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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 55"


A Girl In  A Boy's School

Episode 55  

(Jealous? Me? Nah(

**Matt's pov**

"Hey" I said.
"Mmm.." she moaned in sleep and turned facing me.

"Hey you. Wake up." I said again while blushing a bit.

I can't even think of anything, after waking up. She was sleeping on my lap and her hand was on my...ugh.

"CeCe!!! WAKE UP!! For god sake!!" I shouted making her flinch and she woke up with a surprised expression.

She looked at where she was sleeping and then at me.

"You...you! You SHAMELESS!!" She shouted and blushed.

"Ahem, Excuse me CeCe, it is you who is shameless not me. Think how you were sleeping just now and where were your hands moving." I said making her blush. I smirked mischievously.

"Were you expecting something from me eh?" I said while smirking.
"Shut up! Shameless jerk." She said puffing up her cheeks.

"Anyways, how do we get out of here? I am hungry and we are stuck here." she said.
"Oh that's very simple." I said making her confused.
I took my bag and started searching what I want.

I found it! A rope!
But when I showed it to her she instantly frowned and started glaring daggers at me.

"Eh? What is it? This rope won't work?" I asked her.

"You...you really proved you are a shameless jerk." she said making me confused.

"If you had rope, you should have took it out yesterday itself no? I had to sleep with you whole night here!!" She said while frowning.

"CeCe it was already very dark. It's not safe to go out and search for our camping site in dark." I explained and started tying the rope with a big rock.

"Now help me throw this big rock out of the pit. The pit is not that tall so I think we will be able to get out of here. Let's try and see." I said.

We both held the rock, accidentally our hands collided with each other. We looked and stared at each other. I could feel her breath. It was warm and soothing.

Oh man forget it. Let's now focus on throwing this rock out.

We threw the rock out together and it successfully landed out of the pit.
"CeCe you go out first and then pull me up alright? I for now will lift you up." I explained her making her gasp in shock.
"What!? You lift me up!? No! No! Definitely not! You go up first and then pull me up. I am not that heavy am I?" she said making me stifle laugh.

"Okay okay alright." I said while trying my best to climb up.

After reaching up I gave my hand to CeCe and pulled her up.

Okay so we both are out now. But now what? How do we search our way back??
"Hey I have marked the trees." she said while cleaning her skirt.

I held her hand naturally and pulled her with me.

"Okay so let's get out of here." I said while walking fast.

"Hey hey, slow down will you? My knee is injured." she said making me remember her injury.

"Oh I am sorry, are you hurt? Wait let me carry you. That way it won't hurt at all." I said and instantly lifted her up in bridal style.

"Hey!? What the f*ck!? Put me down!!" she shouted kicking her legs in air.

"Shut up or else I will kiss you." I said with a mocking smirk.

She instantly gasped and became silent.
We soon reached the camping site thanks to the marks CeCe made on trees.

"Oh my god CeCe! Matt! Where were you two!? Do you know how much worried we were since yesterday??" Miss Lisa spotted us and came rushing towards us.

"Miss Lisa, CeCe has injury on her knee please take care of it." I said while putting her down and rushing towards my tent.
"Hey." I said to Ryan, my tentmate lol.

"Oh Matt, you are back. We were searching you and CeCe for a long time. 
Where were you buddy?" he said.
"Well...it's a long story..." I said while sighing.

"Oh? Then make it short." he said with a smirk.

"Or..did something happen?" he said with a mischievous smile on his face, raising his brows up and down.

"Shut up. Nothing like that. CeCe fell in a pit. I heard her screams and rushed, so I also fell in the pit unconsciously." I explained in short.

"Eh? Pit? What pit? Matt we are still somewhat in outskirts of jungle. There can't be a pit here. The hunters generally hunt in the middle or northern areas of Jungle here." he said while scratching his hair and looking at me with confusion. What? There can't be a pit here....? This means....it was all set up by someone. Who must have done this?

Hmm...we need to investigate this. "Are you thinking what I am thinking now? 
Ryan asked me and I nodded.

"Okay so let's do this investigation. You be like Watson and I will be the great detective Sherlock Holmes." Ryan added and I twitched my mouth in annoyance.

"Hahaha I was joking, joking alright? Don't be mad buddy." he said and I turned away to go and change my clothes.

I saw CeCe happily talking with someone whom I don't recognize.

Huh? Who is he? He doesn't seem like he is from our school...

When I reached near CeCe, she noticed me and waved. I went near her and greeted her.

"Matt thank you so much for helping me get out of that pit." she said while smiling brightly.

I felt my heartbeat thump in my chest.
"Err CeCe it was no trouble. No need to thank me." I said while looking in her bright green eyes. Her hair waved in air, sticking on her face a bit. She moved her hand to get her hair behind her ear but before she could do so, I did it for her.

She stared at me in confusion.
"Err your hair were sticking on your face so I helped you a bit." I said.

"Ahem CeCe who is he?" the unknown guy asked CeCe making the great moment drain in air.

"Oh I forgot to introduce! He is Ethan Jones, he used to be my childhood neighbor when I was in US. He had shifted to Scotland three years back." CeCe explained to me.

"Hello I am Matt Rhodes. CeCe's friend and classmate." I explained to Ethan while shaking his hand.

"Oh god, Ethan I miss you so much man. 
We used to play outside daily remember? 
We aren't in contact since a long time...isn't it." CeCe said.

"Oh dear yes I remember. Well I had to go in other city for my studies so I wasn't able to contact you." he explained holding her hand which made me stare at both of their hands.

"Eh..but what are you doing here Ethan?" CeCe asked.

"Oh I am on family trip with my family. It is really a great coincidence to meet you here." he said and suddenly he hugged CeCe.

Oh man what is this?? Isn't this too much!??

They are being very intimate. I have to do something!

"Oh CeCe did you disinfected your wound??" I asked her.

"Oh no. I forgot." she said scratching her hair.

"Huh? CeCe you are injured?" Ethan asked her.

"Oh no it's just a small scratch." she said shaking her head.

"No let's go and patch it up." Ethan said 
while tugging her hand in his hand and walking away pulling her from behind. Oh man I messed it up even more.
Is this Jealousy? Am I Jealous? Nah can't be right? Or is it jealousy only?

Who knows...¯

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