was very confusing, neither did I made any friends in the past schools, nor I was this good with the teachers. I have attempted many pranks on teachers in past that they just used to expel me from the school..." she explained.
"Oh? I would like to know few situations!" I exclaimed in curiosity.

"Err they are not that funny and I've done graffiti, made rumours, locked teachers in washrooms, spilled paint from roof at principal also nearly burned down a school. Also in my past school, I opened all the screws of our class teacher and he fell down and also got a bit hurt." she said making me stop in my steps.

"Oh my god---hahahaha---oh man wait wait, did you really did all this stuff?" I asked her as I was very surprised.
"Yes, but it wasn't my fault! That class teacher was a p*rvert jerk hmph!" she puffed her cheeks and stomped her leg on ground.

"Okay okay, sorry, I was just a bit surprised that's all." I exclaimed.

I moved near her, but to my surprise she moved back. Eh this is familiar...I again moved near her and she moved back until she bumped with a tree.

"W-What is it..." she said.
"Tell me one thing..." I said.
"W-What" she said while stuttering.
"Why are you stuttering?" I asked her.
"B-Because y-you are very close!" she exclaimed.

"Oh? Really?" I said.

"Yes! Move away!" she said.
I took her hand and pinned it on the tree, above her hand.

"You tell me, why is your heart beating so fast?" I asked her.

"B-Because you are making me nervous!" she said trying to jerk away my hand.
"But why are you nervous? Do you like me or something?" I asked her.

I want to test, if her feelings are same as mine or she likes someone else.

"Yes! I-I mean no! I definitely don't like you p-please let me go." she said and I noticed a tear drop appearing at the corners of her beautiful green eyes.

"Hey...why are you crying...look I am not forcing you or anything I just want to know if what I feel for you, is what you feel for me or not. Why do you seem suddenly so scared?" I asked her while caressing her soft cheeks trying to calm her down.
"I-it's nothing..." she said looking away from my eyes.

"Hey, c'mon tell me.." I said urging her.
"W-When you pinned my hands, I remembered the memory of one of my boyfriend..." she said. A year drop trailed down her cheek as she was thinking about something.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.
"It was around two to three years ago.. Luca.. he was my boyfriend from one of my past schools in US.. he was cheating on me with one of my classmate.. and when I came to know about it, I warned him to tell about it to his parents but then he nearly forced sleep with him.. it was really a horrible experience.. luckily my mum soon arrived, she knew I was at Luca's house. She saved me that day or else I don't know what would have happened." she explained and more tears started shedding from her eyes.

I wiped her tears and said, "Hey, hey it's alright now, I didn't knew you experienced such things... I seriously wasn't forcing you." I said.

"I know Matt..though you can be annoying many times, you won't force me in any way.. it's just...I haven't been in any kind of relationship since then...I get scared at the thought of being in a relationship..." she said looking down.

"It's alright CeCe..." I said caressing her cheeks and head soothing her down.
I looked around and saw something yellowish in between the bushes. I went and plucked it out.
"Hey look we found one flag." I told her and she looked up.

"I also found one, it's here." she said looking up on the tree.
There was one yellow flag between the branches.

I climbed up the tree expertly and plucked the flag out.

I climbed down and cleaned my clothes.
"You need to come over this fear and start anew. Like this you won't be able to experience life to the fullest." I said while walking away and signaling CeCe to follow from behind.

"Mhm I will try..." she said in a soft low voice.

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