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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 54"


A Girl In A Boy's School

Episode 54

( Show Me Your Leg)

I looked carefully and came to know who it is..

"Why are you here?" I asked him.
"CeCe shouldn't I be the one who should be asking this question?" he said mockingly.

"W-well I was looking for a place to hide and accidentally fell in here." I explained him.

"How did you find me though?" I added.
"Actually...I was following you." he said which made me shocked.

"Soon you got lost and I started finding you.. then I heard someone screaming for help, so I couldn't just stand there and do nothing. I followed your voice and came here. I didn't saw this pit at all, so yeah I fell in here like how you did." he explained.
"W-why were you following me like a stalker?"

"CeCe! I swear, I wasn't stalking you.." he said with a gloomy expression.
"Oh? Then can you do me this favor and explain me..why the heck were you following me?" I said glaring at him.
"Umm CeCe I--" before he could say anything, the pain shot again and I winced.

"Oww...ugh.." I winced in pain.
"Hey hey, what happened CeCe?" he asked.

"Nothing! None of your business!" I said anxiously.

"Ugh, now we are stuck here. Who told you to run!? Can't you walk slowly? Now I am stuck here with you! This is all your fault! I shouldn't have called out to you! 
You are a silly monkey! You don't even know how to act in situations like this! 
You didn't even heard the forest guides right? They told us to act calmly not like you! Running around like a monkey." I started nagging at him.

"Are you finished? Or there's more?" he asked me and I shook my head saying no.
"CeCe when I realized that the screaming voice is yours, I lost my calm and rushed to look what has happened to you. It isn't anyone's fault. Anyways, if you say I wasn't careful enough then you tell me why did you fell in here? You also were careless. 
Don't blame someone else without looking at yourself. Now show me your leg." he said continuously making me look down as I realized it's my fault too. Then I realized he asked me for my leg.

"Eh? What?" I asked him.

"I said show me your leg." he said.
"Y-you shameless!" I said as blush climbed my cheeks.

I shut my eyes to shoo away the blush but it increased more.

"Hey I told you to show me your leg as you are injured, not to shut your eyes." he explained with a mischievous smirk.

"You..." I said while blushing even more.
I showed him my knee. It was badly injured. Blood was stuck on my legs skin and it hurted as f*ck.

He took out a small first aid kit from his small hiking bag and started cleaning the wound expertly.

I winced in pain as it stung.
He blowed his breath gently on my knee making it less stingy.

"Does it still hurt?" he asked me. I silently shook my head saying no.
He wrapped bandage while holding my calf. It gave me shiver in the spine as his hand was very warm.

He noticed my shiver and draped his jacket on my back.

"It's somewhat cold here, wear this, don't catch cold." he said.

I remembered I had some snacks in my bag.

"Hey are you hungry?" I asked him.
"Mhm a little bit." he said.

I looked in my bag and took out chocolate chip cookies. I offered him and we ate cookies silently.

"Umm thank you for helping me." I said while hesitating.

"Eh? I didn't help you? I also fell in here..." he said.

"Err well helping me with my wound.." I corrected him. He nodded.

"Do you carry only food with you? Didn't forest guides tell us to carry first aid kit?" he asked me making me blush again.

"W-well it's not like that...--" before I could say anything he snatched my bag and poured out all the contents on ground.

Ugh. So embarrassing.

Apparently 85% content were only food items. Chocolates, energy bars, roasted nuts, cookies, sweet bread, lip gloss, foundation cream and a small hand mirror. 
That's all.

"Heh as expected. Nothing more then food." he said with a smirk. I slapped him on his arm and pouted.

"I also have one more thing!" I said.
"Oh? What is it?" he asked me.
I opened a side chain of my bag and took out an eyeliner.

I showed him with a victory expression.
"Hahahahah...sorry sorry..hahaahahah." he burst out laughing and I kicked his leg with my leg.

He laughed more but I winced in pain.
"Oww.." I winced.
"Oh? Does it hurt more?" he asked with a smirk.

"You jerk! This is because of you!" I said. "Hahah okay okay I am sorry, I apologize.  My fault alright?" he said and I smiled. We stayed silent. Soon we drifted in sleep.
I slumped in sleep on his shoulder.

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