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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 57"

 A Girl In A Boy's School


(What Is This?)

**Ryan's pov**

"Hey Luna, come here and help me!" I called out to Luna, she was plucking mushrooms nearby a tree and I was cooking some prawns on pan.
"Yes, coming!" she said.

CeCe, Matt and Hans were breaking firewood in pieces whereas Colby was busy cutting the vegetables we brought from resort.

Amber? She was applying nail-paint on her nails and drinking juice.

Luna soon came near us, she gave all mushrooms to Colby so that he could wash and boil them and then cut them into small pieces.

Luna started turning the prawns by herself.

"Hey I am cooking, you don't need to do this." I told her.

"What is this?" she asked.
"Eh? What? These are prawns, can't you see?" I said.

"Idiot I am saying, can you see the prawns are getting burned. You need to turn them again and again after a while." she explained flicking my head.

"You...you are silly and idiot, I am not! I didn't knew." I said while pouting.
"You didn't knew that's why I explained." she said making me glare at her.

"Why do you care? Eat whatever you get! 
Don't make me mad." I said.

She glared back. She turned away to go but I grabbed her wrist making her turn back towards me.

"You know what, Ryan?" She said and I raised my brow in confusion. "What?" I asked her.

"You really are a handsome creature. But with your attitude...of a...chimpanzee, you don't deserve that handsomeness! Also you no longer look like your age! You look like 40 or 45 with those ugly wrinkles and prickles! Hah..to tell you honestly, you're like Mr. Bean---no--he's better---the right character to describe you is Spongebob Sqarepants, which has ugly holes on his face...also like you, you have this square attitude on your pants!" she continuously threw words on me, making me boil in rage.

"You...what did you say...I have square attitude? Like Spongebob Squarepants? 
You wait tortoise! Always working slowly like a tortoise" I said rushing towards her.

"Hey! You both the prawns will get burned!" CeCe shouted from behind.
"Let them get burned! Luna will eat everything!" I shouted at CeCe.

"You!! I hate you!!" Luna exclaimed while running away from me.

I ran behind her and said, "Oh? I hate you more!!" I exclaimed.

After all the running and talking, we were all tired by evening.

We went near the riverbank to have bath after girls finished their baths.

"Oh man, today was fun." I exclaimed.
"Really? I think you only had much fun today." Hans said while chuckling.

"Eh? Not true." I said while looking away.
"What's the plan for today night?" Matt asked.

"Oh game?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Well teachers have planned for treasure hunt and few awards are being arranged for the winners. I don't know much details." I explained.

"Oh by the way, when is the trip coming to an end?" Colby asked.

"Why? So that you could go home and study more and more?" Matt said while smirking mischievously.

"Err you are somewhat right." Colby accepted.

"Day after tomorrow is the last day." I said while sighing.

We will definitely miss this trip. It was the best trip.

The previous trips were boring without these girls around. These girls come in handy while cooking and all which we suck at.

Oh f*ck! I forgot! We have to prepare salad and cut fruits now too.
"Hey let's go now." I said while rushing to wear clothes and picking up the dirty clothes.

"Hey, c'mon fast, we have to prepare fruits and salads." I said urging everyone to get out of the river.

We rushed back and prepared everything which was left to do.

Soon we had our dinner and refreshments. The teachers started preparing for the game too.

Let's have some fun playing this game.
Teachers allowed the same group to participate.

Me, Matt, CeCe and Luna were selected to hunt yellow flags, other teams were alloted flags of color red, orange and green.

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