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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 51"

 A Girl In  A Boy's School

Episode 51 

 (Camping Day!(★ω★)

The very next day--

It is a sunny, bright day. Everyone is very enthusiastic for camping. The camping guides told us all the rules and safety measures for camping.

I feel somewhat strange. Why? Because I can feel someone staring at me from behind. When I turn to look who it is...no one. Great being the President I have to stand in the very front of the group also I am being stared by someone.

I tugged Luna's sleeve, she is standing behind me.

"Can you tell me whose this creepy creature staring daggers at me?" I asked 
her in a low voice so that only she could hear.

"Amber is glaring at you." she said.
"Eh? Why? What did I do?" I asked her.
"Err well I heard Max, he was talking to his friend Jack, that Amber has a crush on Matt but you nearly kissed him yesterday in front of everyone. She might be jealous of you or something." She explained me.
I gasped.

Ugh! I am so stupid, now I am stuck again in a pit of troubles. She will definitely do something to take out her anger on me.
Well whatever, I will definitely won't fall for her tricks.

We all gathered and started our Jungle tour towards the camping site.
Soon after two to three hours we reached at the camping site.

Everyone is instructed to make their own tents. I and Luna were staying in one tent whereas Ryan and Matt in the other which is just beside ours.

Everyone is being allotted the task they have to do. Matt and I were given the task to collect firewood whereas Luna and Ryan to collect fishes, prawns, nuts and fruits for lunch and dinner.

I and Matt left the camping site in search of firewood.

Matt and I are so silent. It is so awkward between us.

"Err I think that wood looks good." I said trying to shoo away the awkwardness.
He sighed and said.

"CeCe every wood is just the same. It's not like one wood will be better then other in a Jungle full of woods." he said making me blush.

"No! I think that wood is really good let's cut it." I said.

"Okay okay." he said.

"She's as stubborn as she was when she came to the school first." he whispered but I heard it almost clearly.

"What!? What did you say? You think I am stubborn!?" I asked him puffing my cheeks in disbelief.

"Yes I said you are stubborn. Anything else?" He asked.

"Argh! You....!" I said slapping his arm.
"Ouch! Stop stop! I am sorry alright? Now please concentrate on finding firewood." he said.

We soon found firewood and helped each other to cut it in peices.

We took the firewood back to the camping site. We got almost lost but I marked some trees before going. My smartness helped us back to the camping site.

It is almost lunch time. Everyone was waiting for students to arrive with firewood, we unexpectedly were first to reach there with firewood.

Our group started cooking fish and few vegetables arranged by resort guides.
We played games like hide and seek, nature scavenger hunt and water relay in the woods after lunch. It was so much fun and exciting experience.

At night--

Everyone gathered around the campfire. 
All the class groups were having different campfire sets.

This is the worst thing I want to ever experience. Campfire stories. Awesome. 
Don't mind if I choke myself in my breath and die. Why? Because they are telling campfire stories about... real horror movies and experiences.

Why horror? Can't we discuss about something funny? Eh? To laugh what else. 
Ugh guess not. They already started. Also surprisingly Matt and Hans are taking part in this quite enthusiastically.

I guess Hans forgot about my fear about horror things.

I tried very hard not to hear those creepy words but...I can't right? As they are so loud.

"You know I heard, there is one small old wooden house in the middle of the Jungle...Also if someone goes there....never ever comes back. That's why these guides didn't tell us about that place." Ryan said.

Great now he is also enthusiastically participating.

I felt myself shivering at that thought of place.

I can't control it anymore...I should just go inside my tent and sleep.

I stood up and was about to turn around towards my and Luna's tent. When my hand got holded by someone.
Now what?

"Oh dear, it's still early~ don't sleep this early~come let's hear more horror stories~~it's very exciting~" Amber said with her sweet voice.

I gave her a twitching smile.
"Err Amber I am very tired, I went into woods today to collect firewood and helped in cooking food unlike someone who was busy shaping their ugly nails." I said with a mocking smirk.

I heard her grit her teeth in annoyance.
"Dear, you know I really am not suitable for doing dirty works, my hands will get injured~also come here sit with us." she said staring at me.

What should I do I can't decline her now. I sat down back on my seat.
They started their stories again making me shiver in fear.

They have now decided to play dare situation game. Great. I can't believe I am stuck in this mess.

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