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"A Girl In A Boy's School " Episode 49"

A Girl In A Boy's School 

Episode 49  

(Truth Or Dare )

"CeCe it's your turn now what will you choose?" Colby asked me.

"W-Well how about Dare?" I said.
'We are on a bus so they won't be able to give me a hard dare.' I thought while looking at Jim who was smirking. He is cooking something like rotten cheese in his head.

" about you kiss a boy in our group?" he said making me blush.
"Err..can't I get some other dare?" I asked him.

"Well or else you can say 'I love you' and get into a relationship, how about it?" he asked with a mischievous smirk on his stupid face.

"No! K-kiss is okay," I said.

I turned and looked around in our group, Ryan was sitting quietly, well I can't kiss him right? I thought as I glanced at Luna. 
Colby was looking out of the window, seeming slightly uninterested in the game. 
The ones left are Hans and Matt. Whom should I kiss?? I-I really can't decide, oh man this Jim has made me stuck in a pit of snakes.

I think I will kiss Hans, kissing on the cheek is considered a kiss too right? I moved ahead, Matt and Hans were sitting together. I moved to kiss Hans on his cheek when the bus jerked making me nearly fall when Matt caught my arm tightly making me fall on his chest and I kissed Matt on the corner of his lips.
"Whoaa" Everyone hooted and whistled. 
Even my classmates were hooting like they saw a superstar.

I blushed wildly, pushed myself away from Matt, I accidentally saw him smile a bit but it was just for a second. I rushed and sat beside Miss Lili trying to ignore everyone.
I turned around to look at Hans, he seemed slightly sad but soon he smiled and continued playing the game with others.

I was about to drift into sleep when Miss Lili said something to me.

" you like Matt?" she asked me.
"Err...Miss...I don't know." I said while tugging my blonde hair behind my ear.
"CeCe you are blushing," she said making me realize I am still blushing.

"To be honest Miss, I like Hans too, he is so sweet and caring, like he is attached to me or something," I said.

"Hmm..that can be brotherly liking too right? Have you blushed before while you were with him?" she asked me.

"Err not that I remember.." I said.

"See? Think about it CeCe, or else in the future it might create misunderstandings." 
She said. I nodded my head saying yes.
Soon I drifted off in sleep.

**Matt's pov*

Oh man, what did she do just now? She kissed me! Also, I saw her blush hard. 
When she fell on my chest, I noticed her heartbeat was racing...

Am I hallucinating? Did she just really kiss me?

I felt someone nudging me. It was from Jim. He was moving his eyebrows up and down and smirking mischievously.

I slapped his back hard and smiled back at him. He winced in pain.

"Okay, now it's your turn, Matt," Ryan said.
"I will take the Truth," I said.

"Do you like CeCe? Oh by the way don't worry, this will stay between us only." Jim asked.

Why is he the only one whose asking questions and dares? Is he in charge of the game or what?

"Y-yes I do like her," I said hesitating while glancing at Hans. Because I know Hans likes CeCe too.

"Whoaa..then why don't you tell her?"  Ryan said.

"Hmm...I guess I want to take things slowly." I said while shrugging.
"Heh, don't make it too slow, or else the rabbit will win the race," Jim said mockingly.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.
"You already know what I meant," he said 
while walking away, back to his seat, and 
started eating snacks.

I saw CeCe sleeping with Miss Lisa, I wish I was there with her. Unfortunately, she has been ignoring me for a long time. Since that Kiss, and now we kissed again. 
Ugh, I don't know, now how many days she will ignore me again.

I thought keeping my chin in my head supported by the elbow and drifting off in a chain of thoughts.

After a while--

"Students, we are taking a break of half an hour for lunch now, you all can have your lunch and buy snacks or things you all wish to buy. Remember the bus will leave from this stop exactly after half an hour so make sure you reach a bus on time." Miss Lisa instructed.

I saw CeCe going out in a daze. She must be still half asleep...I thought while rushing towards her and calling her.

She stopped and looked back at me.
"CeCe come let's go and have something, you must be hungry," I said.

She made an unamused face and started walking again towards the restaurant without waiting for me.

I soon caught up with her and we started having our lunch.

After lunch, we went to buy a few snacks and things. I was buying a few chips and cans of soft drinks when I glanced at CeCe. She was staring at a bracelet with small stars and moons of glass on a silver chain.

I thought she would buy it but then she turned around and came towards me.
"Have you bought the snacks?" she asked me.

"Oh yeah, I did. Can you take these to the bus? I will do the payment and come back." I said. She nodded her head saying yes.

As soon as she left, I bought that bracelet. 
I will gift this to her and tell her my feelings.

I thought as I stuffed the bracelet inside my pocket and did pay for the snacks.
Soon the journey started again.

We decided to play cards this time. I, Amber, Jim, and Hans won one time each. 
Whereas Ryan, Colby, Luna, and CeCe, again and again, lost the game.

Well, the studious ones obviously won't be able to win against us.
Isn't that right?

Oops I guess not, Luna defeated us twice. Well, whatever.

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