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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 52"

A Girl In A Boy's School 

Episode 52

(CeCe In Danger)

"No I don't want to play dare game." said Ryan strongly opposing the idea of dare game.

"Then which game?" Matt asked him and others.

"Hmm...yeah! Let's play hide and seek!" Colby said.

"What the fuck!? Are we small kids or what!?" Matt said and few others nodded accepting Matt's opinion.

"No! Colby is right!" I and Luna said in unison. Ryan also nodded.
"Well then...alright..let's play hide and seek." Hans said in a tired tone.

"Eh? Hide and seek? You kid go to sleep and lent us play something else." Amber said to me and Luna.

I gritted my teeth and stood up.

"Hey now! We all are playing hide and seek, if you want to join then alright, if not then shut that sh*tty mouth." Matt said to Amber.

Awesome attack! She went totally silent.
I smirked towards Amber and went towards everyone to decide who first finds everyone.

"Students be near the boundaries, don't go too far alright?" Miss Lili said while going towards her tent.

Max was decided to find us all.
I went in the woods, walked and walked. I somewhat remember the path back to the tents, still to make sure I left few marks on trees as I was going further.

Soon I spotted a big bush of plant and grass. I went towards it as I thought it's a good place to hide. When I reached there...I felt I have stepped on something weird. I looked down at my feet and soon realized what mistake I made...

I have stepped on bunch of grass and dried leaves which was covering a pit as a trap for hunters 〜(><)〜 If only I had observed this trap sooner...

I moved a little backwards to escape from the trap...but..my luck isn't that awesome right?

I instantly fell in the pit..I tried climbing up with the help of rocks but in process, I scraped my knee badly. I winced in pain holding my leg and finally sat down on the ground.

"Heh what a great place to hide isn't it?" I asked myself.

Few tears began shedding from my eyes, I couldn't bear the pain...Blood was oozing out like anything.

"Hello!? Is anyone there!!?? Please help me!!" I shouted to the top of my lungs.
What did I got in response?

"Please help me!!! I am here!!!" I tried again but in vain.

No! I can't sit here idly! I have to save myself! I tried to stand up again and tried climbing the walls of pit again..
I failed again.

The pain increased and I fell down back on the ground.

Great. Sit here by yourself now. Idiot. I taunted myself.

Oh! That's right! My phone!
I searched through my small bag and found my phone.

I switched on and tried calling my dad. 
The call ring got cancelled in just two rings. Eh? Why? What happened to the phone?

I looked and soon came to know that there is no network service. Oh man why!?
"Please help me...*sob* huhu... I am stuck here.. Please save me!!!" I tried calling out again while sobbing in pain.
It was painful as f*ck.

"Ugh!!" I winced in pain again.
"PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!" I shouted my lungs out.

Soon I heard someone coming nearby. I sighed in relief and called out again.
"Please help me!! I am here!!" I called out again.

The stepping of stones and dried leaves became more clear as they came nearby.
"I am here!!" I shouted again.
"Eh? This voice...CeCe?" I heard him saying from a distance.

"Yes!! CeCe!! I am CeCe! Please save me!! 
Help me please!!" I shouted.

"Oh god! Wait I am coming! Where are you??" He asked me.
"Here!!" I shouted.

It was very dark. I heard him running towards the pit.

"No don't run--" before I could warn him...
*Thump* He fell down like me.

Good. Awesome. I shuffled and stretched my eyes to look who it was.
It's him!!

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