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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 50"

A  Girl In A Boy's School 

Episode 50

  (Quarrel With The Bus Driver)

I am not able to control my feelings. Ugh I kissed Matt again that also it was me who did it first like the last time. Why!? Why was my heartbeat racing in cheetah's speed? I can't understand what's going through my heart. My mind tells me to stay away from him. He is a jerk whereas my heart tells me to go near him and spend time with him? Ugh forget it. It's just one of my daydreaming fantasies, yes that kiss was also a dream, a dream not real at all.

I felt a bit shivering.

"Err Miss Lili? Can you tell the bus driver to stop at some small restaurant or anywhere I can find washroom?" I asked Miss Lili with puppy eyes.
She sighed and stood up.

"Okay, but didn't I tell you earlier that the bus won't stop at all?" she asked me folding her arms on her chest.
I scratched my hair and gave her a twitchy smile.

"Sir if possible, can you stop for a bit at nearby hotel or restaurant? One of the student wants to visit washroom." Miss Lili said with a worried expression.

"No Madam, the bus won't stop till evening. In evening we can stop for evening snacks. Please go behind or else you might fall due to jerk." bus driver said with a sulking expression.

I showed Miss Lili pleading eyes.
"Please it might be an emergency, can you stop the bus for five minutes?" Miss Lili urged again.

"My words weren't clear Madam? I told you THE BUS WON'T STOP." he slightly raised his voice.
That's it.

How dare he talk to Miss Lili like that!
This sh*tbag! I will teach him a lesson!
The entrance of bus was just in front, I went near the entrance and made myself ready.

As soon as bus slowed down a bit to cross speed-breaker I jumped off the bus.
Everyone started shouting in shock. I ran fast and stood in front of bus, a bit far so that the driver could see me. He applied brakes and got off. Miss Lili also saw me through front window and got off. She rushed towards me and hugged me. Eh? 
What happened to her.

"Hey Kid! Are you nuts? You wanna die? 
Go die under someone else's bus, not under mine." he said shouting at me.
"No I don't want to die! Also you aren't even worthy enough that I will die under your bus!" I said stepping back from Miss Lili's hug.

I sat on the middle of the road folding my legs and arms on my chest.
"If I can't go to washroom then I won't allow others to go further then here." I said 

Everyone saw me and started giggling. They soon joined me and sat on the middle of road and stared at bus driver.
He was astonished with our behavior. The other buses behind us also stopped and got stuck.

Soon my dad came from behind from other bus.

"What's happening here? Why aren't you all moving further? Why are children sitting at the middle of the road?" he bombarded questions on Miss Lili and bus driver.

Miss Lili explained him.
"John please let them take a ten minutes break alright? They must be tired too with this long journey." my dad said.

"But--" he stopped himself when he realized my dad had hired him.
"Okay..." he gave up and went back to driver's seat.

There was a small Restaurant at the roadside. He parked his bus and we went to freshen ourselves.

At night--

We have reached the destination. Great it's a Jungle camping site with a big resort in middle. Our rooms were allotted. Four people can stay in one room. Miss Lili alloted me, Ryan, Luna and Matt in one room whereas Jim, Amber, Hans and Max were in another room. Heh Amber is the only girl between three boys she must be really happy eh?

We were all tired. Though we took evening snacks break in between, it was short because the bus driver John was being cranky. Why was he in such a hurry? 
God knows..forget it.

I got a message from mum.

Mum: Dear Did you reach safely?
Me: Yes mum we have reached, tomorrow we will go for camping.

Mum: Oh that's great. Please take care sweetheart, also enjoy.

Me: Yes mum you take care too.
Mum: Also stay away from boys.
Me: Eh? Not possible. Byee.

Mum: You brat!! Good night for now. Sleep well.

Me: Mmm. Good night :)

I felt someone nudge me in my back. I turned around and saw Luna staring at me in darkness, I can feel it. Matt and Ryan were sleeping in different double bed together whereas I and Luna were sleeping together in double bed.
I whispered to her.

"What happened Luna?" I asked.
"CeCe...I-I am v-very scared of darkness." she said with a scared tone.
I patted her head softly.

"Hey guys there won't be a problem if I keep dim flash light on through whole night?" I asked Matt and Ryan.

They said no problems at all and I turned on dim flash light of my phone and also plugged in a charger so that the battery doesn't drains down.

"Thank you CeCe." she whispered.

I patted her head again, soothing her. She soon drifted in sleep. I drifted in sleep too.
Haahhh it was a very tiring day.

Let's go to sleep for now.
Good night ;)

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