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 Episode 48 

( School Trip )

A day before the trip--

I think I should call mum...I haven't talked with her for a few days...

I dialed for my mum's number...

*Ring Ring*

She picked up my call in two rings.
"Sweetheart how are you?" my mum said.
"I am good mum, what about you? Are you taking good care of yourself?" I asked in concern.

"Oh dear, I am as good and healthy as a teenage girl." mum said jokingly.

"Ahh well you aren't that young but oh well whatever you say," I said mockingly.

"Hehe, oh by the way I heard that you are going on a trip tomorrow?" my mum said. "Oh yes I am going on a trip.. how did you come to know about it??" I asked and paused.

"Oh wait it must be dad, who else.. well yeah it's true. Also, I became the Class President." I added.

"Oh, sweetie that's so cool! Why didn't you tell me soon? Oh god, you don't even call me that much. How are you doing there? 
If you want you can come back here if you aren't able to adjust there." my mum said with concern.

"No mum I am good here, also I am adjusting myself pretty much good..so I want to stay here. About not calling you...you also don't call me, how can you blame me then?" I said while pouting and flinging my legs in the air while laying on the bed.

"Okay okay, I know I didn't call you that much too, well I am busy with my work and all.. also much drama is going on these days.. you remember that lady in our neighborhood? Mrs. Stella, she is pregnant now but she fought with her husband due to some misunderstandings and they are planning on getting divorced also she--" mum was interrupted by me.

"Okay mum stop now, I don't want to listen to your gossip stories, tell them to dad. He will be delighted when you spend more time talking to him." I said with an unamused tone.

"Okay, I won't speak anymore. Do take care of yourself on the trip, don't eat junk, you will get a bad stomach. Also, stay away from boys, I heard from your dad you spend a lot of time with boys! Don't do anything unnecessary." she was going to continue when-
*yawn* "Okay mum, good night" I hung up the call. Before doing so I heard her calling me *You brat!* I smirked and saw I have done all the arrangements for the trip. I drifted off in sleep.

On the day of the Trip--
"Everyone assemble near the main gate in one line!

Make sure you have taken everything necessary.

Please take care of your electronic gadgets, take them with you at your risk!
Also, make sure everyone is present and no one is left behind."

I and Ryan instructed everyone in our class..

"Ryan makes sure everyone is present, I will go and get the first aid kit," I said to him and he nodded.

After getting the kit, I signaled to Miss Lisa that everything is ready. Ryan told Miss Lisa that everyone is present.

That's when we set off for our trip.
Everyone hooted in excitement. Miss Lisa requested my dad aka headmaster to be the teacher in charge of our bus.

"So everyone, I hope you all enjoy the trip, I know many of you might be wanting to know where is the destination of our trip, but you all will come to know when we reach there. Also, you can play songs, and play games but please do not disturb me, let me sleep for some while, I have to do rounds on you guys at night." Miss Lili instructed everyone while putting headphones on her ears and drifted into sleep instantly.

We looked at each other and kind of felt bored sitting like that.

"Let's play truth or dare!" said Jim aka Jimmy.

"No, I wanna sleep. Good night." I said as I was not interested in playing truth or dare.

"Heh, seems like someone is scared of revealing truths eh?" said Amber with made me glare daggers at her.

"Eh? Did I say something offensive? Oh if so, I apologize." she said with a mocking smirk.

"I will play, play truth, or dare alright?" I said giving up.

I noticed Matt gazing at me. "What happened? Do you need anything?" 
I asked him and he shook his head saying no.

"Okay let's do this with numbers 1 to 21, the last 21 number comes on the person has to choose truth or dare. Is this okay? 
Or you guys want me to spin the bottle? 
There is no enough space so let's just play using numbers." said Ryan.

Luna is sitting beside me and fiddling with her fingers, seems like she is nervous.

I patted her shoulder and smiled sweetly. 
She calmed down and smiled back.

I don't know why but she understands my every action. Like on her first day. There must be an unbreakable friendship bond between us? Who knows?

They started counting numbers and the last number came on Hans.

"Truth or dare?" Jim asked him.
"I would like to take Truth," Hans said.
"Okay...well tell me, do you like someone and you wish to confess him or her in the future?" Jim asked jokingly.

"Well...yes I like someone but I don't know if it's love or something, also I am not interested in boys," Hans said.

I saw him glance at me, but it was really short, for just one second and he looked away.

I shrugged it off, he must be staring at everyone.
The next turn came on Ryan.

"I would like to take Dare," Ryan said.
"Okay, speak out all your feelings for someone you like, no need of telling her name or anything," I said.

"Okay, you made it easy for me. Well the girl I like, she is sweet and calm. I felt an attachment with her since I first saw her. 
She is very beautiful and I like her a lot." Ryan said.

I looked at Luna, she was looking down with a hint of disappointment in her expression. Eh? Why is she sad? Isn't she the one Ryan is talking about? I know because they both are spending a lot of time together...I think she doesn't know his feelings towards her yet.
Well, let's go with the flow.

To Be Continued‐-


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