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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 56"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 56  

(I Do Have One)

**CeCe's pov**

Oh my god I can't believe it! After three years I finally met my neighbor friend from US! I am so lucky and grateful!!

"Ethan how are your mom, dad and sister?" I asked him while he was applying ointment on my wound.

"Eh they are all fine, you haven't met my sister yet right?" he asked me.

"Oh yes I haven't seen her at all, she used to live with your grandparents right?" I asked him.

"Yes, infact right now she is in your school! 
Earlier Stoneridge High School was only boys school but since this year we saw the registration for limited girls was open so we admitted her there." he explained.

"Ohh..what's her name?" I asked him.
"Oh you don't know? Luna Jones. She is my sister." he said while chuckling.
"What!? LUNA!? She's your sister!? Omg!?" 
I exclaimed.
He chuckled.

Soon Matt came to us again. He had changed his clothes..

"Oh Matt come sit with us." Ethan said.
"Sure." he said.
"What were you guys talking about?" he asked us..

"Oh nothing just he told me that he is Luna's brother." I explained.

"Oh? You didn't knew even though you were neighbors?" he asked in curiosity.
"No..his sister used to live with their grandparents." I explained.

"Yeah, that's true." Ethan said.
"What about your studies?" Matt asked Ethan.

"Oh I am in University second year, basically three years older then Luna and you both I think." he explained.

"Ohh cool..what about girlfriend? Do you have one Ethan?" Matt asked him making him stifle laugh.

"Eh? Why? Curious?" Ethan asked.
 "No just casually." Matt said.
Ethan raised one of his brow.

"I do have one, don't tell my parents about it though CeCe, they are against it." Ethan said.

I shook my head furiously.

"No no I won't even utter a single letter." I exclaimed a bit loudly.

"That's great man." Matt exclaimed looking a bit away from us.

"Hey guys." Luna said coming towards us.
When she saw Ethan she raised her brow and said, "Huh? Brother? What are you doing here?" she said.

"Oh Luna, I am on trip with mom and dad."  Ethan said.

Luna puffed her cheeks and pinched his arm.

"Without me?" she asked.

"Oww...Oh dear, you already told us that you were on a school trip so we didn't offer you to join us, also we were going to tell you after we return back." Ethan explained.

"Hmph! Whatever." she said.
"Okay you guys enjoy now, I have to return or else mom and dad will worry. Take care sweetie and don't eat much junk stuff." 
Ethan said pinching Luna's cheeks.

After Ethan left from there, Luna tugged at my sleeve.

"CeCe do you know what happened yesterday night when you were missing?" she asked me.

I looked at Matt and we both shrugged.
"No. Tell me?" I said.

"Amber was quite in a merry mood but as soon as she entered her tent, she shouted loudly and ran out of her tent." she explained.

"Eh? Why so?" Matt asked and I tilted my head in confusion.

"Apparently she saw a big cockroach inside and she ran around like a mad man screaming 'cockroach' everywhere like she saw a ghost or something." Luna explained.

"Hahahah so funny. She deserved it man." I cooed.

"Yeah true, but one thing...why was she happy?" Matt asked us.
We both shrugged as we also didn't knew.
"Who knows. Forget it." I said.

"Hey will you both help me and Ryan today with collecting food? Some classmates already left to collect firewood." Luna said.
"Yes why not." I said.

"Sounds interesting." Matt said.
"Okay let's go. CeCe you get ready and change clothes while we go and collect fishing rods from Mr. Rupert." Luna said and left with Matt.

Soon we left from there towards river bank to collect fishes and some prawns.
I helped Matt catching and collecting fruits while he was plucking from trees and plants.

Whereas Ryan and Luna were catching fishes from river.

After a while we even enjoyed while throwing water at each other playing in the river.

After an hour or so, we heard whistle, which means we have to return to camping site.

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